Sex in the Suburbs … Well, Maybe Not


Today was marketing day and I picked up some great food at great prices. Tonight, Grilled Tuna

I’m not usually one to tag along, to walk behind like a lemming, but I justified today’s entertainment break as a bit of research. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, to investigate, to see if all the hooplah, the women holding “Sex” parties, putting the men in their lives out for a night while they enjoyed the the movie that scored a #1 position with it’s release this weekend, the news reports of a movie that had women giddy with anticipation, was worth it or worth the cost of a $7.25 matineĆ© ticket. So I did what millions of others did since the movie debuted this weekend. I headed to the neighborhood cinema and strolled into a dark theater to see Sex in the City.

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When Movies Come to JTV and a Recipe or Two

The Ruins


For those of you into Horror Flicks, I’d imagine this one is an attractive offering and you’ll be at the movies on the 4th

I wrote about The Human Lab Rat channel the other night and asked for comments to see what other people were thinking. Only a few people have responded. Since the film is launching this week, I wanted to finish my thoughts on the channel. I’m wondering how many people went to the channel and stuck it out through the entire preview?

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.TV Marketing Comes to Life on

The Experiment Worked


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Well, it worked on me, that’s for sure. I noticed The Human Lab Rat channel when it launched on JTV recently and saw a few people chatting about it in various rooms, but I get freaked out when it comes to seeing medical stuff and the thought of seeing a vine growing under a person’s skin well, that not only held no appeal, it held negative appeal.

Yes, I went into the room and I tried not to look at the photos in the banner, and thankfully they were kind of blurry, so I watched for about 15 more seconds and when he was at the point of showing the vine under his skin, I promptly walked out of the room and didn’t go back … until this morning.

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