Looking Back and the Blog as Part of the New Hire Packet?

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You know, I was thinking. Screeeeech! (The sound of a car coming to a complete and sudden halt!) Yep, Justopia thinking can quite often be a dangerous undertaking, but it’s when I sometimes attempt to put a random though that blossoms into a full blown day-dream into action that I can get myself into trouble.

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Sunny Seattle

Blue Skies

Tell people you are going to Seattle, Washington and they will either warn you about the rain or tsk tsk, like they pity you because of the bad weather they are sure you will encounter. I have been here 4 times and have yet to experience rain. I should probably not jinx things, but so far, it’s been pretty spectacular out. The weather is cool, but that is just how I prefer it and while some dark clouds have passed by in the past two days, nothing has come out of the sky. I thought that perhaps I’ve always been lucky because I seemed to come here in September, but I’m here at the end of April, so that theory has been shot to hell, and I am not unhappy about that.

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JTV Invades My Dreams — Again!

A Million Old Soldiers Will Fade Away, but a Dream Goes On Forever …

Osso Buco and Zuchini-Feta Fritters

Today’s post about dreams made me think of Todd Rundgren. If you scroll about 1/4 of the way down in the Wiki article about Todd, you will get a glimpse into the major inspiration for the Justopia name. I think it may have been subliminal. While I don’t listen to Todd around the clock anymore, just the memories of wearing the vinyl thin listening to the same songs over and over, sitting next to the phone, waiting for THE phone call brings a smile to my face. Daydreams are great.

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Customer Service With a Smile and a Little JTV Publicity

NOTE: I am doing battle with WordPress this morning. It is simply not cooperating. The only way I could get photos into the post was to link them as a gallery — nothing to aid in breaking up the text in this long post. Hopefully things will be back to “normal” tomorrow.

Run Aroun

I just spent the afternoon in search of what was once a common household item. Well ok, not common in big cities and urban areas perhaps, but back when things were more simple. Slower. Less stressful. Not connected

Alright, I think I better start at the beginning … a very good place to start. When you read you begin with A. B. C. when you sing you begin with … OMG! WTF? This has nothing to do with what I wanted to talk about, but yes, I do believe there were probably plenty of jars of home made, preserved jams, jellies, pickles, sauces and more. Hell, I am quite sure they had Vienna Sausages in the Von Trapp family home! And just how do you think it happened without big canning pots and tongs and packets or bottles of fruit pectin? I’m just askin’!

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JTV Coverage of Current Events is Lacking, A Reality Check and a Schedule Update

Mainstream Media, it’s Not

The bridge to Tiananmen Square seen from The Forbidden City

I came back from my afternoon out and after a snack and the realization that I didn’t come home with all I need to make the jalapeƱo pepper jelly I had planed to make today, I turned on the TV. I wanted to get a look at what was going on in San Francisco and with the Patreaus hearings on Capitol Hill. As I made my way to CNN, I tuned into JTV at the same time, Interested to see who might be covering the events in San Francisco.

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Finding My Bearings on the New Wordpress and a Saturday Night Post

Kyle TV

I was wrapping up the blog post when I received a JTV invite from Kyle of JTV. Kyle is a JTV founder that we’ve seen around the apartment and the office for a year, but who never really caused a stir, so he didn’t make it to the blog other than a mention a few times, and always noted in a positive light.

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When Movies Come to JTV and a Recipe or Two

The Ruins


For those of you into Horror Flicks, I’d imagine this one is an attractive offering and you’ll be at the movies on the 4th

I wrote about The Human Lab Rat channel the other night and asked for comments to see what other people were thinking. Only a few people have responded. Since the film is launching this week, I wanted to finish my thoughts on the channel. I’m wondering how many people went to the channel and stuck it out through the entire preview?

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