When Differences Are Aired Live and the Evolution of Language

Lifecasting Drama


Hungarian Goulash and Broccoli and Zucchini Gratin

Living your life online can be quite problematic, as we witnessed on one popular JTV channel last night. Imagine everything you say and do being witnessed by people, mostly strangers peering in at you without you knowing who they may be, or really how many people are watching? If your user list states there are 100 people viewing how do you know if someone is watching solo or not? It’s entirely possible they are not alone. It’s a good bet that at some point, on one channel or another there have been flocks of eager voyeurs silently peering in on the activity of an unsuspecting broadcaster.

While often that is not a problem, I’m sure there are other times when the person behind the camera would rather not have a large audience.


That may well have been the case in MagicRich‘s room yesterday. Rich was back from his trip to the US and ready to get his show back up and running. He was sharing a few highlights and photos when things became rather tense and the show abruptly stopped. Drama was the keyword of the broadcast when he was confronted by one of his US hosts. It was uncomfortable to watch, but like any other broadcast we’ve witnessed on JTV when things were not going swimmingly it was like a train wreck that was too difficult to look away from. Rich was addressing the issue live while the person confronting him appeared to be typing furiously in response. Others were weighing in, some in defense of the confronter, some in defense of Rich. Rich tried to shut the topic down, but the only way he could get it to end was to take the broadcast down. He came back a while later, but the technology was struggling on JTV at that point in time and I had to get ready for my own broadcast.

I did have to ask though: What’s going to fix this? Magic or Kissinger?



  • 6:13christv:justopia, ur channel iz r suclk
  • 6:13justopia_live:what christv?
  • 6:13christv:u herd meh
  • 6:15christv:i tot u ment justy
  • 6:15christv:and did u seh justy?

I’m not so sure. I was in Sarah Meyers’ room this afternoon and I ran up against this conversation. I have no idea what the christv was saying, so I replied with a simple question and what I received in response was jibberish. Now, I know that as the years go by, contemporary American English changes. Terms, idioms that were used when I was a teenager are, for the most part, not used any longer with one big exception, the word cool. I use it all the time and I hear it all around me, but my most favorite word, groovy went the way of the avocado green kitchen appliances and shag carpeting.


Before we attempt to make heads’ or tails of christv’s sentences, let’s take a look at some of the 1960’s lexicon and see if there is any kind of similarity. I found a groovy site that seems to have all the terms I remember from that time at HHS 60’s Slang. It’s worth taking a look, but I’ve listed some of my favorites below. Note how some of the terms still exist, but with a new spin:

Boss: A great or cool thing. Example: “The Beach Boys new record is really boss”.
Bummer, What a: How depressing
Daddy-O: Actually a 50’s term for Man.
Dig: Do you understand?
Gimme some skin: Shake hands
Go All The Way: Have sex with.
Groovy: Nice, “Cool” or Neat. Used commonly among hippies in the 60’s.
Hip: Very good,cool.
Jacked Up: To Raise the front end of a car. Done to transfer weight to the rear wheels for drag racing or just to make your car look cool.
Keen or Keen-o: Someone or something that was Cool.
Neat (Neato): Nice; Sharp
Old Lady: Your Mother.
Old Man: Your Father.
Outta Sight: Fantastic, Awesome. Example: Hey Kathleen, that tie dyed top your wearing is “outta sight”.
Rap: Talk
Right On: I agree; I concur
Righteous: Extremely fine, beautiful. For us guys it was generally used when talking about the most important areas of our lives; cars and women. Examples: “John’s got a righteous new paint job on his ’58 Chevy” and “Ron met this righteous babe down at 26th St.”.
Skuzz: Lowdown; undesirable
Square: Someone who was not “Cool”. Example: “Jerry’s so square, all he does is his homework, watch TV, and he doesn’t even like Elvis!
Stoked (as in I’m stoked): Excited
The Man
: Police
Thongs: In the 60’s, thongs were something you wore on your feet.
What’s Your Bag, Man?: What’s your problem; where are you coming from?

It looks to me as though the evolution of language is bringing us back to earlier times. I don’t know, with words like this, christv:justopia, ur channel iz r suclk don’t you kind of feel like you are living in cavemen days? The only understandable word in this sentence is channel. ZOMG! I figured out what he was saying … “Your channel sucks.”

Good thing no one is forced to watch.


5 Responses

  1. It is always nice to know that in this world all people get to share thier opinoin even when they can not spell or make any logical sense of thier opinoin. Have another glass of wine for me christv.

  2. Hey! Sorry I haven’t been around since Monday. My brother didn’t pay the Comcast bill and they shut it off. 😦 So, it’s finally back on today. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be home when you start tonight, if at all. Maybe tomorrow?

  3. Hi Kirsten,

    Thanks for checking in. Glad you got your cable back and I look forward to “seeing” you in the kitchen.

  4. Good point, Dezining. I doubt this blog is #1 on the reading list though. 😉

  5. Yeah, I was out all night. I just got home. Ugh. Sorry I missed ya last night. Maybe I’ll see you tonight.

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