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City of Light?

A Blogworld vendor asks the question for which I have no answer

I am going to finish my “discussion” of Vegas and Blog World tonight.  I ended up publishing last night and realizing I had forgotten a few photos which led to another post tonight.  I am done though.  I promise!  I’ll be back to catching up a bit with and cooking another great meal live!

Vegas is billed as The City of Light. Perhaps not so much in the daytime. I had been to Vegas two times in the past and had stayed in hotels on the strip both times. This time using points I stayed at the Westin Hotel which is just off the strip. Next to the exit is an empty lot. It looks like it’s been empty for a while.

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I Flipped and Went to Tokyo

The Postman Commeth

Yaay for the Flip! Thank you iJustine!!

No, pceasy and ECV had nothing to do with the arrival of my shiny new FlipVideo. While I know they’d like to take credit for getting iJustine to get to the post office to get the camera in the mail, the truth is that it was put in the mail a day before they posted their schtick on Utterz. Justine sent me a message just a little while ago telling me she was in the post office for an hour mailing out treats to people.

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How Did They Miss Me?! What You Did On Your Summer Vacation and Should I Be Worried?

USA Today

You can see from the shot in the USA Today article that the Show Me the Curry ladies have set up their kitchen as a studio a bit more elaborately than my set up 😉

I received mail from a friend this morning about an article in USA Today that made my heart sink just a little. It went like this:

FYI, there’s a big feature story about amateur web cooking shows on the front of the USA Today Life section today. I was disappointed that you weren’t interviewed — please fire your agent.

Two things stand out here:

  1. I wasn’t mentioned in the article!
  2. I don’t have an agent!

When I read the article I realized they were talking about recorded cooking video, not live .TV style cooking which is my claim to non-fame. What I do is not as produced as what Show Me the Curry puts together for their YouTube videos, but they are not able to interact and engage their viewers in real time like I am.

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Puts a Smile on Your Face

Where the Hell is Matt?

I had a nice cappuccino to start the day

Tenten asked me if I have been following the guy, Matt, that’s been dancing his way around the world. I couldn’t remember, but once I started watching the video it rung a bell. I think I saw something about this guy sometime last year. The video made me smile all the way through and I challenge you to not smile as you watch it. I also watched the outtakes video. It was good entertainment.

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We’ve Graduated!! and a HUGE JTV Blog Milestone

Mascots and Mensches and a Great Education

Peter the Anteater

I’m wondering, what image does an anteater bring to mind when sitting at a basketball game cheering on the home team? Does one think of power and fear when you look at this mascot with it’s long snout shaped in such a fashion to be better able to suck up ants? I’m also wondering what the students in the class of 1965 that voted Peter the Anteater in as school mascot were thinking, or is it what they were doing when 56% of them voted the animal in?

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It’s Just a Date on a Calendar!

Travels with Frannie

What a day. I headed to California for a very brief visit with my boys and to see the Dude graduate and due to unforeseen circumstances, the trip was made even shorter. It’s now 12:31am, local time, but my body and brain think it’s 3:31am. It’s still on East coast time. Normally, a 3 hour time zone difference is not enough to phase me at all, but I am pretty exhausted and since Dude’s school is graduating early (9am) it’s going to be a very short night. To complicate matters, for the first time in a lot of years, I arrived without my baggage which I wasn’t going to check, but it just seemed easier with all the carry-on restrictions.


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Tiptoe Through the Tulips and a Batali Lunch!

What Rain?

We made it to the very end of the tulip festival and not a drop of rain during the trip. The tulips were beautiful and in contrast to yesterday, I didn’t go with Tiny Tim hair today.

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