A Tossed Salad of Memories and a Surprise Trip South

More Yesterday Than Today

The beautiful sunset season is upon us in the DC area

I was reading the comments (all 2 of them) from Saturday’s blog post this morning when a Philippine memory related to Auntie Anne’s hit me. I’d think the memory would have been sparked when I was making or eating the pretzels Saturday afternoon. Oh well, who knows what makes the brain work the way it does.

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A Saturday Snack

Auntie Frannie’s Pretzels?

Home Made Pretzels

There’s nothing like a hot pretzel, is there? Tonight is not a broadcast night, no Justopia.com or Justin.tv for me, but I couldn’t resist shooting a few shots of these DEElicious pretzels I made for a snack when I got home from work this afternoon. It’s a yeast dough that you do have to let rise for an hour, but mixing it up and kneading it is not difficult if you use the dough hook of your stand mixer.

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Shopping, a Trip to … McDonald’s! And Bulletin SPAM

News Flash!

It appears that I am not the only one that does not like the new Bulletin Feature that was launched this afternoon on JTV. I am happy with the ability to block people from sending highlights to YouTube, but the bulletins are just plain annoying. It’s SPAM, plain and simple. I have yet to see anything of relevance or interest in the dozens of bulletins that have been cluttering my inbox since it launched this evening and from what I see, no one else is thrilled with the new feature either. Well, that’s not true, one person was happy:

4:36 AM April 26th, 2008 eddiegetdownortiz () wrote:

I don’t care for MySpace and Facebook has become a cluttered application playground for adults so I don’t spend much time in there either. I am not looking forward to JTV becoming just another disjointed, unorganized place for people to post useless information.

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JTV’s Looking to Add to the Team, More JTV Publicity and A Memory Sparked


Chicken Milanese, Risotto with Mushrooms and Bacon (alas, no Pancetta in the fridge) and steamed broccoli with toasted almonds

I like to check in on the JTV blog on a regular basis. It’s a helpful place to keep up to date with information about the product, the company or individuals. When I checked in this morning, before heading to work I saw a new article posted by Michael. The title; Community Director? caught my attention. I’ve been pitching this idea in my own offhand, wordy, to the point Jusotpian blogger way for months. Well, for a year really, and am so happy to see that the company has grown to the point where a Community Director position is being discussed.

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A Day Away (mostly) From Technology and No Cooking Dinner Tonight and a FuelMyBlog/TSheets.com Contest!

A Battlefield Away

We didn’t take time to get out of the car and shoot photos on this trip, so what I got was all just “drive-by”

You’re never too far from a battlefield when you head out on the road in the Washington, DC metro area. That was what we did today. Late last night my friend and I decided that we would finally see sunlight and have beautiful temperatures and that it was finally time to take that drive we have been talking about. So, we headed out from Leesburg at 10am and took a leisurely drive south to Fredricksburg, Virginia. We needed to stop in at a motorcycle shop so that he could look for an accessory he needed and Fredricksburg was where we needed to go.

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Looking for a Dummies Book I Can Relate to, Is There a Dr. In the House? and a Jonas Brothers Note

The Secret

A cupcake for my niece’s birthday

It’s clear now that not disclosing my dirty little Justopian Life secret is having a negative impact on my life. How, you might ask? It’s simple really. I follow a few food blogs. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my sister – yes, the one that came to stay with me this weekend and who still, like most of my in real life (IRL) friends and family knows nothing about the Justopian life. She is responsible for turning me onto and getting me hooked on food blogs. As a result I have found countless recipes, read many informative entries and laughed hard at others that were filled with side-splitting humor. And in the midst of blog surfing I’ve seen more than a few contests. I’ve never really felt compelled to enter one of these contests, but my sister has and she recently won a cookbook penned by the FoodNetwork’s Elie Krieger.

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I Should Have Been a CIA Operative

Weekend Guests

It was another Indian feast and this time we made home made Samosas. DEElicious!

It was a great weekend, but I am exhausted! We cooked and we ate and we cleaned up and we cooked some more and then we went to the supermarket and we cooked and we ate and … well, you get the picture.

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