A DEElightful Summer Desert and A Prize Plea!

Ginger and Peach Cream Shortcakes

I could not resist. I had two ripe peaches and two ripe nectarines on the counter and thought I’d better use them before they went beyond ripe, which happens so often. I’d leafed through a Bon Apetit magazine and found this recipe and it was perfect for the fruit I had. I did not have the ginger ale it called for, but I did have some sparkling apple cider and made a quick substitution.

Wow! Was it a great summer treat! The shortcake, or biscuit, was filled with little bits and pieces of crystalized ginger and it was a bit crunchy on the outside, while moist and a bit warm on the inside. It was easy. There was no rolling involved, no fancy pastry work whatsoever. Just some mixing and whipping and voila! Ginger Peach Cream Shortcake!

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An OMG! a What was I Thinking Moment, a Question, and an “Are You a JTV Maven” Contest Announced!

NOTE: This is going to be a throwback to earlier Living the Justopian Life posts where I muse about a variety of subjects and that takes time, so hunker down, curl up with a blanket or if you are in warmer climes, next to the airconditioner and settle in for a long read…

How Inconsiderate of Me!


Back in the early days, Piglet was a big topic of JTV discussion, here he was helping me do the dishes

Let’s begin with the What was I Thinking Moment, shall we? Upon waking up, stumbling to the computer and opening WordPress to see what the traffic was like overnight, I took another look at last night’s post and realized that right there, right in the middle of a post dedicated to the plight of the hungry I posted two shots of my heaping full plate of dinner! I know that there are some out there that roll their eyes, pound their fists and stomp their feet at some of the dumb arse, non-thinking stuff I do and say, but this one even has me rolling my eyes!

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So, Monday is “The Day?” Chocolate Chip Cookies to Die (or is it Live?) For!

Going GM?


Rumors abound tonight on JTV. I say rumors because I was too busy trying to manage my chocolate chip cookie broadcast and could not take the time to tune into Justin’s stream confirm what was being discussed.  Apparently a variety of topics were broached this evening. I was told one of the issues was the much awaited opening of JTV to the masses — no more beta. People are worried about what will happen on that day. I don’t know that I am worried about all the new channels, but I am concerned about the possibility that we will see more instability with the network. It was much better today than the past few days, although site chat did take a tank for a while. To those of us that have managed to get IRC running again, it didn’t really matter though. For those that don’t use IRC well … it was a whole other story and one that didn’t make people happy.

In other respects things were good — I think I only had to relaunch the stream one time — both audio and video seemed to work well … pretty smooth sailing.


Jacob and I traded mail a number of times this afternoon and he answered most of my, and other viewer’s questions about the changes and abnormalities on the network. It looks like most of the things people were complaining about have been resolved and he will be working on a better FAQ for getting into IRC as well. They are listning it seems.

What I am a bit worried about at this point is the type of channels we are seeing and what we might see come Monday. I really didn’t care, but I just took a little stroll around the channel bar and holy hell, it’s like STV — Smut TV instead of JTV. I don’t like the idea that I could be broadcasting with garbage next to me. It was bad enough to see myself with that nasty photo of Dealer next to me and Anamarialive who was broadcasting stuff that … well, let’s just say I would not want a child to watch what she was showing. I am not a prude, I am not around to judge what people do with their personal lives, but I do have some self respect and pride and would hate to tell anyone in my family or my friends to come here to watch my broadcaset and have them click on some of the stuff that has been showing up on JTV in the past few weeks. I would be mortified and embarassed — some would want to haul me off to a hospital for a long psyche visit and others would probably think, wow — look at our friend, she is hanging out with some “interesting” people, she’s not who we thought she was.


Cookies with the Cheftopia Cookbook in the background

I have not been buying into the thought that JTV was going down the tubes or was quickly turning into another porn site, but in the past few days I am rethinking my position. Clearly it has potential to be a porn site and if that’s what the fratboys are interested in promoting, then so-be-it. It’s not my cup of tea, but I suppose it is what a lot of people look forward to when they log onto the internet.



I made home made chocolate chip cookies and they came out GREAT! I used Ghiradelli chocolate chips and they made a big difference. You can really taste the chocolate in comparison o the stuff you get in the local store

People have asked me to send them cookies. I am not sure if they were serious or not, but it got me thinking … I can bake lots of things and wrap and package them up beautifully send via FedEx. Yesterday someone asked if they could pay me via PayPal for something I was making … I really don’t remember what it was. But I am going to have to formulate a plan and ship food. I can ship home made jams and cookies and cakes and brownies and more. Just think how cool it could be for someone to be able to see the food being prepared and cooked and then packaged up beautifully before being shipped. I’ll bet people would love it around holiday time or for birthdays and anniversaries and similar occasions. I am going to work on the plan in the coming days and try it out and see how it goes. I love planning, preparing and feeding people so this could be great fun!

Well my friends, I am totally exhausted tonight and although it’s a ridiculous hour (2:37am) it is almost 2 hours earlier than the time I went to bed every night this week, so I am going to take advantage of the hour and call this blog post done.

I’ll see you around the channels on The Justopian Life.

No Writing Leads to Spam



I’ve been in Jersey exactly 2 days now and while it’s quiet and peaceful, I am anxious to get home. I miss my routine, or lack thereof and the comforts of home. I also miss the inspiration to write that JTV provides me. I went to bed last night after a brief, silent rocking chair broadcast. It couldn’t have been very exciting for viewers though, although some did make a game of it by trying to get me to laugh out loud and wake up my parents. At about the time I thought I’d write something to post, I heard someone up and about and thought that seeing my light on at 1:59am would cause too many questions in the morning, so I shut down without a post for what is probably the 3rd or 4th time since I began this blog.

Having not watched for any measurable time since Monday, it’s tough to say much, but I did log on tonight to email and IM’s telling me about a few lifecasters and their antics; one allegedly doing meth (justintv/itessa) on cam and one that I was totally repulsed by (justin.tv/badboyjosh321)the night he launched who appears to have returned and caused a stir among viewers.



I have been missing the opportunity to cook for all of you.  I am thinking about what I will cook on Monday however.  I am scheduled to return home on Sunday evening, so it will have to wait until Monday, but I will attempt to use the Schedule Widget on the channel page to let you know what time and what we will be cooking.

Get your utensils, pots and pans ready!

Shhhhh…. It’s a Secret! a Mention of Outrageous iPhone Bills and a Thank You to the JTV Team

Note: Although I mentioned in the channel yesterday that I was going to be traveling and not very well connected this week, I noticed people were looking for me when I scanned chat. I did launch the stream tonight for a few minutes, but I am holed up in my old room and something about being in bed reminded me of other Lifecasters looking for donations, so I didn’t let anyone know I was on and shut down almost immediately. I may broadcast on Friday afternoon from my friend’s house, but I can’t make any promises. I will try to write a little each night, but I will have to watch the time. It’s not like my normal JTV life — stay up almost all night (or all night on some occasion) and wake up in the late morning. That just would not fly here.

I do have one important question — at what point does a person cease to be a child? It’s ok, being cared for once in a while is good for the soul.

Double Life


I am sitting here squirreled away in my childhood bedroom in Jersey at midnight surfing JTV and trying like mad to type quietly enough so that I don’t draw attention to the fact that I am up and online at this hour. While this is extremely early for me, it’s totally out of the ordinary here. I suppose if I were 78 years old, I would want to go to bed before 3am every night too.

So far, I have managed to keep my JTV life mine, but I had a bit of a scare at dinner. We were talking about current events and politics and well, just normal things I have not had much occasion to chat about with people in recent months and the conversation turned direction. As we were wrapping up our conversation about the sorry state of US economic affairs and the Fed’s drop on interest rates, dad turns to me and says, “Have you read about all those people with extremely high iPhone bills,” with a smirk on his face. Oh god! No! Not the 300 page iPhone bill and iJustine?? I totally expected him to mention her and was attempting to formulate a response so I could have the right look on my face. That total look of surprised uncertainty about what someone is telling you. But I didn’t have to feign ignorance. I was spared, thank goodness!

Broadcaster News


I received the all new Broadcaster Newsletter today and was pleasantly surprised to see a Justopia_live mention. The piece points to the Justopia_Live channel and the Living the Justopian Life Blog. They wrote a very nice intro, although I do get the feeling they might have been holding back a little bit and I can’t say I’d have blamed them if they wrote what they really think.

It’s a shame it came out this week while I am away, not very well connected and absent from broadcasting while I play daughter in my parent’s home. 😉

The newsletter has a cool forwarding feature as well which seems like a great way to get the word out about JTV. Now, if I could only let my little secret out! I’d have a ton of people to forward the newsletter to and we’d see a whole new group of viewers and potential casters.

Maybe one day…

Preparing to Travel and Cooking for the Channel



I tend to do that. I said I would make chocolate chip cookies today. Then I said I would make dinner. I took out short ribs for dinner and when I was at the store saw two beautiful lamb shanks and all of the sudden felt like having that for dinner instead. So … I was in a predicament. I had to cook off the ribs. They would not last out the week until I return from my trip which meant I ended up making two rather involved dishes — on camera.

I set up the laptop in the kitchen, but did not put the time into pre-prep like I did last night, so it was not as smooth, but there sure was a lot of cooking going on!  And it went on for hours. We cooked, we chatted, I answered food-related questions, the gang was in the room in force and the MOD SQUAD kept the trouble makers at bay. I am lucky to have such kind and decent 2D friends.

The interesting to see is the amount of repeat visitors to the channel. It makes things fun and interesting.



What I see happening that distresses me somewhat however, is the change in what I am doing in terms of my interaction with JTV. I worried about this and it’s happening. I am spending so little time watching other channels that I am running out of JTV information to write about. I have no idea what’s going on with Justin or in the office and while I do hear about things happening, I am not really clued into any one thing and it makes me feel badly, but also leaves me a bit light on things to write about other than what goes on in my life, and I don’t think that’s what people are coming here to read about. So…I will have to spend time watching things around the network again.

Network Stability and a WWE Broadcast

I was on for 6 – 7 hours today and noticed no problems with the broadcast. A few people said it was choppy from time to time, but most reported no issues. Without the WWE channel or the Jonas Brothers, things were relatively smooth all the way around. Speaking of the WWE channel. Did you tune into it last night? I am still trying to figure out how a kid (I think he was a minor) could sit in his room and broadcast a show that people were paying good money for. There were thousands of people tuned in to watch it. Now, the quality was worthless, but thousands and thousands were in that channel. It was even moderated at times by one of the fratboys or another. Did JTV work out a deal with WWE or was this done on the sly? I didn’t hear it for myself, but I suppose it’s in the archives, but someone told me that his mom came in and yelled at him. I wonder if she knew exactly what he was doing, or if he was in trouble for something else? 🙂



It’s time for me to head up to see family for a few days, so I won’t be doing much tuning in, broadcasting, chatting or blogging until Sunday evening. I do plan to get this article about GI Joe/joeiniraq completed and to have my friend begin editing for me so I can get it submitted to a few news outlets and/or magazines. The time away from JTV will give me the “freedom” to get that done. I will check in when I can, most likely late at night and see what’s going on. I won’t be blogging, although I would imagine I will post a bit here and there, but I won’t have any JTV interactions to rant about.

Ahhh… the stress of not being able to tune into JTV — I thought vacations were supposed to be relaxing?!

I Blew It!



What a kitchen! Viking appliances, counter space to die for! Don’t cabinetry is not my cup of tea, but I can deal with it if I can have the appliances and countertop. Imagine if Justopia_live was coming to you from this kitchen!!!!


I have not had any interest in TV for months. I have been far too engrossed in the day to day goings on with JTV to pay attention to what goes on in the “real world” of television, it just doesn’t hold my attention any longer. I would imagine most of that is a self-imposed, but not purposeful attention deficit disorder due to the inability to master such intense multitasking between JTV, other online services, writing and lifecasting. I knew the Emmy’s were on tonight and I usually like to watch. I have been such a TV watcher and like to see everything that goes with this particular awards show, but I decided I could not pay attention and lifecast. Well, what a mistake! I am happy I was streaming, but I should have turned on the tube. Jon Stewart was hosting. I had totally forgotten. I even asked who was hosting but no one responded. I LOVE Jon Stewart and that will be one show that won’t be repeated like most others are.


This is one incredible condo. It’s fun to look

The other thing is my sister and my mom will ask what I thought of the show and I am going to have to think of something to say! I might pull the — i needed to go to sleep early — wasn’t feeling up to par — card on this one. The tangled web I am leading gets more and more complicated.

Out and About


Hell, the condo it only $2.9 mill … I think I’ll purchase TWO!


And oh wow, the views! This was from the guest room! You can see the tower at Dulles International. I can see it from my place, but I have to go to the very end of the balcony and crane my neck.

I met a friend for breakfast this morning. It was another glorious day and I did not have a problem leaving JTV. I was however, excited to get back to my paramour and to “meet” up with my 2D friends. We took a walk and we stopped into the open house that was in progress at the new condo facility across the street. I knew it was going to be great from what I’d read about it and from their website and email I’ve received, but all I can say is W O W — and we’re not talking warcraft here!



I came home and decided to make Thai Shrimp Curry and rice for dinner — for the stream. It was a very easy, very quick recipe and it came out great. Lots of questions were asked again to night and it made for a fun, interactive session. I ate, we talked (with the camera pointed to something other than me eating) and did the dishes after. It was a very easy meal to clean up after, but it’s always nice to have people to chat with while you’re up to your elbows in soap and water.


Tomorrow night I am making a recipe that sderkins sent to me. I asked for recipe suggestions at my Citizen.of.Justopia@gmail address and received this one,but it looks good, so this is what I will make. Of course, I may just wake up with a totally different feeling. I may wake up, see something on TV or go to the market and see something that inspires me and have to change the menu. For now I will plan to make beef ribs with leek sauce. Yummo! Ok, I said it! It’s the only thing of Rachael Ray’s silliness that I like.

Well, I HATE to admit it, but I am so tired I am falling asleep at the keyboard here, so I am going to end here. Another great JTV day!