Technology’s Day to Shine and a Success Story



Not a great shot, but what I woke up to this morning. SNOW!

So, it finally happened. We finally got the snow I have been asking for. Not a huge blizzard, but enough to give me, a not-so-experienced-at-managing-in-snow-anymore driver a good reason not to get behind the wheel. In the past when there was an event that I was anxious or excited about, one which I looked forward to in eager anticipation, a storm like this would have gotten me totally unnerved, pissed off, actually.


Spicy coconut with fresh-pressed coconut milk, smashed lemon grass and coconut chips

I remember the 3rd grade play, to be specific. Yes, although I can’t remember what someone told me 2 hours ago, but something that happened 43 years ago is top of mind today and no trouble to recall. It looks like my synapses are firing on all cylinders! Woot!

Anyway, I digress. So, I was in the play in Sussex Elementary and had a great little cat costume, wiskers, ears and tail all made by my very crafty mom, ready take with me on the bus to school that morning. But when I woke up, the reports of snow that we’d heard on radio and television were realized and it was coming down hard. There would be no school that day. The phone rang shortly thereafter and it was one of the moms on the phone tree calling to confirm that there would indeed be no play this day and they would be meeting to discuss the next available date for the production. The next available date? What was this, Broadway? We were in 3rd grade for God’s sakes! Whose hectic schedule were we trying to accommodate? The teacher’s? The principal’s? The piano player’s? I was living for that play and in one storm my hopes of cat stardom were put on hold — crushed. I lived to resent snow after that day — well, until the next storm when school was closed and it preempted a test. 🙂

So, when I woke up this morning and saw that the weather men were correct for a change, I did not get a pang of disappointment. There was no resentment for the fluffy white stuff falling out of the sky this day. Nope, unless some weird fluke of technological freakishness comes into play I figure the first ever Iron Chef style cook-off between me and The.Roxie would not be preempted. While the snow plows continue to do their job 14 stories below and the fireplace burns it’s whimpy gas flame in front of me, I will be opening that mysterious package that is sitting on my kitchen counter and waiting to see how The.Roxie will handle the secret ingredient from 3000 miles away.


Spicy coconut sitting on a bed of apricot-almond Couscous with fresh ground coconut and smashed lemon grassho

The event went off without a hitch! Roxie in her corner of the world and yours truly here doing what I do every night — cooking, but with a difference. I am usually very communicative with the viewers. Tonight was a different story. I did not feel this overwhelming need to win, my stress was about wanting the show to go off without a hitch and for Roxie to have a good time and as the hour wore on, it seemed that things were going well and I started to relax.


Treats for last night’s cookie/brownie delights

I wanted to get shots of the lemon grass and coconut before, during and after the preparation, but it was all I could do to focus on the meal I was preparing. Anyway, as the minutes ticked away, I made more and more of a mess in my kitchen. At the end, when I had plenty of time to spare I managed to get a few into the dishwasher, but there was ground up coconut on the floor and a counter piled up with implements of destruction and knives and peelers and more. I was becoming more and more trapped in an enclosure of kitchen paraphernalia and food.

And in This Corner

When the timer reached the 60 minute mark, ChannelZ opened up the voting and while many thought it would be a slam dunk for me, I was not convinced. I know that when I get anxious about something I get intense — worked up — and this was no different. While I am very talkative and interactive during a normal broadcast, tonight I was focusing on just what to do with the two tropical ingredients and was most worried about how I would plate the resulting dishes up. I knew all along that Roxie would take the most entertaining category. She was close in best use of the ingredient and whose meal would you most like to eat. It was not a landslide by any means and that is part of what made it fun.

You can view the results here — The.Roxie vs. Justopia Cook-off.

The other part of what made this such a success is the incredible work ChannelZ put into the event. He tirelessly works each day to ensure that is a shining success and tonight was no different. It is surely not easy putting the first ever .tv cooking challenge together and it’s his know how, creativity and patience that is owed the thanks. He is not only the creator of, but he produces and directs the show each night and tonight was the announcer as well. He kept the audience engaged and was a help to both Roxie and me through out. While the guy is rather humble and oh so mysterious, I am going to have to keep thinking of a way to thank him. But what you all can do to help me in this endeavor is easy … please continue to return to for nightly interactive cooking fun and please … tell your friends, your family, the FedEx man and your dentist about the site and encourage everyone you know to come on by, put their feet up and participate in the Justopian life! And if any of you know someone at your local news channel, can you put in a good word for us? The more viewers the more apt we are to hang around for a while, bringing you food, friends and fun! 🙂

Thanks to the Boys

And last, but not least … a big thanks to JTV for making this all possible! Without the network, there would be no! Thanks guys!!!! Oh, and Norah, if you’re reading, I’m thinking about you girl. Chin up and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Thanks all!


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  1. Good job last night, Justopia! The results looked DEElicious! 🙂

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