How Did They Miss Me?! What You Did On Your Summer Vacation and Should I Be Worried?

USA Today

You can see from the shot in the USA Today article that the Show Me the Curry ladies have set up their kitchen as a studio a bit more elaborately than my set up 😉

I received mail from a friend this morning about an article in USA Today that made my heart sink just a little. It went like this:

FYI, there’s a big feature story about amateur web cooking shows on the front of the USA Today Life section today. I was disappointed that you weren’t interviewed — please fire your agent.

Two things stand out here:

  1. I wasn’t mentioned in the article!
  2. I don’t have an agent!

When I read the article I realized they were talking about recorded cooking video, not live .TV style cooking which is my claim to non-fame. What I do is not as produced as what Show Me the Curry puts together for their YouTube videos, but they are not able to interact and engage their viewers in real time like I am.

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To Cook Through or Not to Cook Through?

Obsession – and We’re Not Talking Perfume People!

This is the chicken I took out of the pot after 3 hours of steeping in a white “Master Broth” according to Kylie Kwong’s recipe

So. We know I have a compulsive, rather obsessive personality. There is no disputing that. I’d be a liar if I even attempted to say otherwise and this is what makes this decision so difficult. So I’m going to let you help me make the decision. Continue reading

New JTV Features and Last Night’s F Word x 2

iCal Integration and JTV Networks

Tonight we made a DEElicious Asian meal of a Radish-soy salad, Shrimp with a Honey Garlic Sauce and Steamed Rice has been launching new features or upgrades or improvements or tweaks on Fridays very consistently for a number of months now and some have been pretty useful and fun. Today’s releases are great. For those of us that use iCalendar, the Mac calendar app, we can now use it to update our channel calendars which is awesome news because the old way of updating the calendar was time consuming and clusy. Each month I would spend a ridiculous amount of time posting new events to the calendar.

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Photos Only


It’s late and I have to get to work early tomorrow, so I am onlhy going to post photos of the DEElicious meal we made tonight. I am hoping to be able to make a Middle Eastern meal of Fattoush, Falafel and … well, we’ll see what else … tomorrow night.

What a dinner! Ribs, pasta with porcini mushroom cream sauce, broccoli salad and berry shortcake!

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Should I Become a Dabbawala??

Lunch Fare

I haven’t cooked on camera the past two nights because of my work schedule, so I thought I’d put up some of my shots of India and a video or two

From what I’ve seen, Bento Boxes are a big deal in the blog world. I’ve run across blogs that detail a Bento Box art and blog about Cute Bento Boxes with Western ingredients and blogs about Building a Better Bento Box. It goes on and on. There’s even a Flickr group dedicated to the Bento Box!

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Puts a Smile on Your Face

Where the Hell is Matt?

I had a nice cappuccino to start the day

Tenten asked me if I have been following the guy, Matt, that’s been dancing his way around the world. I couldn’t remember, but once I started watching the video it rung a bell. I think I saw something about this guy sometime last year. The video made me smile all the way through and I challenge you to not smile as you watch it. I also watched the outtakes video. It was good entertainment.

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A Summer Meal and a Trixie_Higgins Dinner Broadcast Treat

No Broadcast, but a DEElicious Meal Nonetheless

I thought I’d photograph tonight’s meal, even though I didn’t broadcast it. I wanted to show you that even though I had no company for dinner, I still treated myself to a DEElicious meal. And I do mean DEElicious! It only took about 45 minutes to put together and most of that time was spent pan grilling the vegetables.

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What a Story and a Scheduling Note


I was tooling around looking for something interesting to read and realized it was Friday morning so there would possibly be a new post to the JTV blog. I didn’t see anything about new features, but the post Tia made about the home robbery of a JTV viewer/broadcaster being caught on his channel while he was out of the house caught my attention.

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JTV Birthday Round Up and Big Brother — Not So Live


Right out of the oven

I found out it was going to be Krystyl’s birthday today and since we chat and “hang out” on JTV I thought I’d bake her a cake. Well, low and behold, it turns out it’s also Peekers and Tanner’s and iChristy’s birthdays today as well. So it’s a good thing we made a huge cake on the broadcast tonight! We needed enough to go around for the JTV viewers and broadcasters celebrating their special day and for the audience members that were

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Record Numbers

Busy Night in Justopia

Tonight was a busy one at and the blog has picked up readers as well, but I really can’t take credit for either. had me as the featured broadcaster during the entire broadcast tonight and as a result, there were over 400 viewers during most of the show. Of course they were mostly transient viewers; people that hit my channel because Justopia_live was the default channel people hitting were brought to. But that’s ok. A few viewers that have never had the Justopian experience made their way in and a few seemed to enjoy themselves and hang around for a little while. Continue reading

JTV = Just Television?

Just Where is Big Brother?

I am not a lawyer. I don’t really know copyright law, but I did have a brief conversation with someone that has been in the business for 30 years with experience in the domestic and international broadcast environments and his narrowed and got all “squinty” when I spoke about all the channels rebroadcasting sports, movies and television shows on JTV and that it seemed that JTV content has turned to a medium for people to broadcast shows that are on their television to the viewers of I can’t figure out what the allure is for the person broadcasting, but that’s neither here nor there tonight. I’m more interested in hearing what people out there in “the real world” think about this.

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Nothing to Write About

Where is Everyone?!

This was the scene below us as we departed from the OC airport yesterday. I believe this is Long Beach, but the 2nd ship has me stumped. I know the Queen Mary is there, but does anyone know what the second vessel is? I tried to find out on Google, but am coming up empty.

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We’ve Graduated!! and a HUGE JTV Blog Milestone

Mascots and Mensches and a Great Education

Peter the Anteater

I’m wondering, what image does an anteater bring to mind when sitting at a basketball game cheering on the home team? Does one think of power and fear when you look at this mascot with it’s long snout shaped in such a fashion to be better able to suck up ants? I’m also wondering what the students in the class of 1965 that voted Peter the Anteater in as school mascot were thinking, or is it what they were doing when 56% of them voted the animal in?

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It’s Just a Date on a Calendar!

Travels with Frannie

What a day. I headed to California for a very brief visit with my boys and to see the Dude graduate and due to unforeseen circumstances, the trip was made even shorter. It’s now 12:31am, local time, but my body and brain think it’s 3:31am. It’s still on East coast time. Normally, a 3 hour time zone difference is not enough to phase me at all, but I am pretty exhausted and since Dude’s school is graduating early (9am) it’s going to be a very short night. To complicate matters, for the first time in a lot of years, I arrived without my baggage which I wasn’t going to check, but it just seemed easier with all the carry-on restrictions.


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Smiles All Around

Need to Smile

Smoker Bag Ribs, Persian Rice, Grilled Zucchini, and Why Am I Tempting the God’s Tomatoes

It’s been a trying week and it’s only Wednesday! Today capped it off, for now at least. I suspect as the Hyundai saga continues it will only get more difficult.

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