A New (silent) Dawn and Porn on JTV?

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Where Have All the Streams Gone, Long Time Passing, Where Have All the Streams Gone, Long Time Ago? When Will They Ever Learn? When Will they Evvvvver Learn?


Look closely — Officecam and GGJeffy are the only icons and neither are really broadcasting

It was strange not to see Justin’s icon yesterday morning, but this morning is the dawn of a new day. There are just two icons, two lifecaster streams, but all that’s being fed is the mounted Officecam shot of an empty office and Jeffy’s cute splash screen with a graphic of Mr. T and an announcement crawling on the screen that he will resume broadcasting at 2 PDT. Justine was on until she lost battery power before take off at O’Hare this morning. So, all in all … there is NOTHING happening at JTV! I totally understand that lifecasters need sleep or downtime, but this speaks to the issue of needing lifecasters in many time zones so that when people tune in, there is something to watch. I’m not sure people will hang in until July 16th for the launch of lifecasting to the masses. Justin and team may need to do some heavy duty publicity to bring people in again if they start loosing them in droves these next 16 days.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Justin has needs. We all know that. We all have needs. Some need shelter, others need love, and many need food and then there are those that need — well, you know.


I was out looking for the Blue Moon, but can’t seem to find it tonight so I put up this old shot in it’s honor

In the tip list today was video of our boy Justin tuning in to some hard core porn. The resolution was horrible of course, it was difficult to see, but there was no mistaking it — it was flat out, hard core stuff. So it makes me ask a few questions:

  1. Does Justin continue to think we are all a bunch of idiots? What, he thinks we haven’t figured out how to tip portions of the broadcast for all to see?
  2. Does Justin’s partners know he broadcasts porn, whether intentionally or not?
  3. Do JTV VC’s and investors know Justin broadcasts porn?

Notice I didn’t cast an opinion about whether or not I care if Justin views porn — this is about broadcasting it. Now Jacob, I know you wrote to me about the cursing they do and how the Fratboyzz or JTV Executives can say and do what they want, that it’s about protecting the investor’s and keeping the smut off the front page, but hello! Isn’t this just the type of thing you are trying to prevent investors from seeing?

It’s confusing.

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Lifecasters Looking for Support?

I tuned back in and saw Parris and Mooncricket in the Officecam room “wandering around,” looking kind of lost. Parris was making statements that seemed to speak to problems with getting his broadcast going today:

  • 11:28 parrisharris: They cant break us yeah ( ROOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK )
  • 11:29 justopia: hahahaaha!
  • 11:36 itsmycrapstats: -> skyhigh <- “mmm… tasty.”
  • 11:49 parrisharris: how r u all
  • 11:51 parrisharris: We going to make this ( Justin tv is a family )

He sure did seem to be happy to be streaming, didn’t he? Gotta love such a bright, positive personality.
Back to the JTV Fun

Jeffy’s broadcast was great entertainment again last night. I laughed until I cried at times and in general, at the end of the day when the world was filled with news of an apparent attempted terrorist threat in London and the iPhone frenzy, spending time with 2D friends in GGJ world was a nice departure.

At one point, Jeffy pulled out his violin to TRY to play along with the music video he was broadcasting. Jeffy, sorry buddy, but I think it’s time to either practice (with no one around) or to take lessons.



I tuned into Sarah when Jeffy’s feed went down. She was there with her peers (I assume) in what looked like that place Justin took us to about 100 days ago — the place bloggers go to hang out and blog together. I can’t confirm this though and was not interested in being berated by Sarah Meyers and her pals for asking a few questions — “What is this place? Who are the people you are with? What do you do there?” I think the keyword for the Sarah Meyers stream is Pretentious. Thank you Choad for mentioning the word, it fits 100%. The funny thing was that right after you said that, she went on about how she thinks the address for her stream should be Sarah.tv not Justin.tv/Sarah. She is dissing her viewers in what she must think is so subtle that even the village idiot could not figure it out voice. But she lost at least 2 viewers in the span of about 5 minutes because of her rude behavior.


Cold day in … Virginia

I am not sure what gives Sarah Meyers the belief that she is the only smart one between Sarah Meyers and her viewers? An example was this evening when txballa was being txballa — making his usual comments which most of us have gotten used to. She saw some of it and said, “Ummm txballa, I can see what you’re writing,” as though tx was too stupid to know this. It seems as though most people that have been coming in to chat on JTV like to interact with the lifecasters and live for them to speak back — clearly understanding that the lifecasters can read what is scrolling by in chat. Often making their comments more outrageous just for this purpose. One of her pals at the gathering tonight said, “Your viewers want you to like them.” Uhhh… hello! If you’d done your research before putting the camera on your head, you would have known this. Check Justine’s room — people clammor to get her attention to get her to acknowledge them. I like how people do business here — no due dilligence — no trying out the product before adopting it. This way of life is beyond me and I find it infuriating.


Bicycle Shop in St. Georges, Bermuda — 1999

Calling the viewers “Weird” or “Ridiculous” is not a way of engendering your viewers to your broadcast. As I said last night Sarah, if you are doing this you WANT viewers. You should not be making a point to run them off.

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Where to Turn?

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Where’s Justin?

I had a shock this morning. When I tuned into JTV, Justin’s icon was missing. Not there! Gone! Poof! I get it — he wasn’t publishing, but in 102 days, this is a first. No sight of Justin anywhere. I checked the Officecam stream and wasn’t not there — well, no one was there. It was early, but although Justin sleeps a lot, he has always had a stream going 24/7 with very few exceptions, even while asleep. Some of the testosterone crazed viewers love tuning in to watch the girls on the comforter and would make a thing of how they appeared to be moving and what this meant — blah blah blah. But today, no Justin in bed for anyone to see. Life moves on.


Beauty in the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon

In the Beginning

Justin has said that he would like to get to the point where there were other, more engaging, more interesting, attractive (his words, not mine), more viewer-popular lifecasters and he would be able to put down the hatcam, and perhaps we are at that point. I am not sad, I am not unhappy that JTV has made it to the point where he can do this, I am just making a comment. It’s different and it’s interesting that he’s gotten to that point and if this continues to go in the direction it has been since adding lifecasters, perhaps the wheel of success will finally be spinning to the JTV slot. If so, they’ve done well. It’s been just a little over 3 months. We’ve (well, those that have sacrificed their normal lives to JTV like yours truly) seen them grow from the embryonic stage where a lifecast consisted of sleeping 1/2 the day away, trudging to the “office” in the Crystal Towers apartment pre-eviction and doing “something” on the computers, going out at night and getting wasted, once in a while going on a “date” and on ocassion chatting with viewers. In the beginning there was a major negative attitude, a real chip on Justin’s shoulder. Viewers appeared to be the bain of his existence, until one day he realized that viewers were necessary and that while critical, opinionated, sometimes gruff and curmogenly, the people tuning in were what he was doing this for. No, not an offer of help or some kind of charitable venture, but for viewer acceptance and, satisfaction and acquisition. And better yet, that some of the faithful watchers had worthwhile things to say and to suggest and advice to offer. I’d have to guess that these people were not offering up suggestions and advice just for the fun of it, but rather because for whatever reason, and I am sure there are a multitude of reasons, they felt they had something to say that could help. Those that do not care, would most likely not take the time and effort to send mail or type a message into chat with an offer of help or advice.


Portland seen from the Japanese Gardens

Sarah Meyers

I tuned into Sarah’s stream this morning, but I saw nothing other than a little movement around the room, heard a very yappy dog and that’s about it. Perhaps it was too early to wrap my head around what was going on, but I didn’t last long. Sarah seemed to be reading something on her computer the entire time and no one was saying anything, so I left, and yes, I can do that. Perhaps as a surprise to those hating on me for making a comment about Sarah’s stream being a bore this morning, I do realize that I can switch channels at any time and … I often do. I am not a channel flipper (similar to a hair flipper?) with my TV, but with JTV I need something interesting if I am going to stay tuned in to a lifecaster’s stream or a TV show or a movie and I found nothing stimulating to my gray matter so I left.


A brilliant red rose in Portland’s Rose Garden — no post production work other than sharpening

I wonder what makes people think they know me better than I know me? One of those things that makes you scratch your head.

Tuned in Again

After spending some time in the GGJ room where I “helped” Jeffy do his dishes — by hand! Didn’t I just get a fine new dishwasher yesterday? Why was I doing 2D dish washing by hand this afternoon? Anyway, we had fun and a bit later Jeffy and the room were back to fun like last night and the night before so I stayed for a while. But I have spent enough time on Jeffy, so I won’t linger.


Silver Falls outside of Portland

I thought I’d give Sarah another whirl. She was back in the room with people, lighting and other equipment, the yappy dog and her new iPhone. I did not bother to watch any of the Tipped Sarah video, but I heard a little of it being played back as she was trying to figure out how to get the clip to the Gizmodo guys so they could upload it for their use. I noticed a bit of frustration or perhaps it was discomfort in Sarah’s voice and expression at some of the less than mature stuff that was scrolling by about her body and requests for her to strip and other things. There were comments about how rich Sarah is because she bought an iPhone at which point she smirked and noted that she did not purchase the iPhone. Ok, she’s allowed, gifts are good. What got me was something I’ve noted in the past — that purchasing (if she did) what some consider a high priced item does not make one rich. The iPhone is no more expensive than the first Treo or other smartphones that have launched and it appears to have a nice amount of functionality. But how does a purchase of a $500 or $600 item make someone rich? Perhaps the person purchasing the phone saved up for months — we knew this was coming, and we have known how much it would cost. Maybe the person purhasing an iPhone just received a birthday gift of money, perhaps the person making the purchase just got a bonus. Who the hell knows, but to me, a $500 expense doesn’t equate to a person being rich. It means they had the means to make a nice purchase and I don’t begrudge them that ability, I don’t envy them their phone. If I decide I want one, I will buy one. If I don’t have the means at that time, I will make it happen, but I am not going to think that everyone I see carrying an iPhone is rich. Read below and determine if you think an iPhone purchase = Rich.

Definition of Rich —

Main Entry: rich
Pronunciation: ‘rich
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English riche, from Old English rIce; akin to Old High German rIhhi rich, Old English rIce kingdom, Old High German rIhhi, n.; all from prehistoric Germanic words borrowed from Celtic words akin to Old Irish rí (genitive ríg) king —more at ROYAL
Date: before 12th century
1 : having abundant possessions and especially material wealth
2 a : having high value or quality b : well supplied <a city rich in traditions>
3 : magnificently impressive : SUMPTUOUS
4 a : vivid and deep in color <a rich red> b : full and mellow in tone and quality <a rich voice> c : having a strong fragrance <rich perfumes>
5 : highly productive or remunerative <a rich mine>
6 a : having abundant plant nutrients <rich soil> b : highly seasoned, fatty, oily, or sweet <rich foods> c : high in the combustible component <a rich fuel mixture> d : high in some component <cholesterol-rich foods>
7 a : ENTERTAINING; also : LAUGHABLE b : MEANINGFUL, SIGNIFICANT <rich allusions> c : LUSH <rich meadows>
8 : pure or nearly pure <rich lime>
– rich·ness noun
synonyms RICH, WEALTHY, AFFLUENT, OPULENT mean having goods, property, and money in abundance. RICH implies having more than enough to gratify normal needs or desires <became rich through shrewd investing>. WEALTHY stresses the possession of property and intrinsically valuable things <wealthy landowners>. AFFLUENT suggests prosperity and an increasing wealth <an affluent society>. OPULENT suggests lavish expenditure and display of great wealth, more often applying to things than people <an opulent mansion>.

Pronunciation Key

© 2001 by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated
Merriam-Webster Privacy Policy


Flower in the Japanese Gardens

Bristling at Viewer Comments

At one point, Sarah was reading chat and people were asking questions about how to set up a lifecast. This seemed to bother her or to make her skeptical or — I don’t know what, but her reaction to this was to poke fun at the viewers. She said something to the effect of, “Everyone wants to have a lifecast. Hook me up with Justin. Put me on the network,” all the while with a chuckle and smirk on her face. It’s reminiscent of an early JTV days Justin coming out in a female persona. I wonder at what point she will “see the light” and realize that talking down, patronizing, being sarcastic or arrogant toward viewers is not going to help her gain a larger audience.

Again I will ask — why didn’t she do her research? She has had plenty o’ time to see how things go here. Hell, she was streaming a couple of times in the past and should have known how people feel about her and how the business is one that requires people to enjoy her enough to want to tune in. She has asked a few questions that make me question how much time she has ever spent checking out JTV. Will Sarah be able to stand up to the critics and the haters? Will she grow a thicker skin? I hear that LookShiny wigged out and could not handle the haters and jumped ship. It is not first hand knowledge. He disappeared from the stream list while I was away. I will just call it a rumor at this point.


Japanese Garden


And now to some important business. This will be my 61st post. It’s been great fun writing, having the forum to state my opinions, to write about this new phenomenon, but like the small viewership on JTV, the readership here is even smaller and I am inclined to start cutting back. It takes no time to write what I have to say, but putting it all together with images and on ocassion video and then recording and getting it all posted is not effortless and it’s exhausting because I don’t usually end up getting to bed until 3:00 or 4:00am. If you have great objection to me cutting back, please let me know. I can be encouraged by flattery and even donations of just plain kindness. Hell, I’ve finally been encouraged to get off my butt and use the fitness room in this building now by one of my loyal readers, so if a virtual friend can help me find the motivation to do that, who knows what you can do — as you can see, I am very impressionable. 🙂

And … I am having company for the July 4th holiday, so I will be spending the day cooking and getting ready and on Friday I am having a big party so if I am not too tired, I will probably post, but not much more than photos. As you can tell by now, I like to chronicle my life not only in words, but in images too.

Ok, enough of the boring stuff. Back to JTV. I am wondering if some of the lifecasters will take us to see some cool fireworks, or perhaps to some fun barbecue festivities? We will just have to wait and see I suppose, but I am going to be an optimist.

iPhone Launch Mania, a Wee Bit of a Conflict of Interest and FINALLY – Something of Interest — Gizmodo Enters the Realm of Lifecasting on JTV!!

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Camping Out for Technology?

I have a view of an AT&T store from my balcony and there is nothing going on. Nothing. Ok, so there are trees blocking a clear view, but if there is a line of people camping out to purchase one of the sleek, sexy, probably doesn’t work all that well yet iPhones, I am sure I would see some activity down there. Ahhhh… I get it. It’s an “upscale” area and no “upwardly mobile” consumers of top dollar handheld gadgets are allowed to loiter or camp out, so in order to get a good view of the panedmonium I will either have to wake up before dawn or hang out here in JTV-land like I usually do until the wee hours to get some worthwhile photos of what, if any action, may ensue.

iJustine Travels and What Seems to Be, to this Author, a Conflict of Interest

But then again, this is lifecasting and the channel owners are going to mod their own rooms from what I understand from Emmett or Jacob — it apparently wasn’t important enough to encode so that I could remember the details. 😉 iMom is now a mod in the iJustine chat room. Hmmm…would you want your mom to be a mod in your room? I guess she will provide the protection Justine seems to want, but it seems like a strange conflict of interest or neoptism of the unpaid kind. Who knows. It’s not my room, it’s not my show, it’s not my worry, it’s just my curiosity.

Justine took us to Minneapolis this afternoon to attend the iPhone launch with http://www.technologyevangelist.com/


The AT&T store is on the left 5 awnings down. No one around on a hot summer afternoon.


It’s like an outdoor sauna here this week — sizzling

Gizmodo Comes to JTV and That Makes Me Very Happy — for One Brief Shining Moment [here ~ in ~ Camelot. Yeah, I know that was a tough reference to get, but I bet Codinome figured it out]


iPhone excitement in Sunny San Fran

I love gadgets. Like I’ve said before — long ago in one of my first posts, I have been waiting for the the past 10 years’ technology experiences since I was a very little girl during the 1964 New York World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows and my first glimpse of the Videophone and the Future Cars and more and any new toy, er consumer electronics catches my attention. So having a lifecaster that’s in tune with all things “gadgety” seemed like a great stream to tune in to. Unfortunately, the technology was not cooperating when I tuned in. They were out at the Mac store to check out the iPhone pandemonium. There were clowns and people walking all around for the few minutes the stream worked, but I gave up after giving it a try and after the guy that was hatin’ on me for “talking too much” complained about me. I liked MyNick’s comment — “It’s a Chat Room!” Uhhhh….helloooooo. Isn’t that what you do in a Chat room; Talk?!

Gentle_Giant_Jeffy puts the fun back in — er into JTV — Finally!


Terrifying, no?

So… I took a walk over to Jeffys room and it was great fun tonight. He was streaming YouTube song requests. While the broadcast of music sucks, it was cool to find songs and share them with our 2D friends in the GGJ room tonight. Jeffy did some cute graphic stuff as well, as you can see.


A little Allman Brother’s at Fillmore East and Whipping Post for our really bad streaming music pleasure. Gotta figure out how to make sound stream so it’s more comfortable to listen to. But it was fun to be brought back to the 70’s.


GGJ spices up the technology– or at least brings us to current day tech

Hats off to Gentle_Giant_Jeffy. I noticed his icon was posted when I tuned in this morning and thought he was pulling an all nighter. He mentioned that he was very tired last night because he only had 4 hours of sleep the night before, so I thought he was really pushing it. But when I got into the room there was a disclaimer crawling across the bottom of the feed. Very smart move GGJ. I haven’t seen this on any other feeds, so this appears to be a GGJ exclusive. While it doesn’t give us anything more to look at other than the disclaimer, for whatever reason it seems to be the right addition to the feed.

Indigophone and Digh Sparring Again?

I witnessed an interesting repartee today between Digh and Indigo. Indigo came in and seemed to be instigating or nudging Digh, but Digh wasn’t biting. Digh was actually responding quite nicely for a change. Someone asked Indigo if he was still a mod and his reply was that no, he is not. That Michael sent him mail stating they did not need his help any longer.

new-dishwasher1.jpg open-dishwasher.jpg bottom-drawer.jpg

Codinome — this one’s for you (again). Here is my brand-spanking new dishwasher to wash those dishes with the Greek and Moroccan dinners on. I can’t figure out the proper way to load the thing, but hey, the dishes are sparkling clean — finally!!!!

The conversation didn’t continue long, but there was talk about how immature and unprofessional the letter of what I will call a “termination of services” was. Indigo didn’t seem to have a lot of heartburn about it. Someone asked who would handle the chat rooms going forward and although I don’t really know what “handle the chat rooms” means in a literal sense, no one had any answers. I don’t know what Indigo was doing in terms of chat room technology or maintenance or whatever, but I would imagine Jacob is handling it now. Some thought that the fratboyzz simply don’t care about chat to worry about it, but I doubt that’s the case. Chat seems to be keeping this thing alive. Without it I am not sure anyone would tune in. The adoration of lifecasters and the obvious thrill people get when either the JTV crew or friend or a lifecaster spends time chatting with viewers seems to be the real draw here. When people realize one of them is in a room, whether chatting or not it becomes nearly impossible to follow what’s going on in the rooms with the amount of chat scrolling by, a clear indication of the attraction of this JTV feature.

Either way, it’s still a question of numbers:

  • What is the average length of time spent viewing?
  • How many people are really viewing?
  • How many unique visitors?
  • What are the demographics?
    • Age
    • Income Level
    • Geographic Region
    • Education
    • Computer Experience/Interest…

Unanswered Questions

These are the questions that will need to be answered when a salesperson calls or goes to see a prospect. They will not be satisfied with guesses or unclear answers. People are starting to get wiser about the need for clear research and numbers on a site when thinking about plunking down money to advertise online. Wall Street has been watching Ad Revenue closely for years now and positive results are a key imperative. I heard that JTV is looking for sales people on a commission only basis. A good salesperson, one with experience is going to want to know answers to these and many more questions and those that think it will just be good fun to be a JTV salesperson will find out quickly that it’s not easy, that it takes more than just a volume of sales calls, especially if they want their clients to be repeats. I don’t claim to be an expert at this, I just thought I’d throw out the obvious for people to volley back and forth.

Easing Back In

 Note:  I am not going to record this episode, but I do plan to get back to it tomorrow when I have a little more time.

JTV Re-entry


During my free time with no internet connection, I played around with a cool program — MacOSaix

It’s been four days since I’ve posted and only the 3rd time in eight days, so I will try to make this brief and on subject. Writing about JTV might be problematic though. I haven’t been viewing much at all since I took off for the left coast and have to be honest, I really haven’t missed the stress of watching the fratboyzz as they try to build JTV into something successful. While away, I thought about it alot. “What would I write about if I was going to post tonight,” went through my head often and strangely, the inspiration was not there. I could have written until my fingers were blistered about my travels and the things I got to see and do with my boys, but figured that is not what people are coming here to read about/listen to and once I realized I had not done any JTV vieweing, I had nothing else in my head to write about that would have been of interest to Justopian readers. So I took a vacation from Justopia for a while. So, while I was not experiencing Justopia, I was thinking about Justopia during my travels.


Codi my friend, this is for you — my sister and I cooked up a storm the past couple of nights — last night was Moroccan night. A tagine of beef — she doesn’t like lamb 😦

I returned home and houseguests were awaiting my arrival, which was nice but again, did not have time for JTV viewing. Hell, in the past 8 days, I’ve not spent more than 2 hours online in JTV-land and have had almost no real world TV viewing either. I have not experienced sensory overload in any way at all. To take from the infamous tee shirt slogan: Tan, Ready and Rested, Justopia is Back! — and with a lot on her mind.

Gentle_Giant_Jeffy Streams and “Screams”

Let’s start with Gentle_Giant_Jeffy. With all the new channels popping up at JTV it’s hard to keep track, but I tuned in the other night when I got a break for about 15 minutes and noticed the icon. I popped in and there he was, in all his grandeur chatting with his fans. Jeffy’s been a regular since the beginning. We’ve watched as he made a stop at the fratcave and laughed when he appeared, seemingly out of the blue, at the elevators after leaving that evening during a stream that was typical of Crystal Towers elevator broadcasts – we saw Jeffy’s face in freeze frame and he took a lot of ribbing about it. Jeffy held up through the chat punishment and we had another laugh when he made a honking drive-by appearance at Justin’s “Awesome Date” with SuperCW. GGJ is passionate about JTV or perhaps better stated, about lifecasting and took the plunge a few days ago.


For you again Codi — Monday night was Greek night — chicken with lemons and garlic and zucchini and feta fritters

I have not tuned in to get a good feel for what he’s really been up to, but at the moment he appears to be in a city garden tending to his tomato plants. I get the sense that he was making good on his commitment to take viewers on interesting outings, but I do wonder how long he will be able to keep it up. Jeffy, if you are just taking people on your normal day-to-day excursions, good for you. If you’re working hard to create interesting content, I’d like to know how long you can keep it up, keep things fun, interesting, dynamic, entertaining, educational, and more. Are you making plans for each day? Or are you just winging it and living your life? What a breath of fresh air, at least at this moment you are not sitting in front of your computer chatting with viewers and from what people were saying the other night, you were out and about, not just focused on chat and accolades like we’ve seen so often with other lifecasters.

Update: GGJ vents about Manx


Manx at the fratcave

Jeffy seems like a nice enough chap — sensitive, wants to be friends with JT-Viewers, willing to spend the time to put himself on camera and … is extremely passionate about the fratboyzz venture and seeing it succeed. This leads me to tonight’s episode with Manx. Manx made his way to northern California and had dinner with Norah and Jacob last night — or was it lunch? I’m not sure. He reported that they are nice folks and that he had a good time and would rather spend time with them than bother to go to the fratcave. But either he had a change of heart or digital “peer pressure” got the better of him and I tuned in and saw someone enter the Officecam and it seemed he was being introduced to the fratboyzz. We immediately thought it was Manx. Apparently it was and while I was listening I didn’t hear him say anything, although apparently Jeffy did. He said something about Manx making mention of the color purple — I am assuming he was referring to Jeffy’s channel background, but can’t confirm. And that was about it. He disappeared after that. Jokes were made about where he may have been, but it bored me, so I tuned out.


I surfed over to Jeffy’s stream and he was on a rant. Chat was flying and people were speculating about just what was going on with Manx. Some were saying he was just shy and to give him a break, others were as offended by what they saw as an unwillingness to speak to the viewers. Jeffy felt he owed viewers something — that he should have done some shout-outs and acknowledged the regulars that have been following this saga since the beginning. Me? I don’t really care. Manx is funny when he’s in chat. He’s witty and humorous and adds brevity to what is sometimes wild or tense discourse in the rooms and if he says hi to me or to us as a group — I just don’t care. Seriously, I don’t care. To each his or her own. Like a viewer having a cray interest in Emmett or someone that follows Justine to a place she is going for dinner, different people are what makes the world go ’round. And like it or not, it seems this will not go away anytime soon, so I just take it all with a grain of salt and move on.

But poor Jeffy — he blew through a bottle of wine and ranted on. I don’t know if his displeasure with Manx was the reason for making quick work of the vino or if it was just a night at GGJ world, but clearly, Jeffy was unhappy. I will tune in tomorrow and hope to see the fun Jeffy back in action. Jeffy, it’s just not worth fretting about. Manx had his reasons for going to the fratcave and may or may not have accomplished what he went there for and that was that and we move on. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully the sun will come up and with any kind of luck we will see lower gas prices, a plan for a quick end to the “war” in Iraq, the END of the Paris Hilton coverage, a new weather pattern that will ease the inundation of rain in the plains states, for those that want one, in just 24 hours a shiny new iPhone.

manx1.jpgViewer Acquisition Plans?

Back to my travels. While I was in southern California and Portland, Oregon I could not find a soul who had heard of JTV. I’ve been told no one I know has heard of it because I am on the East Coast, or because I don’t “run” with the tech crowd. Wrong. I just spent a week in California and Oregon with young 20 somethings (JTV’s presumed demographic) and the only crowd I’ve “run with” in the last 12 years is a tech crowd, so I’m not buyin’ it. JTV is just not on everyone’s lips. Justin and team, it’s time you figured out how to get the publicity you seem to desperately need. More streams, more spread out viewers.

It’s not easy obtaining new viewers. Broadcast television and the cable companies and internet service providers have been struggling with this since their inception. It doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly doesn’t happen without a plan and some solid strategy. Are you working on it in closed sessions? Are we to expect great change? We’re waiting.


I am scheduled to leave Portland to fly back home in the morning. It has been a great week away. I’ve spent most of my days outside and have gone to bed at such reasonable times it’s hard to imagine resuming my JTV life. Waking up at about 11am, hanging out online all day and going to bed when I’ve finished writing/recording these posts at about 3 or 4am.

The hiatus is not over yet. I have company coming tomorrow when I return home and will not be on my own again until sometime Wednesday. I do not imagine I will be back to regular blogging until then. I took a quick spin around JTV-land when I got in tonight, but there was not much going on. I hope things pick up.

In the meantime, below are a few shots of the last couple of days in Portland, Oregon. I will get back to regular posting mid-week.


Looks closely and you’ll see a double rainbow over Portland, Oregon


I could not come to Portland without a stop at Voodoo Donuts — Josh went for the “Blood Filled” number.


Mt. St. Helen’s in the backgroun with a Northwest jet taking off. The jet looks like it was added after the fact, but I swear it was not.

I’ll be back in a couple of days, if not sooner.

Hatcam and Humble Pie

A lifecaster would have come in handy for me today. I landed at LAX on time after two uneventful (always a good thing) flights and as we were heading into the gate area we were told that we wouldn’t be going far, that the termina had just been locked down. To the right of the gate was the security area and it was at a standstill. TSA had just shut it down moments before we made our way off the plane. I was just watching what was going on and a police officer barked at me — “Move that way, you aren ot allowed to leave.” Ok, I understand … I was just standing and watching. So I moved a little farther down and saw that there was a staircase to the First Class lounges. I walked up the stairs and shot some video. I saw them escort a man out of the security area. He was not on handcuffs, but was not walking of his own free will. Had a lifecaster been in the termanl before the lockdown happened, we might have known what was going on. Video after the fact doesn’t help to satisfy the curious.

We waited for an hour as a few more planes landed and shuffled out to the concourse which was beginning to get rather full. One flight boarded and departed, but otherwise, the terminal was at a standstill. An Air France 777 with the luggage gear pulled up to the open door, but no movement. A catering truck pulled just about to a Northwest jet, but no movement there either. No one other than airport personnel seemed to be chatting about what was going on. I don’t know if it was fear or confusion. Eventually, we were told that TSA lifted the lockdown and we made our way out. The bonus? My son had identified and pulled my suitcase so by the time I got down to baggage claim, we were able to leave.

And now … I feel the need to post the recipe for Humble Pie. I don’t know if you’ve ever had to eat crow, but here is my JTV Crow recipe:

  1. 1 very verbose, cynical, sarcastic, sometimes arrogant woman
  2. 1 very sloppy apartment filled with 23’ish guys
  3. 1 disgustingly sloppy kitchen
  4. a smattering of flithy laundry strewn all over

Then visit your 21 year old son’s college apartment which he shares with 4 guys and realize that either of the two fratboyzzs’ apartments are like clean , sterile environments in comparison.

Holy cow! Can I just say that? HOLY COW! I guess that’s college living, but I don’t remember that part.

Taking Flight

I am in the airport waiting for my plane to board and thinking that last night was one of two that I have not posted since I’ve begun this rant. I tuned in to see what was going on and at about that time the site went down. This was the first time I’d encountered what I will call — Total Failure. Imagine that, about 150 people logged into the site being met with 505 errors or other various notices and not a single piece of news about it — she said with biting sarcasm. When a major service with millions of simultaneous users logged in goes down it makes headlines. I guess JTV just hasn’t caught on yet.


As the Fratboyzz continue to add lifecasters leading up to the open beta launch on July 16, which I haven’t had the opportunity to hear Justin pronounce as an Auspicious Day — his birthday — in a couple of weeks, I hope we will see more stability.

In the meantime, I feel so much more relaxed having not spent much time at all on the site in the past few days. It’s a pleasure to not wade through the type of chat drama we’ve seen so often.

And finally, can someone explain the stats site?  It’s down at the moment, but last time I checked it, sometime in the last 3 days, it was still looking the same — cumulative stats.  Is the plan to just keep adding and adding until it blows up?  What good is a site with cumulative stats?  I suppose viewers get a kick out of it, but the Fratboyzz should consider doing something like this for the business — prospective investors would probably like to see actual stats.  It could help them when — IF — they go on sales calls.