What Do I Do Now??!!

Panic Time!!

Lime-Nectarine-Mascarpone-Ginger Snap Tart

Lime-Nectarine-Mascarpone-Ginger Snap Tart

Wow! My heart skipped a beat this morning and then it sank. I was surfing around, checking my blog stats, reading mail and just generally idling the morning away when I had a real shock. One of today’s comments alerted me to the fact that one of the contestant’s on the season finale of The Next Food Network Star tomorrow night will be presenting his show online! He’ll be cooking for an online audience. At least that’s the way I understand it.

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Finding My Bearings on the New WordPress and a Saturday Night Post

Kyle TV

I was wrapping up the blog post when I received a JTV invite from Kyle of JTV. Kyle is a JTV founder that we’ve seen around the apartment and the office for a year, but who never really caused a stir, so he didn’t make it to the blog other than a mention a few times, and always noted in a positive light.

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What I Did On My Spring Vacation



The Shangri-La, Mactan Island in Cebu, Philippines — oh how I wish I were there

My self-imposed absence from the JTV airwaves was a nice little break. I didn’t do anything monumental. I didn’t do anything that personally gratifying. What I did do was relax and reflect on this past year of JTV madness. I attended the JTV anniversary party and yes, I did a bit of blogging. I did not publish what I wrote, however. That I have saved for tonight. I knew my brain would not shut down so rather than bottling it up and trying to remember it all — we know how unsuccessful that always seems to be for me — I wrote it all here and broke it down into a couple of posts.

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