Viewership Skyrockets, the Network Falters and a New Lifecaster Reaching Out for Help


The boy band brought the viewers in by the thousands. At one point when I looked up at the viewer count, I saw that over 14,000 viewers were on the network! Yes, I said over 14,000!!!! This is not a small number in JTV land. As I recall, the last time I saw them make an appearance it topped 6,000, so their marketing machine is doing a great job getting people in to watch. I did not go in there. I was too preoccupied with what was going on in my own channel. I can multitask with the best of them — carry on 4 IRC channels and a stream and IM with 1 or 2 people on the outside as well as a PM or two, but paying attention in my own channel to chat is about all I can do, especially if I am cooking or reading or doing something similar.


Not a pretty sight when trying to tune in tonight 😦

I have not mastered the art of giving my full attention to the room and carrying on other conversations. Anyway, that is a bit of an oxymoron. How can I be giving my full attention to anything while doing something else?! 🙂 At times today, chat was flying pretty fast and I had a hard enough time following topics of conversation and forget it if someone throws a link in the room — LOL. While I don’t often click on links anyway unless they are from YouTube or MySpace or some other address that I can trust, going outside of JTV, even for a minute when I’m broadcasting flustered me. So, for all the ability I thought I had when it comes to multitasking, scratch that! LOL

Tonight was fun. I did not cook. I was planning to bake another batch of cookies to pack in Joe’s care package, but I decided that I would wait until tomorrow because I can’t send the box until Monday anyway and since they are going to be getting a bit stale I thought I’d save the freshness one more day. One glimmer of intelligence today — whew!

I am assuming the preparation for, and the eventual onslaught of viewers causes major technology headaches for viewers and lifecasters. I would imagine the guys in the fratcave were frustrated as well. It was challenging getting on and staying on, but people kept coming back. Most seemed to hang in IRC until the streams came back up.

Visibility and Food


I’m thinking about cooking a Moroccan tagine tomorrow or possibly a Tunisian tagine — inspired by another viewer — ack! Another name I can’t recall. I told you I would struggle with names! Sorry!!!!

It’s interesting — I was up in the top 1 to 4 slots on the icon bar most of the time I was streaming tonight. At one point I think I saw close to 70 viewers hanging out in Justopia. A few Jonas Brothers fans popped in and out and a few people with nothing nice to say came through as well, but in general it was people that wanted to hang out and a lot that wanted to talk food. I am going to have to rework the profile and channel design (if I can figure out how!) to reflect the fact that while the channel is not entirely food centric, that it is going to be a big part of things.

As I mentioned yesterday, I cooked up a storm live yesterday and even had people make what I demonstrated and say it turned out GREAT, but oh my gosh, it’s nearly 2am and I can’t remember who it was that told me this. I will find out tomorrow and give her a mention. Jandaman asked for an idea and a recipe for dinner. He said he was going to the market and wanted an idea for chicken. I asked if he was in the mood for Thai and he thought it was a good idea so I gave him a recipe and sent him to the store. I didn’t stay on long enough to find out the results, but I hope it turned out ok. I made it up and tried to visualize the ingredients and measurements on the fly. I am crossing my fingers.

Someone suggested I post a schedule for what I will be cooking with recipes so that they can follow along while I am cooking. I think that is a GREAT idea! I usually don’t know what I am going to make until I wake up in the morning — like writing, I need to be inspired, but I can change. 🙂



Made it to the front page of WordPress again the other day! I just need to get to the top box and I will be very happy.

I get the typical, How old are you, Do you have a job, Are you married, Do you have kids, Where do you live questions, but many also ask Why I cook so much or What am I going to cook next or When am I going to cook. I think I will post something in the profile so that people know what to expect. Maybe I can ward off some of the not so nice questions as well that way. It’s worth a try.

I am off to the real world in the morning — coffee with a friend and a walk in the beautiful fall-like fresh air. I am going to take a camera with me to see if I can shoot something that I can use for the blog. I am so out of photos at this point. I will ned to spend time uploading photos that I put onto disk last year as well so that I don’t have to continue recycling photos.

Note: There is a channel that went up yesterday, not long after I launched. The lifecaster, Alin Steglowsky (I think I got that right — I’ve attempted to tune into his channel for a bit before going to bed and can’t get connected) is looking for financial help in order to pay for a motorized wheel chair. The channel name is Powerchair-Caster. I’ve been asked to put up a donate button on my page, but since I haven’t spent any real time in his channel yet, I’d rather wait. I don’t want to push people to something that I am not well versed in. Alin was in my channel early on yesterday and he was very sweet, but I just haven’t gotten to really know him yet however, you can check out the channel at the link above. He’s posted a link to his site where he details his challenges.