Technology Woes — Again!

Twitter, WordPress,  What do they all have in common?  They don’t work well 100% of the time.  This has been a particularly bad week for all of them and I am fit to be tied tonight.  I am going to give up with the post.  I uploaded beautiful shots of a most DEElicious meal, but it’s impossible to get the shots posted to WordPress, so rather than bore you all with nothing more than words, I am going to call it a night and attempt to get the shots up to WordPress tomorrow and a blog post published.

I won’t be broadcasting tomorrow night, but look for a blog post at about the same time as usual … sometime after midnight.


A Couple of Questions to Ponder

Back in the Saddle

I took a couple of days off from broadcasting and writing and am feeling pretty relaxed. I spent about 10 minutes on JTV during those two days so I’ve got nothing relevant banging around in my head about what’s been happening with the network, but I do have a relevant question.

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Big Numbers

Was Tonight the High Watermark?


There I was, standing in my kitchen working on dinner when Tenten came in and announced that there were 242 viewers. And before long he reported that there were 300 viewers. I knew immediately that I must have been the #1 featured broadcaster at, but this is the first time I’d seen numbers that high. It’s transient viewers and they can’t be counted on to be repeat Justopia fans, but I usually get a couple to tune in for a while and enjoy what’s going on.

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Another Holiday, Another Meal

What’s She Cooking Up Today?

I have looked at the jars of Corona Beans on the shelves of “the store” for months and finally decided to purchase one the other day. I looked for recipes and the one that sounded the most DEElicious was at the FoodTV site. It’s a Tyler Florence recipe. I like what he cooks so I decided to make this to go with my Grilled Hickory Smoked Chicken and the Roasted Corn Salad I was preparing. I liked the idea of dredging the beans in flour and getting a nice crispy coating on them along with crispy pancetta and it DID turn out to be DEElicious! Very easy to make, this is a side dish that even alleged “bean-haters” are sure to enjoy.

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Yesterday and a JTV Reconnection

The Past

All my troubles did seem far away. Really. I mean it! Why is it that in the moment little thing seem to loom large. So grand. As though nothing like it has ever happened before and never will again. But today, a lazy Sunday off spending time with a friend, having brunch, going to see the new Indiana Jones movie, and taking a long, leisurely drive out here in the burbs’, a trip down memory lane was part of the fun and helped to take my mind off things that I’m working through.

We recounted incidents in our shared past that brought smiles to our faces with memories that surprisingly, we both recalled pretty closely. Details that escaped my memory eluded him too as we recounted fun times. My dad once told me that there is no use living in the past, that people should move on in their lives, look toward the future.  But I hold onto memories like prized possessions, remembering only the good things things in that time of my life, rarely the negatives. It’s helpful and healthy — for me.

Today was like that. It made me feel lighter and happier. I’d say it’s better than all the Prozac in the world, but I’ve never taken a drug like Prozac, so I can’t say from experience.

Virtual Reunion

I headed into JTV and saw a familiar icon on the bar.  I decided to head into the room and low and behold, the broadcaster was there.  He channel is often broadcasting, but without her.  Tonight I struck pay dirt.  I went in and she was there.  She saw me enter and had a big hello.  We had a nice, long catch-up session.  It was a nice way to end a calm day off.  I am happy to “see” that she’s doing well and am happy that we could chat.

Tomorrow is a holiday for most, but for me it’s another workday.  I don’t know if we’ll be busy.  I guess historically we are not, but either way it’s another 9 hours on my feet.

A Memorable Early Memorial Day Dinner with Justopia and an Entertaining Show FromParis

Another Holiday Meal

I decided to make a meal that would be great for Memorial Day and wanted to give people enough time to prepare for it if they wanted to do something similar. A simple meal really, but the components went together beautifully.

We had a hamburger, steamed green beans, pommes frites (sweet and Idaho) and the red you see is my home made ketchup. What a DEElicious meal!

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The JTV Sports Bar … and Grill?

Ok, so you can’t sidle up to it and order a cold one, but…

This evening as I was relaxing before heading into the kitchen for tonight’s broadcast I noticed something that made me scratch my head.

Of the 22 channel icons I can see on my small screen, 18 of them were broadcasting sports or movies or other re-broadcasts. What was most interesting to me was that these channels were showing up in all categories rather than just the sports category where we’ve seem them for the most part since they became the bog draw on JTV. Once again PSN, was the channel with the most viewers, coming in at 12,887 with a Fox broadcast live, in Spanish.

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