But Why?

A coworker brought fresh tomatoes and patty pan squash from her garden to share with us today. I can’t wait to use them this week!

I’m confused. I was surfing around the JTV main page yesterday to see if I could figure out how the removal of the Channel Bar helps in page load time and with letting viewers know you are broadcasting and was surprised by an ad that was running.

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Ramblings, the Phelps Phrenzy and a Business Idea!

No End in Sight

I am trying to remember a time when the world Blog wasn’t in my lexicon, when I didn’t have countless pages of words to read, written by strangers and ideas and thoughts swimming around in my head that clamor for the exit so that they can make it down to my fingertips, on to the keyboard and pages of the blog. I’m not much of a “commenter” on the blogs that I read. Just as I wrangle and worry and fret over the words I string together in this blog, I do the same when I am composing a comment. Just as I always did when I worked in the halls of Corporate America, writing, reviewing, editing, rewriting, reviewing, editing, writing… you get the picture. I wanted to be sure each thought was coherent, that the sentences were constructed properly and that what I had to say had merit and was worth the time the recipient was going to take to read the piece.

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Quiet Night

Ravioli Night

Rather than sit here with the computer perched on my lap writing about JTV and the antics that go on with the lifecasting network, I thought I’d take a break and watch the Olympics. But before that, have you seen this article featuring our very own Justin Kan? And OMG! I love the word Kerfluffle! You’ll probably want to check out the article for it to make sense.

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Time to Pack Up the Moving Van and a Different Sunday Dinner


No! I am not moving. I have big moving news though. I spent most of the day working on a move of the blog with help from a JTV fan and Justopia viewer. For all the wacked weirdness on JTV, there are so many wonderful people I’ve had the opportunity to come in contact with and as in today’s offer of help, there are so many people that are willing to assist.

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A Few of My Favorite Things

Tools of the Trade and a Plug for

A night of cooking fun in Justopia doesn’t go by without the use of one of my favorite kitchen tools. I thought I’d bring out a few of tools I have in my drawers or in the bain marie that holds spatulas and ladles and rasps and more so that you don’t have to go another night without a post from the Justopian kitchen.

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Justopia still Cooks!!


Huevos Rancheros Justopia Style

Huevos Rancheros Justopia Style

As I noted in yesterday’s post, I was worried. I was wringing my hands about the season finale of The Next Food Network Star because one of the finalists was going to be doing a pilot of a show where he cooked “live on the internet.”

I was worried that it would be so great that the network would be clamoring to make it a show and … well, you can read about my fears in Saturday’s post right here in What Do I Do Now??!!

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What Do I Do Now??!!

Panic Time!!

Lime-Nectarine-Mascarpone-Ginger Snap Tart

Lime-Nectarine-Mascarpone-Ginger Snap Tart

Wow! My heart skipped a beat this morning and then it sank. I was surfing around, checking my blog stats, reading mail and just generally idling the morning away when I had a real shock. One of today’s comments alerted me to the fact that one of the contestant’s on the season finale of The Next Food Network Star tomorrow night will be presenting his show online! He’ll be cooking for an online audience. At least that’s the way I understand it.

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Cook-Through Shots Tonight


It’s been a long day, another busy one at the store, so I am just going to post photos of tonight’s Weeknight cook-through rather than ramble on about JTV. I didn’t have the opportunity to spend any time in the network today and didn’t feel like forcing myself to find something interesting to watch. I have noticed a huge drop off in viewer-ship when I broadcast. I’m not sure what’s keeping people away. Maybe it’s summer?

I made the Thai Chicken Curry recipe tonight and a repeat of the Kylie Kwong Soy-Dipped radishes. The radishes are basically a quick pickle recipe that I’ve fallen in love with and the chicken curry was a rendition of what I have made in the past, but from my own creation.

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Nothing on JTV Worth Watching … or Writing About

Content is Lacking

A year ago I was in the Philippines looking at a job prospect, so I thought I’d bring up some of my Philippine photos for today’s post

A friend, someone I know, an acquaintance, a buddy, a pal, a fellow JTV viewer, someone I met on JTV … OMG! This is so hard, I’m going back to — a friend I met on JTV — and I were chatting the other night and he asked me what there is to watch aside from “TV” (network television shows, mostly sports, or movies) on JTV these days since I am still a JTV watcher.

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Tired and a Very Short Recipe

Just Photos

I’ve never done this before, but I am so tired tonight that I am left with no choice. I won’t be writing tonight, you’ll get photos, but no story or opinions or anything of the sort … ok, maybe a few captions. But that’s it! Really. 🙂

This is the chicken that I made in the smoker bag with cole slaw, truffle mashed potatoes and grilled, spicypineapple. DEElicious

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Another Holiday, Another Meal

What’s She Cooking Up Today?

I have looked at the jars of Corona Beans on the shelves of “the store” for months and finally decided to purchase one the other day. I looked for recipes and the one that sounded the most DEElicious was at the FoodTV site. It’s a Tyler Florence recipe. I like what he cooks so I decided to make this to go with my Grilled Hickory Smoked Chicken and the Roasted Corn Salad I was preparing. I liked the idea of dredging the beans in flour and getting a nice crispy coating on them along with crispy pancetta and it DID turn out to be DEElicious! Very easy to make, this is a side dish that even alleged “bean-haters” are sure to enjoy.

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The JTV Sports Bar … and Grill?

Ok, so you can’t sidle up to it and order a cold one, but…

This evening as I was relaxing before heading into the kitchen for tonight’s broadcast I noticed something that made me scratch my head.

Of the 22 channel icons I can see on my small screen, 18 of them were broadcasting sports or movies or other re-broadcasts. What was most interesting to me was that these channels were showing up in all categories rather than just the sports category where we’ve seem them for the most part since they became the bog draw on JTV. Once again PSN, was the channel with the most viewers, coming in at 12,887 with a Fox broadcast live, in Spanish.

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The Fundamentals of Statistics?

There I was, minding my own business when I stumbled upon JWay and PCEASY having a little chat about me and about the blog post about the recent ECV show that has caused a little stir. I was attempting to set the record straight, but it took a phone call to get my point across clearly.

And yet, I am still not sure I was successful. If there were any kind of stats to put behind the whole thing I am sure I could calculate something that would bear fruit, but it’s almost 1:30 in the morning and 9am is going to come very quickly!

So instead, I thought I’d put together a few charts to show JWay, PC, Lorenzo and Les just how pretty measuring success can be. I took the top 4 channels broadcasting in the following Channel Categories, threw it into Numbers and voila! Pretty, aren’t they? If I had more time I would be much more accurate and colorful, but this is not the time.

Just so that you know, I am NOT a mathematician, FAR FROM IT!  Me, the person that basically pulled her hair out and cried after each Six Sigma class at her last job.  But I do like pretty charts. 🙂

The guys seemed to want to talk pie charts, so I thought I’d do that first. As usual with pie charts, the info is tough to decipher.

So then I thought I’d throw together their 2nd favorite type of chart, the bar chart.

A scatter plot can be useful, but clearly, not in this circumstance. I think I’ll try to put togther a histogram and figure out just who the longtail belongs to in a night of JTV broadcasts.

Mother’s Day Cake Sans Children

Making Mom’s Day Fun Long Distance

A beautiful bundt cake using the Williams-Sonoma Mocha Chip cake mix and the Swirl bundt cake pan – both make it an absolute breeze to whip up this stunning dessert!

It’s another Mother’s Day and my boys are far away, but while I was baking a Mother’s Day cake on tonight, they both called. The viewers had to take a back seat this time, but we got to talk and catch up with each other. By the time I was done, the cake was ready to come out of the oven and just like those sweet boys of mine, the cake was a masterpiece, a work of art!

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An Inconvenient Customer or How Not to Treat the Customer Like a Queen


I had a customer experience today that had me fuming as I left the store and drove home. Well actually, I was pissed off well before l left and got in my car for the 2nd time in that one mall visit.

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