An OMG! a What was I Thinking Moment, a Question, and an “Are You a JTV Maven” Contest Announced!

NOTE: This is going to be a throwback to earlier Living the Justopian Life posts where I muse about a variety of subjects and that takes time, so hunker down, curl up with a blanket or if you are in warmer climes, next to the airconditioner and settle in for a long read…

How Inconsiderate of Me!


Back in the early days, Piglet was a big topic of JTV discussion, here he was helping me do the dishes

Let’s begin with the What was I Thinking Moment, shall we? Upon waking up, stumbling to the computer and opening WordPress to see what the traffic was like overnight, I took another look at last night’s post and realized that right there, right in the middle of a post dedicated to the plight of the hungry I posted two shots of my heaping full plate of dinner! I know that there are some out there that roll their eyes, pound their fists and stomp their feet at some of the dumb arse, non-thinking stuff I do and say, but this one even has me rolling my eyes!

I can put it off to the fact that it was about 1:00 in the morning when I was writing and uploading photos or I could do the mature thing and just woman up and say it was a thoughtless and inconsiderate thing to do and move on.

Grammar, Technology and New Terms


And he needed a little sun , unlike Justin’s friend, Vincent, who never seemed to see the light of day, poor thing 🙂

Is FTP a verb? I’ve been using the term a lot lately.

Dude: “Mom, can you FTP some shots of your time in India to me for the documentary I’m making?”

Me: “Sure, I’ll log in and send them now.”

And then there was the conversation with my friend the other day …

Friend: “I’ll set up a log-in for you and if you want, you can just FTP them over.”

Me: “Great, thanks! You sure have a lot of files, FTP’ing makes it so much easier.”

I was surprised. I checked and according to, FTP is both a Noun and a Verb. I mean it just doesn’t sound right when you say it this way:

Dude: “Mom, can you File Transfer Protocol some shots of your time in india to me for the documentary I’m making?”

Me: “Sure, I’ll log in and send them now.”

Friend: “I’ll set up a log-in for you and if you want, you can just File Transfer Protocol them over.”

Me: “Great, thanks! You sure have a lot of files, grabbing them using the File Transfer Protocol makes it so much easier.”

It seems to me this sounds more correct:

Dude: “Mom, can you send some shots of your time in India using FTP to me for the documentary I’m making?”

Me: “Sure, I’ll log in and send them now.”

Friend: “I’ll set up a log-in for you and if you want you can pull the files down using the FTP.”

Me: “Great, thanks! It’s so much easier being able to FTP them rather than using email.”

OMG! Somebody help me! I’ve slipped into the persona of a nerdly schoolmarm and what’s going through my mind now is a little ditty — something about — Gopher, WAIS, WWW and FTP to the tune of Scarborough Fair — you know, Simon & Garfunkle and all that — Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme, but we’ll leave that to another post when I’ll roast a chicken and use those four lovely aromatics.

It’s NOT Trivial — to me


This was an early event that Justin attended and broadcasted for us — Bay to Breakers

So, here we are … one week before March 18, the notable date, at least by my recollection, of the launch of As those of you that are, and have been regular readers of Living the Justopian Life know, JTV has been a passion, nay, an crazed obsession of mine since two days after the launch of the network. I have not been able to tear myself away for any longer than a few hours other than the two days when I was cooped up on an airplane circumnavigating the globe. Well, not circumnavigating, exactly — I didn’t circle the globe on that particular trip, it was 1/2 way there and back, but the word rolls off the tongue and fingertips so easily.

I’ve been looking back and reminiscing about “the old days” a lot lately. How very strange being able to consider one year ago “the old days,” but so much has happened in that time. It’s difficult to remember it all, so I am happy to have been a mad JTV blogger all this time, although what purpose it all holds, I’m not so sure, but the journey has been fun.

I thought I’d take a look back and invite you all to help. One loyal reader and viewer of and, Peekers, has very thoughtfully sent a piece of mail to help jog my memory. She has given me permission to post her list of memories here, so I thought I’d cut and paste the mail for you so that I could bring you on a little trip down memory lane with us.

Hey Justopia,
Here are just a few fav memories from one that has been around since the beginning 🙂

1) the police raid of course

2) when he came out of jocelyn’s apartment the first time and was met by viewers on the street (the ones that made the video that was dubbed over with porn music and moans)

3) big wheel race down Lombard street

4) the many bets we made of whether he would wash his hands after using the bathroom

5) the night that ggjeffy came to meet JTV team and brought Justin soap and hand sanitizer

6) the tower of bawls and the night that the tower toppled

7) Michael trying to fix the pocket door in the new digs

8) Michael talking to Justin about the business and taking it seriously while walking down the street saying “we may be legends in our own minds”

9) The ugly yellow shorts and the night that Norah soaked ‘em and stuck them in the freezer

10) Hiding piglet

11) The night Kyle was forced to take the cam because Justin was ‘busy’ with CW. That was the night that pointing the cam at the user when chatting came to be in JTV land

12) GGJeffy’s ‘drive by honking’ when Justin and CW were out for dinner

13) A viewer calling the restaurant where Justin and crew stopped at to grab a bite at the end of a drunken evening

14) Paying for one paper and taking all of them in the news stand (well maybe he left one or two)

15) The drunk girl at Wild 94.9 with Jimmy

16) Justin learning to drive stick in Hawaii

17) The many team meetings where biz was discussed and argued about

18) When Justin met with the lawyer and he turned the sound off but left the cam going and the chat room made up a story with persons each ‘speaking’ for Justin and the lawyer. It was quite funny the stories that we made up and everyone helped

19) And of course over all the fun we have had with the community of our ‘virtual’ friends who have come and gone and who are still there


LJ….aka peekers

Thanks Peekers!!
And now … The So, you think you’re a JTV Maven contest, revealed!

Jacob and Norah became familiar faces at JTV headquarters

For those of you that were not sucked into the JTV vortex from the beginning, many of the names and events are going to be totally foreign to you, but that’s where the fun and games will come into play. Each of the 19 events that Peekers noted have been chronicled in my blog, but with thousands of pages and there is much more to be discovered and to reminisce about. The other night we played a fun game of JTV and Justopia Cooks Scavenger Hunt Trivia and I’d like to do it again, but this time we will make it JTV and Living the Justopian Life focused. This will help to do a few things.

  1. Those of you that are not familiar with the “early days” will get some more insight into who the players in this world are, what makes some of them tick and how things came to be what they are today
  2. Memories will be stirred
  3. Answers to questions that have been plaguing you may be realized
  4. And finally, and this is a big one … some will win prizes!
  5. Those of you that are not blog readers may become hooked


The first viewer to visit from out of town — Manx

This is how it’s going to work — I will pose a different question each night in my Justopia Cooks broadcast at for the next 7 days leading up to Tuesday, March 18, 2008. The person who has answered each question with the correct date and title of the blog post in which the event was referenced will win a prize. I will be giving away 5 prizes.

Please do not send your answers until after the show closes on Tuesday, March 18, 2008. I will be giving you one final question on that date. Once the show has ended, I will begin tallying the entries and the first 5 correct entries according to the timestamp on the mail will be awarded a prize. I’ll be sending out cookbooks and tzochkies (trinkets) from my expat life around the world. A little something to reward you for being a winning Justopian. I’ll warn you — it’s going to take a bit of reading and researching to get to the answers, but my hope is that it will be fun and informative and mostly, I hope it brings a smile to your face and possibly a chuckle or a maybe a side-splitting laugh or two.


ParrisHarris became a familiar face on the channels as one of the first set of broadcasters after iJustine

So, here are the guidelines and rules:

  • Come to the show each night. Before the end of the show I will pose the question.
  • Dig through the blog to search for the answer
  • Note the date and the title and the answer of the blog post in which you found the correct answer
  • Compile all of your answers and send mail with your responses to by 12:00am Eastern Daylight Time, Thursday morning, March 20, 2008

*NOTE: One of the responses will not require a date or blog post title which will be obvious when you read the question.

**NOTE: For those that are unable to attend the show on a given night(s), I will review each of the questions that have been posed in prior nights. So … if you are unable to attend for a few nights, you can catch up on the next night you are able to be there. On the final night, I will post all 7 questions. It won’t be easy to catch up if you have missed most of the previous night’s questions, but it gives you an opportunity.

***NOTE: Please do not send me your answers each night. I will be accepting them only after the show closes on Tuesday, May 20. This is the only way I can collect the responses in an organized manner.

Now, here’s where I take off my grammatical stickler and schoolmarm hat and put on the corporate manager hat … to make it easier for you to keep track of your answers and for me to compile the responses, I ask that you use this simple format when you submit your responses and include it in the body of the mail — PLEASE! 🙂


****NOTE: Please do not attach a file with your answers. I do not download attached files. Including it in the body of the mail is best.

A brief caveat — I make no claims to be the JTV expert. I am not an employee of, nor do I volunteer for the network, I am just a viewer and participant, so there are things I may have written that are incorrect. But that doesn’t matter with this contest, because the questions and answers are based solely on what I have written and published in the blog.

What I am after is a bit of fun and each answer can be found in the pages of the blog.

So … tune in each night at 9pm Eastern Daylight Time and listen for the question and get busy reading the Living the Justopian Life blog so that you can be a winner.

Good luck and have some fun with this and we’ll “see” you in the kitchen at


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