We Partied and I Received My Card

The Job Has it’s Perks

We paired my hot pepper jelly with cream cheese to put on crackers or bread

We had a party at my house last night to sample the new Williams-Sonoma drink mixes. There are 6 of them and one of our colleagues was a bar tender in a previous life, so she planted herself in the kitchen and mixed up the drinks while we devoured appetizers and had a good time.

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Fun Times, Exotic Ingredients, The Winners Are … and a Williams-Sonoma Surprise!

Exotic Food and Contests

It’s a Lotus Root

Wow, what a fun night at Justopia.com! I decided when I was in the Fresh World International Market to do my grocery shopping for the week today, that I would begin a new contest series. It would be all about exotic foods.

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Much Ado About Something? And DEElicious 3rd and 4th Justopia Cooks Through Recipes

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop?

Grilled Mojo Chicken, Pasta with Salsa Cruda and Hot Pepper Jelly

We’ve talked about this before, but I just read an article that has me thinking about the issue of copyrighted material being broadcast on JTV day after day. When I asked what sport would take the place of soccer once Euro Cup 2008 finished last week, the answer came the very next morning in the form of Wimbledon matches being rebroadcast on multiple channels. Looking around tonight, it looks like the sports channels are sticking pretty much to the Sports category, while the movie and television rebroadcasts are in categories across the board.

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Tired and a Sarah Meyers Sighting


Chicken CousCous, Grilled Zucchini and Tomatoes

Is it possible to be beyond tired? I think it is. I am sitting here thinking about dinner and what I am going to make with the main course – pasta – and thinking that it means I have to get up off the couch and moseying my way to the kitchen, pulling out all the necessary ingredients, sorting out the pots and pans, … ok, stop! This sounds like whining and that is just not acceptable!

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Cook Through — Day 1 and a Real Sense of Community at JTV and Do You Know What a Frantrum Is?

Helping Hands

Miso glazed salmon with Bok Choy and Sesame-Udon noodles from the Williams-Sonoma “Food Made Fast — Weeknights” book

Last night was a troublesome one. I worked hard in my kitchen most of the day and I was ready for my first Cook Through broadcast when I was faced with a horrible, terrible, seemingly insurmountable problem … I could not connect to my wireless network! This meant I was tethered to my Mac with just 3 ft. of ethernet cable. I not only had no ability to carry the machine to the kitchen, but I could do little more than sit at the desk by the tangle of cables that makes up my little network of printers, two machines, one Mac and one Windows machine, a cable modem for the computer and one for the phone. And of course last night, the problematic Time Capsule — the Apple combo router/backup device.

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When Smoking is Oh, So Good


I’ve talked about this in the past, my inability to grill food at home with anything other than a grill pan on the stovetop or on the small electric grill on my balcony. Fire hazard and all that. But it’s not that bad. Really. See, last year for my birthday, my parents gave me a grill. The kind that’s safe and approved for high rise condo living in these here parts of the DC suburbs in Virginia. It’s an electric grill. It does a pretty respectable job for the most part, especially now that I’ve had an opportunity to use it enough to cause the stuff on the bottom of the grill to flare up and char what I am cooking.

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A Memorable Early Memorial Day Dinner with Justopia and an Entertaining Show FromParis

Another Holiday Meal

I decided to make a meal that would be great for Memorial Day and wanted to give people enough time to prepare for it if they wanted to do something similar. A simple meal really, but the components went together beautifully.

We had a hamburger, steamed green beans, pommes frites (sweet and Idaho) and the red you see is my home made ketchup. What a DEElicious meal!

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