Looking Back and the Blog as Part of the New Hire Packet?

Note: WordPress appears to be having technical difficulties this evening, so tonight’s post will be photo-less


You know, I was thinking. Screeeeech! (The sound of a car coming to a complete and sudden halt!) Yep, Justopia thinking can quite often be a dangerous undertaking, but it’s when I sometimes attempt to put a random though that blossoms into a full blown day-dream into action that I can get myself into trouble.

Now as I recall the Justopia Cooks story, it goes this way. It was brought to my attention that I could put on a cooking show here on JTV. That I cook well, or so the thought came from the photos and words in the early days of the blog, was that I could put on a channel with interesting content. So I thought about it and agreed that I could do this. Michael Seibel and Justin Kan had asked me a few times if I was interested and I just wasn’t comfortable being on camera, but when my fellow JTV viewer and 2-D friend told me he thought it would work and that he would help me, I decided to give it a go. And so, here I am after 9 months of broadcasting and more blogging, preparing for tomorrow’s broadcast, thinking about what I can make that will be not only interesting to those that tune in, but that will be DEElicious for me to eat.

My inconsistent work schedule has put a real damper on the reliability of when I will be on broadcasting, but there is not much I can do to fix that so those that enjoy the show are going to need to be sure to follow me on Twitter and “Favorite” me on JTV an Subscribe to my JTV channel to be notified of when I am broadcasting.

A JTV Historian

So, back to the process of thinking. I was reading a comment made about the post in which I asked why Tia_marie’s channel had the 18-plus filter on her room. The reader noted something about Tia being a new employee and that got me to thinking that the Living the Justopian Life blog should be mandatory reading for al new hires. I’ve chronicled the startup from start to it’s current day. Think about it, what a resource for JTV employees. They can flip through the thousands of pages and learn about the network from a fan’s-eye view with all the details — the good, the bad and the not yet happened.

Ok so sure, I am but one opinion, but there are comments and others have launched their own blogs as a result so there are other opinions an observations to be looked at as well.

It could be called, The Chronicles of Justopia. Maybe one day it will be a blockbuster movie! I know, I know! It has one too many syllables and it’s not fantasy and there is no lion, only a stuffed dog named Vincent that looks like remarkably like Piglet, but come on, work with me here, I can see it, can’t you?


4 Responses

  1. Yes I can see it now….If you didn’t play yourself in the movie I say we get Julie Roberts or Diane Keaton.
    And the rest of the cast would be hmmm let me think….
    Jackie Chan or Daniel Kim as Justin
    Terrance Howard or Anthony Anderson as Michael
    Steve Carell or Jon Cryer as Emmett
    Nicolas Cage or Conan O’Brien as Kyle
    Jake Gyllenhaal or Russell Crowe as Jacob
    Vincent as Piglet
    A few of the actors mentioned are a bit old and would be hard pressed to be a believable 20 something but that is why they call it acting

    The chatters as themselves …since they are only a name on a screen 🙂
    Could you imagine peanut gallery 1 in the movie, they would have to rate it NC-17 because of the chat alone…lol

  2. OMG, Peekers! That really made me LOL. Perfect casting! Now…who will produce and who will direct? Oh, and thank you for the Julia Roberts and Diane Keaton casting. Either is a huge huge compliment! 🙂

    “See” you in the kitchen!

  3. ..Director Mel Brooks, Producer Steven Spielberg (he can also co-direct when needed) and the Executive producer will be Oprah… 😉

  4. Perfect! I think it needs to be “greenlighted” asap! 🙂

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