Fun Times, Exotic Ingredients, The Winners Are … and a Williams-Sonoma Surprise!

Exotic Food and Contests

It’s a Lotus Root

Wow, what a fun night at! I decided when I was in the Fresh World International Market to do my grocery shopping for the week today, that I would begin a new contest series. It would be all about exotic foods.

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Looking Back and the Blog as Part of the New Hire Packet?

Note: WordPress appears to be having technical difficulties this evening, so tonight’s post will be photo-less


You know, I was thinking. Screeeeech! (The sound of a car coming to a complete and sudden halt!) Yep, Justopia thinking can quite often be a dangerous undertaking, but it’s when I sometimes attempt to put a random though that blossoms into a full blown day-dream into action that I can get myself into trouble.

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Looking for a Dummies Book I Can Relate to, Is There a Dr. In the House? and a Jonas Brothers Note

The Secret

A cupcake for my niece’s birthday

It’s clear now that not disclosing my dirty little Justopian Life secret is having a negative impact on my life. How, you might ask? It’s simple really. I follow a few food blogs. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my sister – yes, the one that came to stay with me this weekend and who still, like most of my in real life (IRL) friends and family knows nothing about the Justopian life. She is responsible for turning me onto and getting me hooked on food blogs. As a result I have found countless recipes, read many informative entries and laughed hard at others that were filled with side-splitting humor. And in the midst of blog surfing I’ve seen more than a few contests. I’ve never really felt compelled to enter one of these contests, but my sister has and she recently won a cookbook penned by the FoodNetwork’s Elie Krieger.

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Finding My Bearings on the New WordPress and a Saturday Night Post

Kyle TV

I was wrapping up the blog post when I received a JTV invite from Kyle of JTV. Kyle is a JTV founder that we’ve seen around the apartment and the office for a year, but who never really caused a stir, so he didn’t make it to the blog other than a mention a few times, and always noted in a positive light.

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A Change in Plans, The Clickable Chef and New Channels on JTV Providing Content


I was going to write about the channels broadcasting sports and network television on JTV once again tonight. I started writing and before I knew it time had run away with me and I needed to dash out to meet a friend for lunch. By the time I came back, my mind was off to another topic — passport renewal — and about the time I finished uploading the shots for the post I found myself in Anthony’s room and was into virtual dinner preparation. I looked up and had just 15 minutes before it was time to head into the kitchen and make dinner. So, the original post went to the back of the shelf, the passport renewal post went to the next rung on the shelf and The Clickable Chef became tonight’s #1 topic with a very brief look into a new JTV channel — Ed Dale and The Thirty Day Challenge. The rebroadcasting argument isn’t dead, I just moved on.

To the Rescue


So, you’ve got a problem. You’re standing in the kitchen, on camera, broadcasting for all the world to see. Two beautiful New York strip steaks are in your hands and you are not sure what to do next. They are frozen like a rock, just out of the freezer. Actually, they are a little frosty. That freezer of yours is not as up to date as you’d like and it leaves your food with frost around the outside, no matter how you package it. You’re standing in the middle of the kitchen a bit perplexed. What are you going to make to go along with the steaks? Your wife worked today and you were at home taking care of all things domestic. Tonight is your night to make a nice dinner and you don’t know what you want to make.

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Getting in the Spirit and The JTV Anniversary Contest Winner Announcement

Serenity NOW

There I was, getting ready to head to the store when I launched and what did I see, but our good friend, the JTV Monkey (I believe his name is … Monkey) in the #1 position on the bar with balloons, streamers and a party hat! So, it looks like I am not the only crazed JTV fan observing the big day, am I? Above is the banner that is now appearing on the Lifedoc channel.

Now, where are those JTVA meetings held anyway? And exactly who or what is the higher power they are talking about when a monkey is the mascot? I have only succeeded in achieving the first step. Alright! I admit I am powerless to the Monkey, but what power can restore me to sanity when a monkey rules? I am so confused!


Another simple dinner tonight – Grilled chicken breast, pomme frites (fried potatoes) and steamed broccoli

I suppose the ball is in my park. I am going to need to gather up the strength to extricate myself from the ties that bind me, keeping me hooked to JTV. So, I’m here, waiting for someone to give me the address for my local JTVA meeting.



Now, what you’ve been waiting for … the announcement of the contest winners. I thought the contest was fun. It brought some of you to the blog that had not previously been readers and some of you discovered and hopefully will be regular viewers. Not as many people as I expected played in the game, but those of you that did were diligent about your research! In all, there were 7 responses. The only question that was a little hinky was the final question. I thought the answer was clear, but it seems it was quite open for interpretation so, that said, all but one of you got all 7 answers correct. And I have decided to be very generous… since there were 7 respondents and the contest was 7 days I have decided to award all 7 with a prize!! I am just appreciative of the fact that you paid attention, that you took the time and made the effort to read and that you are Justopia Cooks fans! Thank you!

The winners:

  • Kittiebeatz
  • Texgal
  • Tenten
  • KSPoet2007
  • Dezining4U
  • Peekers
  • OddNumber

Congratulations to all!

JTV 1 Year Anniversary Trivia Contest Questions

  1. What did I call the mode of transportation Justin rode to the airport on the day I first made the proclamation that I was a “JTV convert?”
  2. In which blog post did I note that for the first time Justin was not publishing?
  3. Quote one of the items I stated I did not purchase on my first trip to Costco in 4 years.
  4. Which of the blogs in my blogroll is based in one of the countries/cities I have lived in the past? NOTE: This response requires no date or blog title!
  5. What nick name did we give the guest who appeared on the Justopia Cooks show to help me prepare a DEElicious Indian meal?
  6. What was on the menu the night I created “The Chef’s Table” due to technical problems with the dining room camera which mandated the need to dine in the kitchen?
  7. What do I state is the reason “why I live in Justopia?”

I suppose you’d like the answers? Well, here you go:


Please send me an address where I can send your prize. I will get them packaged up and mailed out when I am off next week.


An OMG! a What was I Thinking Moment, a Question, and an “Are You a JTV Maven” Contest Announced!

NOTE: This is going to be a throwback to earlier Living the Justopian Life posts where I muse about a variety of subjects and that takes time, so hunker down, curl up with a blanket or if you are in warmer climes, next to the airconditioner and settle in for a long read…

How Inconsiderate of Me!


Back in the early days, Piglet was a big topic of JTV discussion, here he was helping me do the dishes

Let’s begin with the What was I Thinking Moment, shall we? Upon waking up, stumbling to the computer and opening WordPress to see what the traffic was like overnight, I took another look at last night’s post and realized that right there, right in the middle of a post dedicated to the plight of the hungry I posted two shots of my heaping full plate of dinner! I know that there are some out there that roll their eyes, pound their fists and stomp their feet at some of the dumb arse, non-thinking stuff I do and say, but this one even has me rolling my eyes!

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