Justopian Visitors and a Brief Recipe

Jane and Emily

Em admitted to being a ham

I had visitors for dinner tonight. Real live people, in the flesh, to join me in cooking, dining, cleaning and just generally having fun. My sister, Jane, my niece, Emily and I made a simple, yet DEElicious dinner. Steak, Potatoes, Soy-Dipped Radishes and Steamed Broccoli.

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A Nice Weekend

Relaxing Sunday


We sat down to another great meal and chatted with viewers

I was relaxing after a busy 1/2 day. My son and I woke up after a few hours of sleep to ensure he would make it to the airport in time for his return trip to California. Yes, it was a very short visit, but it was fun, low stress, DEElicious and productive. We had a good visit and “Dude,” as we referred to him for the sake of privacy not only had a chance to come to Virginia and spend time with mom and to see his cousin and a friend from high school, but he accomplished what he needed to get done for one of his last projects before graduation in just 3 short weeks.

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A Son Comes Calling

Who is this Dude?


And to protect his privacy, that’s what we shall call him — Dude. He’s my youngest son and he is here for the weekend. So tonight he was my sous chef, and a fine one at that. I had prepped most of our dinner prior to heading to the airport so that when we got home we only had to put the lasagna together, prepare the salad and spread the roasted garlic on the thinly sliced bread with a splash of extra virgin olive oil. We were prepared for a DEElicious dinner!

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