Customer Service With a Smile and a Little JTV Publicity

NOTE: I am doing battle with WordPress this morning. It is simply not cooperating. The only way I could get photos into the post was to link them as a gallery — nothing to aid in breaking up the text in this long post. Hopefully things will be back to “normal” tomorrow.

Run Aroun

I just spent the afternoon in search of what was once a common household item. Well ok, not common in big cities and urban areas perhaps, but back when things were more simple. Slower. Less stressful. Not connected

Alright, I think I better start at the beginning … a very good place to start. When you read you begin with A. B. C. when you sing you begin with … OMG! WTF? This has nothing to do with what I wanted to talk about, but yes, I do believe there were probably plenty of jars of home made, preserved jams, jellies, pickles, sauces and more. Hell, I am quite sure they had Vienna Sausages in the Von Trapp family home! And just how do you think it happened without big canning pots and tongs and packets or bottles of fruit pectin? I’m just askin’!

As you know from previous posts, I my newest obsession is canning. I can’t stop! And heaven help you if I go to your store in search of needed equipment or ingredients and you don’t have them. And double that danger if I am running low on sleep, as I was today.

I went out in search of fruit pectin. It’s the stuff that helps jams and jellies, well, jell. It can be done without pectin, from what I read, but it’s one of those modern-day conveniences that make things easier and less time consuming, so I use it. I am not sure how to create jelly without using it and although I am sure just a little research would help me understand how, I have an issue with immediate gratification which we’ve discussed in the past and I just want to make my jalapeño jelly tonight. Not tomorrow. I attempted to do so yesterday, but that was when I realized that the nice young lady that checked out my order at Wegman‘s the other day neglected to include the boxes of pectin I picked up into my bag I had to put the jelly on hold.

And that brings us to today’s situation. I got in the car and headed to Home Depot. The hardware store is the place I used to find all kinds of one-off items for the kitchen. I now it’s a bit early for canning, but thought I would strike gold there. No such luck. First I had to explain what pectin was, but it didn’t help my cause. I got back into the car and headed for a grocery store. I live in a very urban area, so getting to the store is not a big deal, but I was in no mood to put miles on the car looking for pectin.

At the first grocery store I was met with a, “Oh, you want Jelly, it’s on aisle 7.” To which I replied, “Ummm…no, I want to MAKE jelly,” at which point I was taken to the Customer Service desk. I was told that there was no pectin that, “it was removed with the canning equipment.” Harumph

Back to the car and another market. Nope! No pectin there either. None of the three stores I went to at this point were planning to get any pectin or canning equipment in the future either. Hmmm… I did not feel like schlepping back out to Wegman’s. It’s not terribly far, but I would have been going with traffic at rush hour and in the Washington, DC area, you just don’t want to be on the highway at that time.

I know! I know! I made a sacred vow when I was living in the Philippines that no matter how long I’d been sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic I would never, ever complain about traffic again and it was reinforced when I’d moved to India, but part of the way I keep that vow is to avoid rush hour at all costs.

So, I decided I’d try one more local market — Whole Foods and I was happily rewarded. Rather than drive over there, I thought I’d use my handy-dandy cell phone. A piece of equipment used purely for data when in my hands or in the case of and emergency or urgent need. Well, this was urgent! I needed pectin and I needed it NOW!

The person at the other end of the line did not understand what I wanted, so he did the next best thing. He put me in touch with Drew from the “Grocery Department.” First of all, being in the Call Center business for 12 years makes me an expert at being a “knower of great customer service,” and Drew, you have a few things going for you:

  1. Your voice
  2. Your friendly demeanor
  3. Your helpfulness
  4. Your knowledge of your products and shelf placement

If I were asked to “take a survey on my recent experience with Drew at Whole Foods, I’d give an “Exceeds Expectations,” or a “10.” I was unable to find the pectin on Aisle 5 and the staffer I asked to help me find it needed a little definition of pectin, but he was too confused so I asked for Drew.

My night in shining armor pulled up in his black Whole Foods polo and led me right to the spot where the boxes of pectin were waiting for me. He had a big smile and seemed happy to help. Whether he was or not I don’t know, but making me feel as though it was not an imposition was a big bonus.

So, I’ve got the pectin waiting to go into the pot with the 3 cups of peppers and 5 cups of sugar and vinegar and cumin seeds and … well, you get the point. I am looking forward to this batch of jelly. Now I am going to have to come up with something special to taste that first jar with. Maybe a Mexican or Spanish or Portuguese dish. I’ll come up with something once I see it and have my first taste.


I haven’t read much about JTV lately, but was made aware of a new post at NewTeeVee this afternoon. I was out at NewTeeVee last week after noticing a hit to the blog that came in from that site, but it was the old post about Justin’s date with Jocelyn and the discussion about just how much of the date we’d witnessed. This afternoon however, Liz Gannes had posted a new article, a Q&A with Michael Seibel. You know Michael, the CEO of Although Gannes attempted to get some information out of Seibel, there was nothing new, nothing really of any interest, nothing we haven’t heard before. The question about illegal broadcasting of sporting events was met with the now all too familiar “We are DCMA compliant” and how they receive take down notices and act on them when notified. Oh, if you say so, Michael. But that still doesn’t address the question about how they feel about the spike in numbers reported in Alexa being attributed to these channels. Michael and I had been in contact with each other during the week of the 1 year anniversary to set up ad date and time for an interview of my own, but as you can see, it never materialized. I’d probably have worded the question just a wee bit differently. 🙂 Maybe one day we will get on the phone together and I can ask it my way. I don’t know that I will get a more informative response, but it would be well worth a try.


2 Responses

  1. Hi – thanks for the pectin info, was hoping to find a source locally, so will hop over to Whole Foods – by the way, FYI he was your “knight” in shining armor.

  2. Hi Nancy,

    What are you making? I hope you find the pectin easily.

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