Sunny Seattle

Blue Skies

Tell people you are going to Seattle, Washington and they will either warn you about the rain or tsk tsk, like they pity you because of the bad weather they are sure you will encounter. I have been here 4 times and have yet to experience rain. I should probably not jinx things, but so far, it’s been pretty spectacular out. The weather is cool, but that is just how I prefer it and while some dark clouds have passed by in the past two days, nothing has come out of the sky. I thought that perhaps I’ve always been lucky because I seemed to come here in September, but I’m here at the end of April, so that theory has been shot to hell, and I am not unhappy about that.

While I am trying to take a JTV holiday, I have thought about it from time to time since leaving home. I am in Justin Kan’s home town you know, so is still lurking in my brain. And while we were strolling through Pike Place I did give thought to bringing home a big, fat Dungeness crab to cook on the show on Monday, but I ended up in the wonderful Italian market and picked up a pasta that is like the Israeli pearl couscous, but is already toasted, so you can look forward to that at on Monday at 9pm, Eastern.

I could spend hours in Pike Place Market. The flowers, produce, Fish and Italian shops are all incredible. I wish there was a market like that near me.

There’s something wonky with WordPress tonight, but if you click on the place where an image is supposed to be seen, it should pop open in a new window.

I am tempted to come home with some crab. I am used to Maryland Blue crabs, but these monster crab legs are quite tempting. It’s easy to see why things are so hairy on The Deadliest Catch when you see something like this.

We sit on the balcony and watch the sea planes coming and going. A few are tourist rides, but most are a form of commuting.

On this side of the lake, just off to the left is the house where Sleepless in Seattle was shot and tour boats with tourists come by for a quick look. I’ll try to get a shot before I leave.


2 Responses

  1. I thought you brought the sunshine to the Great Northwest with you 🙂
    Enjoy the sunny and warm weekend !!

  2. Yep Peekers, another trip to Seattle with no rain. I’ve got the weather mojo for sure!

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