Articulating a Viewpoint in a Blog is no Easy Task and Justopia Makes the WordPress Landing Page



This photo always makes me smile. Clarkfield, Pampanga, Philippines 2000


My comments on the past few days at JTV have been received with both positive and negative comments in the chat rooms, in the blog comments, in private messages, in email and on the air at JTV headquarters. I knew when I started posting the daily commentary that I was opening myself up to all kinds of responses. I had not made the blog public until a while after I started writing it because I was not sure how willing I was to “hearing” what people had to say about my writing, my opinions, my message, but as with the times I showed up on Stickam this week, I just held my breath and took the plunge.

I have always tried to be gracious, especially early on after having had an expletive hurled at me in response to a piece of mail I sent to the guys at the email address before the blog ever came to life. I have approved all comments, with one exception — a vulgar comment months ago that appeared to be directed at nothing or no one specific — just nothing anyone needed to be subjected to. Even those that are challenging what I write and I attempt to do it without unacceptable language. I have pulled back on personal strikes, which I realized were unnecessary an probably about as immature as some of the things I was ranting about.

But … when I returned from my day out, I was pinged by a few viewers that had been looking for me. They wanted to let me know that I should go into the archives and watch the period that begins at approximately 12:31pm this afternoon and lasts for all of about a minute. I expected that my posts about the channels with minors would not be well received and that once again, I might see the link to the blog pulled from the JTV site, but I did not expect Justin to take it so personally. I was actually not voicing negativity about the network. I was pointing to what I feel is a lack of common sense of a parent to put his 13 year old on a page with details that list the child’s full name, city and country he lives in and his schedule for the day as well as watching the channel of a 15 year old kid that is looking for porn and discussing it with chatters. Justin and team, this was not directed at you. You can not control what people say and do once you allow them to be on your network, you only ask that they follow the terms of service and privacy policy you have posted and you have put up safety tips which I have previously I think is a good idea. So it’s not you or the team that I was directing my rant at — it was something abstract I suppose –a lack of common sense by those that allow the people they are responsible for protecting to put themselves at risk.


#1 Fan?

I would never be so presumptions as to state that I am JTV’s number 1 fan. The most obsessed, yes. I spend far too many hours here, too many days and nights. I do it for a few reasons, but I have never claimed to be the #1 fan. This is why I am here:

  • I like to see what’s going on outside my own little world
  • I like to see what is happening in the world of technology
  • I like chatting with the 2D friends I’ve made here
  • I like learning and I do believe I have learned something everyday while on JTV — whether positive or negative
  • I am anxious to see JTV blossom and achieve the success they are working toward

And as I’ve stated over and over, I find inspiration in what goes on to the point that it gives me something to write about and I can’t stop writing.



Lincoln Memorial — Spring, 2007


What Justin and team don’t seem to realize is that I have been a supporter, at times a defender when they or the site have been the object of ridicule. When the Jonas Brothers were on and the site went wild, I could have joined in on the bashing, but I thought it was great that they’d found something to draw people to the site and I said so in the blog that night. Yes, I certainly have my share of negative comments, I’d be the biggest fool on the planet not to acknowledge that, but I have tried to find a more balanced place. I make a point of throwing out praise when I see something that I believe is positive, even when others tell me they think otherwise.

I reada what “Freddy Farce,” (who has a rather familiar “voice” 😉 posted on the blog today:

Ok. Enough of attacking JTV without seeing / discussing how the competition or other community portals handles these issues as well. Terms of Service states an age of 13 years is allowed. And it is their parents choice not yours, jtv, or anyone else.

I agree, I have not discussed how the competition handles these issues other than a brief mention or two, but I am not writing as a paid blogger or journalist. If I were, I would be spending part of these days calling people, fact checking, researching, looking for background, and more. It is a blog — an electronic journal. If I do decide to wrap up my JTV experience and put it between two covers and call it a book then yes, I will need to do some extensive work researching, reading, interviewing and doing the things necessary to make it something credible and worthwhile reading, but for now, it is a blog that has been commissioned by no one other than whatever it is inside me that compels me to sit down at this black laptop every day to ensure I accomplish this crazy goal of posting daily.



Automated tulip in Buenos Aires, 2006


Justin Speaks to a Missing Justopia

Rather than having the viewers tell me what Justin said about me, I wanted to listen for myself and I was taken aback when he turned his head away from the guys and looked straight into the camera and with a look and sound of disgust addressed me as though I was there and told me that a friend would be a friend and have nice things to say, not curses and that when he came over to see me doing the cooking show on Stickam and he hung out for 5 or 10 minutes, he thought it was good and he told me so (at which point one of the guys challenged him on that and he backed it up saying that he did think it was good) and that he told me so. Again, it’s tough to really get what people are saying when they are in a one way voice conversation or chatting online, but I only remember Justin saying that he was there to check it out and see how Stickam performed and that for him it was choppy. I did not realize he had been in the room until well after the fact, but I did tell him I didn’t know that it was choppy and that it was very hard to pull off a short cooking demo.

I also wrote in a post this week after a Stickam appearance that detailed a few of the negatives I experienced on Stickam which I have cut the comments from that post and pasted here:

No, I don’t see myself walking away from JTV so quickly — Jeffy and Linus and even Justin and iJustine are there to entertain me and keep me engaged, but the quality of Stickam will be a draw for those that want to try it out. A few things that I don’t like:

I think the chat is flash like Ustream and it doesn’t play nicely. Correcting typos is excruciating most of the time — just backspacing takes time, if it even works.
Sound is an issue. When it’s just one caster, it’s awesome, but with multiple people streaming it’s tough. There can be an echo or just too many people talking at one time. It can be overwhelming with 7 people at the same time.
The video is a little small, although the resolution is quite good and when Ted did picture in picture (PIP) I could still see him and yours truly clearly, not that I wanted to see me!



Yes, I went on Stickam. It was the 2nd night iTed could not get his channel to work on JTV and we all moved over with him for the evening. I did like what I saw. It was smooth and clear and the audio was amazing, but the next night when I wanted to try a cooking show, I hosted. I do not have a JTV code and I have not asked for one. Stickam is a flash in the pan, 4 clicks and you are streaming online alternative and what better way to test it out to see if I liked doing it before putting myself or JTV through the paces of getting a code? One of my JTV friends has suggested I get a code to test it out, but I just don’t want to be sitting in the graveyard of dead icons if I decide that I really am not into it after a day or two.

Before I close this topic, let me reiterate what I’ve said in a recent post — I think the the JTV team has made great progress. While I see problems technically and otherwise, I am still around viewing and participating and continuing to wait to see the big breakthrough. I thought the Yahoo appearance by Justin and iJustine was great while others bashed it, it and am one that has always enjoyed seeing them or any of the lifecasters make appearances and I hope it continues. Visibility

On a brighter note, as people were PM’ing me and making comments in the room to get me to go check out the archives in Jutin’s room, I was in for a surprise when I opened There in front of me in the top position of the left hand column was my icon and a link to Living the Justopian Life under the Technology heading. I am not sure how, but I made it to the landing page. It brought in a few hundred hits in the afternoon, and that was about it. I wonder if I can embed JTV into the blog? I’ll have to try it out when I am not in need of sleep.


JTV Directory Change


I did get out into the real world today and at the moment, have to say I am not feeling 100%. I am not sure if it was the meal I had at my friend’s house or if it’s simply exhaustion. Let me tell you about this meal:

Grilled Chicken

Grilled Rib Eye Steak

Sweet Potatoes — roasted?

Roasted Asparagus

Red Bliss and Fingerling potatoes with onions


Brown Rice

Steamed Green Beans

Baileys Ice Cream Cake

What kind of menu was that? I wasn’t sure if I was at my friend’s house or on the Queen Mary at the midnight buffet. Some of it was really good. We have this competition thing between us. I cook, I take photos — he wants to cook and take photos better than me. Everything becomes a competition, I win and that makes future meals and trips get more and more competitive. I do like winning though! I think the objective judge liked dinner, but didn’t go nuts over it, so I will be coming up with a killer menu that will easily smoke his. I do not know what it will be yet. I am not really one to plan a meal far in advance unless it’s a huge party. It will depend on what’s in season and what inspires me that day.

New Directory Page

There have been some changes to the user interface and I do like what I see on the Directory page. The icons appear as though they are in a photo album. They are larger and easy to see. It also looks much cleaner. The JTV site has always been rather dark and this page lightens things up. And there is an Easter Egg on now as well. For those of you that are Mac users, I’ll bet you are Easter Egg hungry — I haven’t noticed one in a very long time and would not have known about this if it had not been pointed out to me by a JTV regular. I often get info from my 2D friends. Thank you everyone! I try, but can’t be everywhere at the same time.

I came back after dinner and spent some time here, but didn’t see much going on. Jeffy was back, still a little quiet, although more engaged. Linus and Emelie got up to go to work so I said a quick hello as they went off to work.  Then I felt sorry for myself because I had seen them going to bed and then getting up.  Far too many hours on JTV!!!!

Ok, before I collapse from exhaustion I will close here.  See you tomorrow.  Or is it really today?  🙂

A Brief Update With No Positive Feedback for JTV — None and a Note About Parental Controls

I posted before going to bed last night/this morning, but after tuning in a little while ago, I felt compelled to write this post. Be sure to read the one prior to see what went on yesterday as well. Lots of action on JTV with new channels launching — and nothing that’s making me smile this morning.

I am getting ready to head out for the day, but I wanted to note that I am beyond inflamed over what I see on JTV this morning. I was not feeling great about streaming on Stickam last night with minors in the room and decided to shut down, but going into the JTV lineup and seeing a 13 year old in the #2 or #3 spot with a schedule that talks about when he is going to bed and “Go to the bank so my dad can pay off the mortgage,” is well, I can’t find words to describe my dismay.

Why the minors?! If those raiders with their spam-bots come into his room I would hate to think what he will be subjected to. He seemed to be asking for more mods a little while ago — but how does he make his decisions who to grant mod status to? Anyone can be and say anything they want here and verifying via Facebook as Michael had mentioned as a possiblity will not fix that either. Without requiring a payment and address method, which I can’t imagine anyone here being amenable to, verification is futile.

I wish i could understand how these parents think it’s ok to have their minor children streaming live for anyone to see, and that includes children that are just watching at their parent is broadcasting, whether they are a todler that is totally unaware or an 8 year old child. It’s just incomprehensible to me. Don’t people read the news paper? Watch the news on TV? Read any of the millions of news sites online? Listen to the news on the radio? This is a brave new world and the unthinkable things that happen out there in the real world don’t happen by chance — there are horrible people out there looking for innocent people to take advantage of, and what I turned on and saw at JTV this morning just gave me a terrible feeling.

I am trying so hard to log out of this blog but I just went into the Maxine15tv stream and they are talking porn! I was told by someone that he was watching porn, but I don’t see that happening. I don’t have time to look though the archives, but I don’t need to see a kid engaged in porn and I am astonished with the chat that is going on in there right now. Terms that a kid should not know. I know kids are more exposed to the darker side of life these days, but is JTV looking to be a promoter of this garbage?

And … if you scroll down any page and take a look at Recommended Video you will see that the first one on the list for Chophouse has a title that to me is totally unacceptable and a kid should not see and I would hate to have a minor and knowing what goes on in the Chophouse I would not want any child to see. What I saw in the Chophouse stream yesterday was gross. As I mentioned in the post I published about 9 hours ago, he had a friend over that got ticked off at the viewers and was making lude hand signs in close-up in front of the camera. Not something that will ruin me for life, but I was offended and I know others were shocked as well. I wish I had caught it to report it, but I have no time to go troll the archives today.

I am wondering how some of the child protection organizations would feel about what’s going onlike here? Is it the fratboys’ responsibility to protect minors that come to their site to watch or that broadcast? Well, probably not, but if they are going to be upstanding citizens, they need to pull this stuff down and rethink their business model.

The reason so many people still subscribe to AOL is because of one thing — plain and simple — PARENTAL CONTROLS. I know that parents love this feature. Those that want to have the internet as their babysitter can feel a little more comfortable that they are doing something to help. There are ways to protect children from what is out there on the internet, but it takes some time and effort. I’m pretty certain most of the lifecasters don’t read me, and that none of the new ones know I am around, but for those that might hit the blog and have young kids casting, you might want to check into some useful sites such as: Family Online Safety Institute, Net Nanny,, and many more. Yes, most are fee based, but you don’t have to purchase — make the first step, go out read up on how to protect your kids.  Most all of these sites have tips and information.  It’s free.

Michael, if you are reading me, this is not one of my usual flames, I am over the top horrified. I am heading out for the day, and don’t expect I will be much happier the next time I tune in. You want positive feedback? You’re not going to get it today.

Lifecasting is Exhausting

I apologize, but I am not going to be able to break up this post with images today — the time has run away with me and I need to keep this short.

Need a Break

Again, I won’t say that being on Stickam is lifecasting — it’s really just video conferencing, but I am wiped out after doing it three nights in a row. I decided to try it tonight to see what a live stream of cooking my dinner would be like and it was tough work! I tried to prep just about everything before I began and I still didn’t feel like I was giving a good cooking demonstration. I am pretty fast in the kitchen and I did not take that into account either. I don’t think I will try that again — not on Stickam. I’d like to try it on JTV to see if it works out better. Stickam’s interface is limiting withe the small video screen and chat box I still think a good coking stream requires a better camera set up so people can actually see what you are doing.

I have said it before — I think do to a worthwhile cooking cast you have to produce the show and have at least a 2 camera set up — and then … it’s television.

Sadness on JTV

First of all, Jeffy was on when I left Stickam, but he was not chatting. I don’t know what’s going on, but there was sadness in the air and the chatters were concerned. Hopefully he is ok and things will return to the normal GGJeffy world soon.

And then there was Chophouse and later a new channel, OliveArtgardon, that brought in more “raids” of spammers and vile chat.

First I’d like to to talk about Chophouse. I have made a point of not going in there, but someone said I should take a look this afternoon. I did and what I saw not only offended me (enough to report it) but made me question the decision to let this guy on the network. Let’s not even talk about the spammers that flock to his room. What his friend was doing in the video was vulgar and disgusting and I did not appreciate it and would think that if anyone involved with the business saw this, would make them rather unhappy as well.

OliveArtgardon had a bad launch tonight. I don’t know, but it seems to me that there is no SOP or documentation for lifecasters. I have heard from a few that they launched that they were left to their own devices — literally and figuratively. iTed was telling us tonight, when recounting the horrors that went on in Olive’s room as she launched, that he had wicked problems with ugly talk in his room when he went live. But he handled it and things have been fine since, with a few exceptions. OliveArtgardon was a totally different story.

The spammers took over her room and she had no mods. She had her young daughter in a chair beside her watching the action and it was not something she should have seen. Not only was it juvenile, but it got vulgar and very nasty. Rebecca took her away which then upset the daughter (whose name I will not post, although mom did say it a couple of times). She consoled her and tried to explain, but who can explain a nightmare like that?

She shut down the stream briefly, although as she said on a call she took, she didn’t want to turn off the stream because there were 46 viewers. I’d venture a guess that the majority of the 46 were part of the raid. It does look like these Interrupters use macros and it’s impossible to break through any of it. In the Chophouse room this afternoon one of them was posting symbols of swastickas. That was my queue to leave. Life is too short to be spending any time in any room with that rot.

Rebecca came back online and nothing had changed, so some of the concerned regulars chipped in to help clear out the room including honestguy and mark and numerous viewers that are not normally mods, but are caring people. What we were witnessing was sad. Rebecca seemed to want to do this, but I guess had not spent a ton of time watching to see how things have been going recently with this band of vile thugs. They claim to be from Ebaum’s World and it looks like they have nothing better to do than harass and antagonize people. In typical fashion for these creeps, they were telling Rebecca to put her keyboard on her head — she did, then telling her to put her shoe on her head — she did, and she continued to do what they said. It’s elementary school nonsense, but she did not realize that doing what they asked would provoke more of the same and then resisting would also cause similar issues. So it got worse and worse.

A Lifecaster’s Bible (or whatever) would give people a clue before they launched. It is my opinion, and remember, this is my blog, so it’s my opinion — I’m not asking you to agree with me — is that putting a minor child on camera is not a good idea. I am not comfortable being in rooms with minors and would not subject my own children when they were young and I was just getting into the chat scene years ago to what goes on in an online community. While the rooms in the early days of AOL were mostly calm and respectable, there were those errant miscreants that made things ugly and I did not want to subject them to it. I had the power and I used it and they were none the wiser. With all the sick creeps out there, you just don’t know who is behind the names. It’s not worth the risk.

It does clearly state to be cognizant of things and to be careful of things like not revealing your location, etc., but although the guys at JTV are not responsible for ensuring that lifecasters use common sense, it would be nice if things were spelled out just a little more clearly. Justin talked about putting together a lifecasting guide — is it out there for them? If I were not so damn busy blogging my days away, I would write one for them.

Well, it’s 3:30 in the morning and I was about to tuck myself in at about 12:10 when I decided I had to write something and 3.5 hours later I am still here! I have an important meeting tonight and a dinner later and I can be pretty horrible when I am grumpy, so I am going to sign off here.

For those of you that have taken the time to come into my Stickam feed, thanks! It has been fun. I am sure I will do it again before the end of the week, but I will be busy tomorrow, so I am going to really, honestly, truly, I mean it — take a BREAK! I am NOT going to blog and I most likely will not stream!

I will be giving a great deal of thought to a JTV channel though, although depending on what comes of my meeting, I might not have time, which is something I should be hoping for!

Obsessed? Perhaps, but I Ain’t Scared! and a Blog Milestone!

Well, Maybe a Little Scared


I did some catering when Gorbachev was in town in 1990 and yes, in 1998 I did vote for the Dukakis Bentsen ticket

I know! I know! I could not help myself!  I wasn’t going to post tonight, but here I am.  Just a few thoughts today though, I promise! It’s 1:47 am and I am still poking around. Just got out of another fun, silly night on Stickam. Tonight I was hosting. iTed was nowhere in sight so I took the plunge. At about the time when the room went really silent, I pulled out some memorabilia and my high school diaries. What was I thinking? I could not find 2 of them, but broke open the winter 1973 – Spring 1974 book. It began with the flight to Bombay and ended with another confused high school girl’s ramblings about boys. I even happened to open to the February 14 entry in which I wrote about breaking up with my boyfriend. WHAT KIND OF PERSON AM I?! I broke up with him on Valentine’s Day!? But no worries, we got over it by the next day and I was back to my pining for Arnold ramblings. Oh, to be that age again.


We all got a good laugh out of it, although it was a bit difficult to hear the others that were streaming, but — we were treated to an appearance by Mangulo! Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Mang man was streaming live! We didn’t really hear his voice, but saw here he lives — kinda. And I must say Mangulo, you keep it very clean. Very nice!

Delsal, you missed all the fun and even a straight hair for Justopia day! I did not look like I did the night before, but no worries, Thursday is glamour day so although there were a bunch of votes for a mohawk, the straight hair clearly won over curly and I will probably be afraid to ever sport the natural curl again. haha



Didn’t the queen recently have another Jubilee? My how time flies when you’re having fun

And then I revealed more of Justopia than I probably should have. It’s clear from these photos what my political persuasions are. I don’t know where my Carter and or Mondale shirts are, but he Dukakis/Benson sweatshirt is clearly a collectible. LOL The jeans have been traveling the planet with me, and when I look at them I find it hard to believe we ever wore straight legs like that (that’s what they were called) and that I made it out of the house with those patches. A few of them were removed and I clearly remember sewing them onto a used army-issued OD messenger bag. They were the best patches — I made an Allman Brother’s patch and a Greatful Dead patch which got prominent placement on the knees. Looking at these jeans, it pains me to think about what my parents were dealing with back then.

The feed went dead and when I came back, I decided to read the preface to the book I’ve been writing. I am not sure if it was the audio, or if it just wasn’t as humorous as I think it is, but it was received with modest applause. Back to the editing table I suppose. I spared everyone from reading more.

Crisis Averted


This was given to me as a joke by a neighbor. I ranted about this guy nearly everyday during the Iran-Contra hearings and this was their way of payback .


And I thought these made me look good!

I was typing away at about 6:30 when I noticed my battery was getting low. I looked down and saw that the power cord was not working. The safety mag was damaged and I could see the copper wires. I panicked! What would I do — a night without JTV or Stickam?! Say it isn’t so! I picked up my purse and headed right to the Apple store, plunked down my $80 and raced home with the new one. I did it so quickly I forgot about my AppleCare warranty again, so I will have to see if I can resolve that tomorrow and get my $80 back! What was most important was that I not be without my JTV! How sick is that?! But I ain’t scared! Really.

Living the Justopian Life Milestone!


Hard to believe I was that small

Wow! Broke the 10,000 hit mark — actually, this blog is sitting at 10,200 hits since launch right now. It is not anything monumental, but it’s good to see. I sure would like to attract more readers. Just think how many people are missing out on all this fun. 🙂

Lifecasting — Like Crack on Camera



That’s what JTV is to me — I think. I’ve never been addicted to drugs before, but I clearly have an addiction. But now, I have a new problem. It’s crazy really. First of all I need to talk about all things JTV, then we will get into my new (potential) habit. I woke up very late, I think it was after 2pm. I didn’t go to bed until after 6:30am, so that sleep was needed. I cleaned up around the house and then checked into JTV. Linus and Emelie were in Stockholm getting ready for their television premier on a show ,Sunday Morning TV4, that according to Loomy is similar to The Today Show here. He and Emelie went through the process of getting make up done and then they were on to the set. Of course I have no idea what was said, but Linus says the host is a female Jay Leno equivalent. I thought it was more like Today, but who really knows. 🙂 You can watch it on the Melinus page or click here:

They looked relaxed and like they were enjoying things. After the appearance, they stayed around the studio for a while before heading home. I understand one viewer translated in the room, but I missed it.

Garbage on JTV


Unfortunately, there is a relatively new stream that has brought in a lot of garbage, flocks of miscreants who are making it ugly in not only his channel, but others as well. After I was done with my evening, I tuned into Jeffy’s room and there were a band of them being quite ugly. I am hoping some of this clears up as school begins, but I suspect these same kids are not the type to hunker down with homework and after school sports and activities.

Peer Pressure


I mentioned that I might possibly take the plunge and show my face on Stickam tonight. Between Spookygrl and Delsal’s prodding, I gave in, created an account in Stickam and let myself be seen. I was torn. I felt like I should remain mysterious, like a food critic that never shows her face. I thought I’d do it this one time and write about it. I now believe I have the end to the book though! JTV hooks Justopia and reels her in for months and with a flick of the wrist, she is off to check out Stickam and finds herself streaming and walks away from JTV without a wave.


Tonight’s dinner — Chicken Milanese, Pasta with Pesto – sort of, and a salad of lemons, fennel and onions

No, I don’t see myself walking away from JTV so quickly — Jeffy and Linus and even Justin and iJustine are there to entertain me and keep me engaged, but the quality of Stickam will be a draw for those that want to try it out. A few things that I don’t like:

  • I think the chat is flash like Ustream and it doesn’t play nicely. Correcting typos is excruciating most of the time — just backspacing takes time, if it even works.
  • Sound is an issue. When it’s just one caster, it’s awesome, but with multiple people streaming it’s tough. There can be an echo or just too many people talking at one time. It can be overwhelming with 7 people at the same time.
  • The video is a little small, although the resolution is quite good and when Ted did picture in picture (PIP) I could still see him and yours truly clearly, not that I wanted to see me!


I will say this. Lifecasting is HARD work! Well, I wasn’t exactly lifecasting, just joining in a video chat really, but it is very tiring. I felt like I had to be sitting up straight and not scowling or anything. I was on my guard the entire time, but nothing untoward happened. The viewer numbers were not huge, but I’d say at one point there were more than 20, but that’s about it. It was tough to pay attention to what was going on in chat, so I focused on the stream most of the time. The other viewers that were streaming were Spookygrl, Dizilbdog, Villanueva88 (or is it 89) and cooldude13### sorry Cool! I can’t remember your full moniker. I guess I am running on far too few hours of sleep. Sashanicole, Soupnazi and Anthony were on as well.


Jeffy streamed it in his channel and all I can say is — thank goodness the spammers and haters weren’t around or it could have gotten pretty ugly. One guy found his way in, but we tried to ignore him. I had a few caustic comments for him, but he was for the most part, harmless.


It is time for me to end here and go to bed, but I think I will take a break tomorrow night and not write. Seven days a week is a bit much without a break every now and then. Maybe I will spend a little time on Stickam with iTed again tomorrow night, but I am not sure. I probably just need to sit and chill.

And one final note — Quintano family, thank you for tonight’s dinner inspiration. I had a craving for chicken milanese after seeing you make chicken parmesan last night. Yum!

The recipes for tonight’s meal:

Chicken Milanese

  • Boneless chicken breasts — pounded so that they are even in thickness and not so fat that you can’t get them cooked evenly
  • Bread crumbs — with or without seasoning. If you get the unseasoned, use Italian herbs or just salt and pepper. Fresh bread works nicely as well or panko (rice) crumbs do a beautiful job also.
  • Oil — I used olive oil and a little vegetable oil, but Anthony recommends smart sense, a blend of three different oils
  • Egg

Heat the oil in a pan for frying. Beat beat the egg. Coat the breasts in the egg and then dip into the bread crumbs. Dip into the hot oil and cook until done. Do not overcook — dry chicken is never good.

Pasta with Pesto

I was so disappointed. I picked the basil while shooting the sunset, brought it inside, gathered the ingredients for pesto and could not find the block of fresh parmesano reggiano anywhere! I must have inadvertently thrown it away when doing the dishes last night. Ah! That was probably over $7.00 of cheese I lost! Yikes! Again, no real recipe here, I will estimate. This should easily make enough for 2 servings of pasta

  • Fresh Basil — 1 1/2 cup, leaves only
  • Garlic — 3 cloves, peeled
  • Olive Oil 1/2 cup
  • 3 Tbs FRESH parmesan cheese cut in chunks
  • Pine nuts, 1 Tbs
  • Ricotta Cheese, 1/2 cup

In a food processor or blender, chop garlic. Add the cheese and then the basil. Slowly pour in the olive oil to create an emulsion — you should hear the food processor get a lower sound as the ingredients thicken a bit. Add the basil and pulse until well mixed and then put in the ricotta cheese and parmesan cheese. Add the pine nuts and pulse just about 20 seconds. Add salt and pepper as needed. Pour over hot pasta Yum!

I did not have the cheese, but it was almost equally as delicious. The Genoese created pesto and they add ricotta. This is not how you usually see the recipe in cookbooks, but trust me, it is the ONLY way to go with pesto. It balances the strong tastes of the garlic, parmesan and basil beautifully.


Fennel has such a refreshing taste. When paired with lemons it is like summer on a plate.

  • Fennel – 1 bulb. You can save the top, the dill for other uses
  • Onion – 1/2 small
  • Lemon – 1 small
  • 3 Tbs olive oil
  • 1 Tbs lemon juice
  • Salt
  • Fresh cracked pepper

Slice all of the ingredients almost paper thin. If you have a mandolin you can get the right thickness, if not, just carefully get control of the knife and slice as thinly as possible. All three vegetables have strong flavors and cutting as thinly as possible will be key.

Make a vinagarette with lemon juice olive oil, salt and pepper.

This meal is quick and delicious. It took me all of about 20 minutes to whip it up. It’s as quick as un-boxing prepared food and cooking it. Really!

So, This is How it’s Gonna Be?

NOTE: I just attempted to publish and was met with a bright yellow message that WordPress is down until 6:00am EDT for scheduled maintenance. I saw nothing abut scheduled maintenance! Arrgghh! I lost 1/2 of my readers yesterday because of the problems with the site and now this? GRRR!!!  I am exhausted.  It is now 6:16am and WordPress is supposed to be done with their maintenance.  I am going to try to hit the publish button and see if I can finally go to bed!

WordPress AND JTV Woes


Not being able to publish before heading off to bed was a new experience for me, but no JTV being unavailable is not. What IS unusual is the fact that chat will not load — anywhere. The last time this happened it was only inaccessible in IRC, but this morning, although streams are working, site chat is not loading either. I checked into the Officecam and there is no sign of frenetic flailing of arms working to get things resolved.

I did see Yiou drop in with a mug of coffee in her hand and thought she might sit down at the computer and discover the problem and see busy bees toiling away after she informed them, but alas, that was not to be. I did find that site chat was working in one room, the one stream I care not to watch — ahhyeahforchrist. When I pull /list I see so few rooms listed. Yesterday there were 197, today there are 20. It seems that the only ones listed are


Trying to get into chat by any other means than pulling the list manually is impossible and if site chat is not working, they are not showing up in the IRC rooms list. I would imagine the 179 viewers in the iJustine room are in despair. While they can see she is alive and well, they are unable to push any of their intelligent comments into her room and I am sure this is extremely upsetting to them. It’s funny. At first it was Justine that made me nuts. Now I’ve come around and actually believe she has the potential for a future beyond JTV and now it’s her fans that make me want to take the plunge off my balcony.


I went out to the JTV blog site to see if there was an update. Nope, nothing, nyet, nada, nichts, NO! You’d think they would learn by now — GET THE MESSAGE OUT to people when things are not working properly or are being worked on.

What to Do, What to Do


I bounced around from stream to stream today, wasting my life away today and ended up in iTed’s room. It was a fun time. We listened to music, watched Ted do his dishes, went out on the town with him and Elvis and then on to ice cream and coffee and a whole lot of laughs!

In between laughs, I made dinner, but not before checking into Anthony and Kim’s stream. He mentioned that I have not really spent time in his room and that he was going to be cooking, so I thought I’d check it while I was cooking. He was making chicken parmesan. I communicated my disappointment with the jars of store bought sauce, but he did explain that he didn’t have enough time to make sauce. In the end, it came out looking delicious! It looked like chicken milanesa napolitana — I just might have to make that myself tomorrow. What did confuse me was the side dish — corn. Seems a little sweet for the chicken, but that’s ok, I will probably make pasta with mine.

My dinner — lamb chops, rosemary potatoes, green beans and broiled figs with parmesan and balsamico. Yum!

Lifecaster Quality Streaming


iTed finally gave up on JTV The stream would not work and it was not only annoying to him, but to us as well. So … we all followed him over to Stickam and all I can say is — what the hell have we been missing these past 5-plus months? The video was clean, the audio was crystal clear, the chat function is filled with features that make it so much easier to follow. It’s not perfect but Michael, you want positive feedback? Get JTV up to this speed and you will receive lots of glowing reviews. iTed decided that the quality was so favorable he felt inspired to pick up his guitar and wow, it was awesome! He is a talented guy and it was nice to be able to listen without the pitching we experirence on JTV
And as far as channel line up goes — have you stuck your head in on the Chophouse? Don’t! It’s abrasive and because of this, it is like the Spammers Unite and ugly, vulgar talk, stupid nonsensical chatter. You get what I’m talking about. He had no mods in there when I finally found his IRC room, but all of the sudden, bannation began. I left to go back to sanity and something with more intelligence than a rock. I didn’t remember to close out of that room, and about 20 minutes later, when I looked over, I saw that the room was not highlighted. I looked in and I had been banned. Banned?! For what?! For lurking? Oh well, more of the same moderator nonsense at JTV tonight. But no loss being banned from that room, it’s far worse than some of the other rooms I try to stay away from.


We now have iTed and FIVE, count ’em FIVE other JTV viewers streaming beside him. We got to see Spookygrl! I may — I say MAY — MAYBE — POSSIBLY — POTENTIALLY get up the nerve to stream with them tomorrow night too. We’ll see.

Ok, time to see if this blog post can be published. WordPress continues to be a dog tonight.