Preparing to Travel and Cooking for the Channel



I tend to do that. I said I would make chocolate chip cookies today. Then I said I would make dinner. I took out short ribs for dinner and when I was at the store saw two beautiful lamb shanks and all of the sudden felt like having that for dinner instead. So … I was in a predicament. I had to cook off the ribs. They would not last out the week until I return from my trip which meant I ended up making two rather involved dishes — on camera.

I set up the laptop in the kitchen, but did not put the time into pre-prep like I did last night, so it was not as smooth, but there sure was a lot of cooking going on!  And it went on for hours. We cooked, we chatted, I answered food-related questions, the gang was in the room in force and the MOD SQUAD kept the trouble makers at bay. I am lucky to have such kind and decent 2D friends.

The interesting to see is the amount of repeat visitors to the channel. It makes things fun and interesting.



What I see happening that distresses me somewhat however, is the change in what I am doing in terms of my interaction with JTV. I worried about this and it’s happening. I am spending so little time watching other channels that I am running out of JTV information to write about. I have no idea what’s going on with Justin or in the office and while I do hear about things happening, I am not really clued into any one thing and it makes me feel badly, but also leaves me a bit light on things to write about other than what goes on in my life, and I don’t think that’s what people are coming here to read about. So…I will have to spend time watching things around the network again.

Network Stability and a WWE Broadcast

I was on for 6 – 7 hours today and noticed no problems with the broadcast. A few people said it was choppy from time to time, but most reported no issues. Without the WWE channel or the Jonas Brothers, things were relatively smooth all the way around. Speaking of the WWE channel. Did you tune into it last night? I am still trying to figure out how a kid (I think he was a minor) could sit in his room and broadcast a show that people were paying good money for. There were thousands of people tuned in to watch it. Now, the quality was worthless, but thousands and thousands were in that channel. It was even moderated at times by one of the fratboys or another. Did JTV work out a deal with WWE or was this done on the sly? I didn’t hear it for myself, but I suppose it’s in the archives, but someone told me that his mom came in and yelled at him. I wonder if she knew exactly what he was doing, or if he was in trouble for something else? 🙂



It’s time for me to head up to see family for a few days, so I won’t be doing much tuning in, broadcasting, chatting or blogging until Sunday evening. I do plan to get this article about GI Joe/joeiniraq completed and to have my friend begin editing for me so I can get it submitted to a few news outlets and/or magazines. The time away from JTV will give me the “freedom” to get that done. I will check in when I can, most likely late at night and see what’s going on. I won’t be blogging, although I would imagine I will post a bit here and there, but I won’t have any JTV interactions to rant about.

Ahhh… the stress of not being able to tune into JTV — I thought vacations were supposed to be relaxing?!

Couple of Things and a Care Package

First of all…


Brisket — tomorrow it will go back in the oven for another 1.5 hours to make it fork tender

I took the plunge. I hit that red Broadcast button and applied for a beta code. As, Yalie, MGJack, Angincali and I were hanging around in my bathroom straightening my hair I said to myself, “Justopia, it’s time. Really, why are you being such a loser whimp? Just go for it! You’ve been hanging around on the service long enough to know the do’s and don’t’s. Just hit that damn red Broadcast button and get it over with! And why worry about a conflict of interest with the blog? It’s not like anyone is paying you for this, it’s not like you HAVE to be nice about the crappy infrastructure, the way things are (or appear to be) slapped together. It’s not like you have to go to the red, white and blue office and hang out with the guys. You just HAVE to be sure to follow your own personal Do’s and Don’t’s:

Don’t – under any circumstance:

  • Write a profile complaining about how hard your life is without funds to buy equipment to allow you to go mobile
  • Put a Donate button for your own personal aggrandizement
  • Put a note telling people it’s ok to ask you anything unless you truly mean it
  • Post a note answering some of the routine, repeat, mundane questions asked of you -isn’t that why people tune in?
  • Post an icon that bears little resemblance to what people will see when they click the link
  • Embarass yourself or your parents/family/loved ones — if you question it, don’t do it! — When in doubt, leave it out!

Do – and with a smile, always:

  • Come up with interesting material to broadcast — not old videos that may or may not meet DCMA guidelines
  • Live your life — afterall, that’s what LIFEcasting is about, right?
  • Enjoy yourself — this is not work people! No one has twisted your arm and made you Lifecast!
  • Laugh, giggle, hoot, guffaw, snort, smile, chortle, chuckle, titter — hey Twitter?! Yes! Twitter!

What will I be doing with a channel? Probably nothing different than I’ve been doing on Stickam. Will I stream my life 24/7? Hell no! What would you want to spend your time watching that for? It’s not exactly an amusement park here.


Noodle Kugel — basically noodle pudding. Look at yesterday’s blog entry for sample recipes

We’ll just have to see how it goes. I would imagine Justin, Michael, Emmett, Jacob and possibly even Kyle (although we have never had any one to one interaction) will have a field day when I go live. I can see it all clearly in my head right now. I can handle it. I’ve dished it out since May 2, so now it’s my turn. I am woman! I am strong! I can bite back with the best of them. Bring it on, baby, bring it on! I’m no demure iJustine and not as quietly reserved as Nekomimi_Lisa, but I think I can hold my own.

Ok, enough with the self pep talk. Time to prep for cooking!

Rosh Hashanah Dinner — Today along with 2D friends in Stickam I made the Brisket, Chicken Soup and Noodle Kugel. Lots more to do tomorrow!

No Red Swingline Staplers


I went to the store to find a red Swingline stapler for the new JTV office…space. But low and behold, they only had black or maroon, and they were not the rounded edge style, but rather had square edges. So, I said to myself, “Self… the fratboys can buy their own stapler(s), but Gi Joe can not walk out and get a new Mach4 razor or a bag of JellyBellies or Jerkey or …well, many other things. No, what is more important than the correct stapler for the fratboys is a care package sent straight to Iraq to help brighten the day of one young soldier, slash — JTV lifecaster. The contents of said box (other than the brownies) will be kept under wraps until he has the opportunity to open it for now. I will post a note once I get it all wrapped up and off to the post office to mail so you can get an idea of when he might receive it.

Happy Days are Here Again! GIJoe Comes to JTV as Nekomimi_Lisa Brings Us to Kyoto

On a Positive Note


As Justin and team like to point out, what comes off my fingertips and onto this blog is most often negative commentary from my point of view about things in the world of JTV, but today’s post will be different. Not only am I not going to spew forth negative venom, I am smiling widely and with good reason.

After being exposed to some really nasty, don’t ever want to tune into a channel like that again content on JTV, I woke up to a new day and expecting, as I often to, the best. And today I was treated to the best of JTV. It has all the makings of an exciting new fall season. Travel, Human Interest, Soap Opera and Confrontation TV all in one 17 hour period. What more could a dedicated JTV viewer ask for?

Lost in Translation

First thing I did was tune into Nekomimi_Lisa. I realized it was about midnight in Tokyo, but thought she might be out somewhere in the city and I was eager to see more. I have visions of one of my favorite movies, Lost in Translation in my head and see her as the type that would easily meet up with people and could see her heading to a karaoke bar for some fun. She was not out at a karaoke bar, but she was packing up for her trip to Kyoto in the morning and then decided to go out for a little while. I watched for awhile and saw a much quieter part of Tokyo than I experienced on my trips there until her stream went down. It was great to see her out there exploring more of Japan. I am most excited about the trip to Kyoto. I have been wanting to go there in Spring to experience the cherry blossoms, but although the cherry blossoms won’t be in bloom on this trip, from what I’ve read about Kyoto, it will be a great experience. Since it’s the middle of the afternoon there, I have tuned in and am watching her walk with a map in hand. I have to say that I am envious. It’s been a year since I’ve been out of the US and when I move back from having lived overseas, I begin to get antsy to ship off to another far off land and watching Lisa make her way through Kyoto is not helping. She has found her way to a beautiful old temple and is describing how it smells and is communicating excitement in what she is experiencing.


What I wish I wasn’t paying attention is her chat room. I realize not everyone has had the chance to step outside the borders of the US, or for that matter, of their own hometown, but watching the words scroll by gives me the urge to drop into more Justopian negativity, so I have slid the chat room to the right far enough so that it’s not visible and have not launched IRC at all. I am just traveling through the temple grounds, listening to the calming sound of the gong, and the monks chanting with the sultry summer sounds of birds cawing and crickets chirping in the heat of the day. She is a bit lost in translation, but is trying a few words and Japanese and as we see when we are overseas and making at least a meager attempt to communicate in the local language, the people in the temple are trying to be gracious and to help. Lisa’s trip is helping to flatten our world. If I am going to look at JTV chat rooms positively, in this instance I will say that although the comments are lacking any substance, are filled with an air of never having read a book or paid attention to the news or to details of a movie that features Japan or the Japanese culture, this trip Lisa is taking people on is helping to educate people, to make them realize that people from other cultures, from distant shores are not strange, that their customs, their way of living, of experiencing life are not wrong, rather they are just different from what we may be used to and as an idealist, I see this as being a great lesson in closing the culture gaps we seem to have from coast to coast in the US.


Street Map of Kyoto, Japan

It is a real positive. Now Lisa, next time you leave your hotel room, take the business card they have probably left for you and tuck it in your pocket so that the next time you are out walking around and not sure how to get back to the hotel, you have a way to communicate to get help. Many hotels around the world will even leave a special card just for this purpose that says, “Please take me to my hotel at …” It is a life saver and while Bill Murray and Scareltt Johansson may met and worked their way through difficult times so far from home, the characters had the benefit of people to help them find their way, so while lost in translation, they knew they had assistance. You are doing something not many of us do — single females, traveling to distant lands in countries where English is not commonly spoken and without the benefit of someone to help you, even Google Maps will be of no use.

Justin and team, this is what some of us have been waiting for! This is what I believe can create a revenue stream. I can imagine travel sites or travel agents paying travelers to lifecast some or all of a trip that they plan to help sell more vacations. Or for business people that need a look at a city or town that they are scheduled to visit so that they are prepared in advance of their arrival. I was glued to Justin and his trip to Hawaii, I spent days and days watching Linus and Emelie waiting for a glimpse of Sweden, I was anxious for Campsbay_tv to show us more of CapeTown and I will look forward with much anticipation to the next trip a lifecaster takes beyond our borders.

And with that said …
Bringing Central Asia to JTV Viewers


joeiniraq streaming live for the first time

I took a trip down the icon bar when Lisa’s feed went down in the morning and stumbled upon a stream I’ve been hoping to see for 5 months — GI Joe. Joe goes by the moniker joeiniraq and he looked to be having a good time spending his down time after work chatting with viewers and talking about sports — he got pretty animated when talking about US football and his favorite team – the Baltimore Ravens. He talked about how he found JTV after seeing the recent news about iJustine and after watching for a few days and requesting a code his channel was launched. The audio was very clear, the video was a bit lagged and at times choppy, but I was just happy to have the opportunity to see a young guy with a smile on his face, having fun getting out of his regular day-to-day life so far from home by simply connecting to the outside world by way of JTV.

The room was under control for the most part — one or two people tried to stir things up, but Joe was unflappable, always with a smile and looking to connect with the world outside of his own. He did note that he would not release information about his location or any other confidential or secure details that some viewers tried to get him to respond to. He was unflappable and patient to the end. It did seem to overwhelm him at bit as his popularity increased, but I’m confident he will find his stride. He reminds me a bit of Linus which makes me think his room will be a nice change from all the teen and 20 something girls that seem to have launched channels just to ask for money.


You’ll be hearing more about GI Joe soon as I work on putting together a human interest piece and market it for publication in the near future. I want to save the details until I get it done and can present JTV’s GI Joe to the world.

Mangulo’s World


Mangulo takes top non Justin spot on the icon bar!!

Our old friend Mangulo, of Melinus fame, and his viewers had great fun tonight and I caught a shot of him in the #1 spot – next to Justin of course, beating out many of the young female lifecasters this evening. Mangulo the, “I won’t do this very often, really only when I’m really bored,” lifecaster seems to have become rather fond of streaming his life live to the internet.

Soon I will be making book on how often we will find Mangulo lifecasting. Any takers???? 😛

Perhaps it’s More Like Jerry Springer Meets JTV


Ok, see if you can follow this:

  • AmberLive sits in front of her computer, not concerned about her image in front of the world at the age of 16. Or maybe in reality, she is totally aware of what she’s doing
  • Loveless is sitting in her dorm room working on an art project
  • Amber’s home phone rings, mom picks it up, a male voice, claiming to be Loveless asks for Amber
  • What shows up on caller ID is Amber’s sister Ashley’s phone number
  • Mom and Ashley have words
  • Amber plunks herself back down at her computer as chatters engage in conversation about whether or not it’s really Loveless that called and if it is or is not easy for someone to get another person’s personal information — full name, phone number, address, etc., by looking it up online
  • Amber employs some eager viewers to go to Loveless’ room to ask why she called Amber
  • Loveless denies the claim and states she was sitting in front of her computer all night working on an art project for class
  • Loveless gets annoyed, pulls her cell phone out, navigates to her call list and holds it up to the monitor for all to see — wouldn’t pulling the archives for the time of the alleged call to show she was in fact sitting at the computer and not making a call to Amber answer the naysayer’s questions?
  • The Amber fans go back and report to Amber that Loveless claims not to have made the call
  • Amber has more harsh words for Loveless
  • Amber’s cell phone rings — she has a look of consternation on her face
  • Amber starts a shrill screeching into the phone yelling at the caller with expletives and a look of panic starts to wash over her
  • She threatens to stop lifecasting on JTV
  • A San Francisco number scrolls through the room — this is the number Amber says the call is coming from
  • Amber’s mom comes in … looks at the monitor, has her own harsh words, and as Amber has been saying — she too claims she will call the police
  • Amber finally gives up and pulls the plug

31.jpgNow, I’m going to do what I said at the top of this post — I am going to keep this positive, so I thought I’d try to interject some humor into this little Jerry Springer meets Days of Our Lives episode on JTV and throw this out for your review; if Amber and/or momma go to the police I see the conversation going this way, what do you think?

Amber’s Mom: Officer, I wish to lodge a complaint

Police Officer: Yes, ma’am, how may we, the dedicated police of the greater Pittsburgh metro area be of service?

Amber’s Mom: Well, sir, tonight, as my daughter was streaming her life live to the internet and asking for donations, we received phone calls from unidentified males claiming to be another lifecaster and it worries me.

Police Officer: Ma’am? Lifecaster? Can you please explain?

Amber’s Mom: Yes officer, surely you’ve heard of Ok, maybe not. You’ve heard of iJustine then?

Police Officer: Oh yes! That attractive woman that got the 300 page phone bill? Why of course! She’s the home town celebrity, we’ve even protected her when leaving the coffee shop late at night after receiving calls from eager viewers. Nice gal, that iJustine.

Amber’s Mom: Well, yes officer, but this is about my daughter Amber, can we please focus on her now?

Police Officer: Ah, I’m sorry, I got a little distracted when you mentioned iJustine, I do apologize.

Amber’s Mom: Ok, well, this guy called and the number that showed up on my caller ID was my other almost famous JTV lifecaster daughter, Ashley. But it was a male voice and I know for a fact that it wasn’t Bob, Ashley’s alleged internet tycoon boyfriend. Whomever called was claiming it was Loveless, yet another young female college lifecaster that has been known to be rude to my daughter Ashley at times, so I wouldn’t put it past her to do this, but it was a man’s voice.

Police Officer: Ma’am, how old is Amber?

Amber’s Mom: She’s 16, officer.

Police Officer: So, Amber’s Mom, let me see if I’ve got this straight. Your under aged daughter sits behind her computer at night, chatting with people that she doesn’t know, male and female. Her older sister, Ashley has links to her MySpace, her Blog and her FaceBook pages and on at least one of those sites, her full first, middle and last name are posted along with the city she lives in, is that correct?

Amber’s Mom: Well, yes officer, but shouldn’t we be allowed to lives free of stalkers and unafraid for our personal safety, especially my daughter’s safety?

Police Officer: Yes, ma’am, you should, but you need to do just a few things to ensure that privacy, safety and security:

  1. Do not allow your family members to post their personal information on social networking sites, lifecasting sites, or well, anywhere on the internet
  2. Monitor your daughter’s activities on the internet, she is after all, a minor
  3. Realize that if your daughter is going to put herself on camera for all to see and hear, if she is going to ask for donations so that she can get a laptop and lifecasting equipment, or if she is going to lay in bed with her skimpies on and the camera trained on her while chatting with her adoring fans, that she will be the object of desire for some good and many not so well intentioned viewers.

Police Officer: And furthermore, while we, your dedicated civil servants of the greater Pittsburgh Police Department are focused on protecting and serving the citizens of this great city of multiple JTV lifecasters, we also count on you, as a loving parent to take the bulk of the responsibility for your daughter’s safety and security into your own hands. Protect her, keep and eye on her, find out why she feels the need to sit in front of a camera that is streaming her every move live to an internet full of predators and determine if this truly is the best you can do for her. Neither nor the Greater Pittsburgh Police Department can protect Amber as well as you can.

Amber’s Mom: Harumph! Dear Abby was right, we should have accepted the invitation from Jerry Springer. We could have had this cleared up much more quickly.