Oh Please, I Lost to a Monkey?!

Are You Kidding Me?


I needed to test the balsamic marinade prior to delivering the class at the store this morning. It was DEElicious!

I am not sure what to make of the Jwayshow and the 2008 March Madness contest. I downloaded the brackets as I noted in a post last week, but the technology failed. Not only were we unable to see or hear the broadcast, but I didn’t know a number of the 64 channels listed in the brackets. I didn’t bother to cast my votes because I am just not one to vote if I don’t know the candidates. I did not see Jway up on the channel bar all week although he did show up in my broadcast for a few minutes the other night. I just figured he gave up on the whole thing, but I was just about to close my browser and sign off for the night when I received an invite to go to the Jway channel.

I went in and heard pceasy chatting with jway. Video was horrible. It was basically 1 frame every 20 seconds — if that much, but audio was fine, so I listened for a while. They were deliberating the prospects for the next round of voting, which it turned out they were going to be doing on the broadcast, just minutes later.


I started the chicken on top of the stove to give it color and then put the pan into the oven to finish.

Little did I know, I’d made it to The Elite Eight. Now, we know I am a rather competitive type, so this grabbed my attention. I didn’t bother to open my file with the brackets but I think I heard them saying I had recently been victorious against Nekomimi_lisa. There were about 30 people listed in the live viewer count, but when voting commenced, only a handful of votes came in.

In the Elite Eight I was up against none other than Justin Kan! I thought for sure I’d be eliminated on that round, but I was victorious. Shocking, really. And then I sat back and thought about it. How many people know who Justin is at this point, right? But the real test had yet to happen. I was now up against Justin the monkey. What is it with the Justin’s. Actually, it was a lot of “J” names. Justin, Justin and Justopia. Anyway, I LOST to the monkey! I LOST to the monkey?! He is not even human? He, nor his owner even speak! Well, I can’t say that definitively, I have only gone into the room a few times and although the monkey was cute, he’s a monkey and ummm, well, I wouldn’t want one as a pet. I’ll leave it at that.


I reduced the marinade in a saucepan and the result was the most smooth, full bodied sauce I’d had since the pomegranate reduction I made a few months ago

Things were going ok, it looked like I might win when all of the sudden a blast of people came in and voted up the monkey. I guess the monkey channel is a bit like the aquarium channel on the Sky Cable Network in Asia. It is very peaceful, but I could never watch for more than a few minutes. From what I understand it’s a big hit there, so perhaps the monkey channel has the same allure?

More Cooking


Prepping cheese empanadas

I had a party to attend tonight and had not thought about what I’d make to bring with me. It was a margarita party hosted by one of the people I work with at the store. We received a new line of margarita mixes and salts and we needed to try them, so a party was a great idea! We can sample all we want at work, but not with the tequila, so this was the perfect answer!



We were asked to bring “margarita snacks.” My initial thought as I was getting ready to leave work was to make fried wontons, Mexican style, but then I got to thinking about Argentine empanadas. I realized that I just needed a couple of things — wonton wrappers and ground beef.


I ended up making three different kinds. I made cheese, beef and dulce de leche so it was almost as if the empanadas were representative of a 3 course meal — the starter was cheese, the main course was the beef with all it’s vegetables and for dessert we had a twist on the alfahore. It was a Justopian Alfahore and man was it DEElicious!


I’ll post the recipes tomorrow. I made them all up as I was cooking, so it’s going to take a little work to create measurements.


Sure you can bake them, but look at the crispy goodness frying brings you!


I decided that the dulce de leche, while scrumptious on its own, needed something to cut through some of the sinfully rich caramel, sugary goodness and added toasted coconut and walnut pieces.


The wonton wrappers are never perfectly square, so it requires some cutting.


Fresh out of the pan


3 Responses

  1. I am still mad that you lost to a monkey….I may even write a letter expressing my disgust and disappointment.. hehe. On a lighter note 🙂 your empanadas look so good (especially the dulce de leche), and I am now craving empanadas haha. Hope I can watch tonight’s delicious meal.

  2. Hiya Nurse!

    I am thinking that maybe I just need to get on camera tonight with a blankie and make some monkey noises to get peopel more excited about my channel. Think that will work? NOT! hahahaha

    I have some of the dulce de leche empanadas left in a bag, so I will have to heat a couple up and cut into them to show you guys how DEEliciously gooey they are tonight.

  3. Those look fantastic! Yum!

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