Empanadas Everywhere and a Corn Dog for Dinner, Surely You Jest.


Yes! You know it. I am competitive and a teeeny, weeeny bit obsessive. Yes, I admit it. I admit it all the time. So when I was lounging around this afternoon, thinking about getting ready to go out for dinner with a friend (Wendy), I headed over for my daily visits to one of my favorite blogs — From Argentina With Love — and at the end of today’s post was a reminder for Empanada of the Month entries. I remembered reading about this challenge last month, and when I saw the reminder I thought … wow! I have a couple of packages of wonton wrappers in the fridge that I need to do something with and how opportune the announcement was. So I thought I’d run into the kitchen and whip up another batch of Frannie’s Dulce Dumplings. I was racing the clock because I still needed to shower and get dressed and get out of the house in 90 minutes, but always up for a food challenge, I got myself into the kitchen and started to work some sinfully sweet magic.

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Fun Times, Exotic Ingredients, The Winners Are … and a Williams-Sonoma Surprise!

Exotic Food and Contests

It’s a Lotus Root

Wow, what a fun night at Justopia.com! I decided when I was in the Fresh World International Market to do my grocery shopping for the week today, that I would begin a new contest series. It would be all about exotic foods.

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The JTV Sports Bar … and Grill?

Ok, so you can’t sidle up to it and order a cold one, but…

This evening as I was relaxing before heading into the kitchen for tonight’s broadcast I noticed something that made me scratch my head.

Of the 22 channel icons I can see on my small screen, 18 of them were broadcasting sports or movies or other re-broadcasts. What was most interesting to me was that these channels were showing up in all categories rather than just the sports category where we’ve seem them for the most part since they became the bog draw on JTV. Once again PSN, was the channel with the most viewers, coming in at 12,887 with a Fox broadcast live, in Spanish.

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A Tossed Salad of Memories and a Surprise Trip South

More Yesterday Than Today

The beautiful sunset season is upon us in the DC area

I was reading the comments (all 2 of them) from Saturday’s blog post this morning when a Philippine memory related to Auntie Anne’s hit me. I’d think the memory would have been sparked when I was making or eating the pretzels Saturday afternoon. Oh well, who knows what makes the brain work the way it does.

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The Canning Season Begins Early at Justopia.com


I don’t have much to say tonight. It’s been a few days of intense cooking and things in real life were filling my brain more than JTV today so I will just post some mouth-watering photos and call it a blog post. I will warn you. I was not thinking with a clear head and didn’t do my usual job of documenting a lot of the steps in each recipe, but here are a few shots to get your mouth watering. Enjoy!

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Oh Please, I Lost to a Monkey?!

Are You Kidding Me?


I needed to test the balsamic marinade prior to delivering the class at the store this morning. It was DEElicious!

I am not sure what to make of the Jwayshow and the 2008 March Madness contest. I downloaded the brackets as I noted in a post last week, but the technology failed. Not only were we unable to see or hear the broadcast, but I didn’t know a number of the 64 channels listed in the brackets. I didn’t bother to cast my votes because I am just not one to vote if I don’t know the candidates. I did not see Jway up on the channel bar all week although he did show up in my broadcast for a few minutes the other night. I just figured he gave up on the whole thing, but I was just about to close my browser and sign off for the night when I received an invite to go to the Jway channel.

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The Competition Just Got Hotter — On the Field and Off

Breaking News!

I received a comment this morning from a reader named Blaine that raises a very good question and this is what it said:


Hi justopia, i was wondering what you think will happen to JTV now Youtube have said they will be offering live video from this year? Do you think JTV will be around and make much money once this happens? I’m not so sure what will happen, in 5 years time we might be thinking Justin who?


Well Blaine, you raise a question that will have those of us that pontificate, speculate or attempt to measure the depreciation rate of JTV scratching our heads in an attempt to figure this out.

My immediate response? JTV and the other live streaming media sites will be up against a force to be reckoned with and it’s time, right now, for all of them to make a full court press and market the hell out of their product offerings if they want to be on the scene once YouTube/Google makes their move.

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