Happy Anniversary JTV!!!! To Celebrate … or Mourn? Instant Gratification, and a New Leaf on Life?


NOTE:  The questions to the JTV Anniversary Contest are listed at the bottom of this post.  Remember, I’m looking for the title of the blog post, the date of the post and the answer to the question.

Mazel Tov!


We had a Korean dinner tonight — Bi Bim Bap — it was DEElicious!

By all accounts, today is the one year anniversary of JTV, or as I define it, my obsession with all things having nothing to do with reality. Today is one day shy of the event that changed life as I once knew it. March 18, while not π day or the Ides of March is still a monumental one for me. It is the day a 23 year old Yale graduate, living in San Francisco with three of his buddies launched a startup that they hoped to … they wanted to … they planned to … well, I really can’t say what they hoped for the future. I have yet to have the opportunity to chat one on one, via voice with any of them other than a brief 2 minute conversation, a call I had with Michael about 3 months ago as Justopia.com, Powered by JTV, was launching.



You see, I had grand plans. I was going to “sit down” with Michael (and hopefully Justin) for an interview that would turn into more than a blog entry. I imagined it running in the San Francisco Chronicle, informing and entertaining readers as they sat down with their morning coffee and looked out at blue skies getting ready for their day. We’re working on getting it set up, but nothing has been confirmed yet so it looks like it will be a post anniversary piece. Not a bad thing, it just means I need to craft it a little differently than I’d originally planned.


What I should really do is haul my butt off the couch and get on a plane to SF to attend the party. I would surely come away with some awesome quotes if nothing else. 🙂 You do remember how we used to chastise Justin for his frequent use of the word awesome, don’t you?


I posed a question in the title of this post. Will you celebrate or mourn the anniversary of the launch of Justin.tv? What is there to mourn, you might ask? I suppose it was a rhetorical question. One to draw the reader in, but also one to provoke me to better understand what the hell I’ve been doing with my life these past 12 months.


My response — will I celebrate? What do you think?! I have been at this for a day shy of one full year and see no end in sight. What would I mourn? I might well mourn the loss of my sanity, but why bother. That’s a waste of time and I can’t stand complainers, people that whine. I may mourn the loss of so many 2D friends, people that I never had the opportunity to shake hands with, to look in the eye, to gauge true feeling by noting body language. I should mourn the absence of anyone that I present my culinary skills or writing to on a daily basis but can’t sit across from at the table. I could mourn the wasted hours on those days when I mostly sat with the laptop perched on my lap, staring at the screen while channel owners did … well, not much of anything.



I am absolutely mourning the disappearance of my attention span. Where once I was able to focus on one thing, a singular topic, now I am like a panicked television remote junkie who can’t stay on one channel more than a few moments.

Where did that woman who had the keen ability to dive headlong into a book or a movie or a 60 minute television show run off to and will she return? If so, when?

JTV 1 Year Anniversary Trivia Contest Questions

  1. What did I call the mode of transportation Justin rode to the airport on the day I first made the proclamation that I was a “JTV convert?”
  2. In which blog post did I note that for the first time Justin was not publishing?
  3. Quote one of the items I stated I did not purchase on my first trip to Costco in 4 years.
  4. Which of the blogs in my blogroll is based in one of the countries/cities I have lived in the past?  NOTE:  This response requires no date or blog title!
  5. What nick name did we give the guest who appeared on the Justopia Cooks show to help me prepare a DEElicious Indian meal?
  6. What was on the menu the night I created “The Chef’s Table” due to technical problems with the dining room camera which mandated the need to dine in the kitchen?
  7. What do I state is the reason “why I live in Justopia?”

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