Drunkcasting on a Night with Spammers or Raiders or Whatever Those with Less to do in Life than a Lifecaster is Called



Join me for dinner, won’t you?

The end of the week is usually quiet around the halls of JTV, but this weekend there was more than the usual lifecasters sitting around at home chatting with their viewers happening.  iJustine is in Ontario, California at Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario, California with TalkShoe. New channels appeared with each refresh of the Directory. Lifecasters did their usual broadcasting … sitting behind the computer chatting it up with viewers while secretly hoping some will find their financial plight so dire that they need to donate to the poor, hopeless, helpless college student in need of a mobile set up so that they can — or “reporting” on the latest antics of one lifecaster or viewer or another. Or there is the new and unusual event of Justin and Alan (Dealer) fighting to the death in a drinking contest. I don’t know who threw down the gauntlet, but I’d wager it was Dealer. Correct me if I’m wrong, but only if you can prove it.


Shrimp with Thai Basi and Fried Rice
But hours before this first ever live streaming media event took place, we were peacefully sitting around the laptop finishing dinner when a strange box of text appeared in the room. It was apparently from the JTV bot warning all viewers and lifecasters that the server was going to be taken down, that they apologize for the inconvenience, and that they hope we will “come back here to chat later.” And with that, in less than 30 seconds, less time than it takes for a cockroach to scurry to a safe hole in the wall, we were down and out. As expected, when I came back to the room there were only a handful of people left. At this point I am not really sure how important it is to be on the top of the channel bar anyway with all the gaming of viewer numbers that takes place.


Coconut custard

We crashed, came back up, crashed again and returned one more time. As one tenured viewer pointed out to me, this was far better than the fratteam taking the server offline without warning — at least we had a few seconds this time. I suppose it’s happy to have a positive attitude, right?

Evening Activities


Alan was looking a little less perky then when he began about 8 beers ago

While the usual was happening around he network and raiders were spamming the rooms, I popped into the Dealer’s room and caught Alan and Justin having a virtual drink-off. They challenged each other to drink a shot every 30 seconds for 90 minutes. At one point Justin disappeared from view. He was supposed to go out for the evening and I suppose he got bored with the game or perhaps figured he wouldn’t be able to make it out if he didn’t call it quits, so Alan won by forfeit.

I’m not sure — can minors play the JTV drinking game?  Is this the reason the site is always up and down?  I haven’t seen Justin drink in a very long time, but then again I rarely pay attention to his room anymore so I might be missing some of the other more recent drunken nights, but I don’t think I’ve been missing much.

Before my eyes roll into the back of my head, I am going to end here and hope for a great night’s sleep!

So, Monday is “The Day?” Chocolate Chip Cookies to Die (or is it Live?) For!

Going GM?


Rumors abound tonight on JTV. I say rumors because I was too busy trying to manage my chocolate chip cookie broadcast and could not take the time to tune into Justin’s stream confirm what was being discussed.  Apparently a variety of topics were broached this evening. I was told one of the issues was the much awaited opening of JTV to the masses — no more beta. People are worried about what will happen on that day. I don’t know that I am worried about all the new channels, but I am concerned about the possibility that we will see more instability with the network. It was much better today than the past few days, although site chat did take a tank for a while. To those of us that have managed to get IRC running again, it didn’t really matter though. For those that don’t use IRC well … it was a whole other story and one that didn’t make people happy.

In other respects things were good — I think I only had to relaunch the stream one time — both audio and video seemed to work well … pretty smooth sailing.


Jacob and I traded mail a number of times this afternoon and he answered most of my, and other viewer’s questions about the changes and abnormalities on the network. It looks like most of the things people were complaining about have been resolved and he will be working on a better FAQ for getting into IRC as well. They are listning it seems.

What I am a bit worried about at this point is the type of channels we are seeing and what we might see come Monday. I really didn’t care, but I just took a little stroll around the channel bar and holy hell, it’s like STV — Smut TV instead of JTV. I don’t like the idea that I could be broadcasting with garbage next to me. It was bad enough to see myself with that nasty photo of Dealer next to me and Anamarialive who was broadcasting stuff that … well, let’s just say I would not want a child to watch what she was showing. I am not a prude, I am not around to judge what people do with their personal lives, but I do have some self respect and pride and would hate to tell anyone in my family or my friends to come here to watch my broadcaset and have them click on some of the stuff that has been showing up on JTV in the past few weeks. I would be mortified and embarassed — some would want to haul me off to a hospital for a long psyche visit and others would probably think, wow — look at our friend, she is hanging out with some “interesting” people, she’s not who we thought she was.


Cookies with the Cheftopia Cookbook in the background

I have not been buying into the thought that JTV was going down the tubes or was quickly turning into another porn site, but in the past few days I am rethinking my position. Clearly it has potential to be a porn site and if that’s what the fratboys are interested in promoting, then so-be-it. It’s not my cup of tea, but I suppose it is what a lot of people look forward to when they log onto the internet.



I made home made chocolate chip cookies and they came out GREAT! I used Ghiradelli chocolate chips and they made a big difference. You can really taste the chocolate in comparison o the stuff you get in the local store

People have asked me to send them cookies. I am not sure if they were serious or not, but it got me thinking … I can bake lots of things and wrap and package them up beautifully send via FedEx. Yesterday someone asked if they could pay me via PayPal for something I was making … I really don’t remember what it was. But I am going to have to formulate a plan and ship food. I can ship home made jams and cookies and cakes and brownies and more. Just think how cool it could be for someone to be able to see the food being prepared and cooked and then packaged up beautifully before being shipped. I’ll bet people would love it around holiday time or for birthdays and anniversaries and similar occasions. I am going to work on the plan in the coming days and try it out and see how it goes. I love planning, preparing and feeding people so this could be great fun!

Well my friends, I am totally exhausted tonight and although it’s a ridiculous hour (2:37am) it is almost 2 hours earlier than the time I went to bed every night this week, so I am going to take advantage of the hour and call this blog post done.

I’ll see you around the channels on The Justopian Life.

What! No Ability to PM?! Broken Hollandaise, a Chat Redux and Livecasting vs. Chatcasting — A Matter of Semantics

Note: I came in to write tonight’s blog and rant about the instability of the network with a focus on chat when I realized that although I stayed up until 4am yesterday, I never hit the Publish button! These short nights are going to be the death of me if I’m not careful. Below is yesterday’s post. But first …

The tenor around the network was dismal this morning and afternoon. People complaining about the state of content as we’ve talked about in, people discussing recent viewer defections, people talking about the sudden “disappearance” of iJustine and various other topics in relation to all things JTV. I decided to not let it bring me down and prepared for tonight’s cooking segment. After the previous night’s debacle due to network instability I decided not to prepare anything elaborate or with too many ingredients. What I did decide on was basic pasta and artichoke with hollandaise and a salad.



And wow, am I happy I decided to go this route! I decided to bring the channel up early to test it and see how stable it was tonight. Things were going along just fine and then it all changed. The stream seized up, chat disappeared, IRC fell on it’s face. As the stream was crashing I was in the middle of putting together the hollandaise which is a recipe that requires absolute attention and whisking. People were interested in the demonstration so I wanted to get the stream back up. I turned away from the sauce, pulled the stream back up and went back to it and had to do it once again and within that few minute period — well, let’s just say I had a broken hollandaise sauce in front of me. It took 3 sticks of butter and 3 eggs. I don’t do anything on the cheap, so t he butter was good European butter, the eggs were organic and what I was left with was butter solids floating on top of curdled eggs. Good for nothing other than the garbage.


Since I do not like to eat on camera I tried to chat with the viewers, but never knew if they could hear me because chat was in the dump. It finally came back up and with it, Jacob appeared. He apologized for the troubles, but said that everything was now fixed. Hmmm… Jeffy made a comment about how there was no testing of the new feature to which Jacob replied that they had tested — for TWO DAYS. Now, I am not a tech genius, but I have been around long enough and with a large enough, successful company to know that beta testing takes more than 48 hours and load testing is key for this stuff. Hell, I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but that was my job for a while — we implemented chat moderation tools and our QA was far more than 2 days and in a very well defined QA environment. I don’t know what goes on in JTV’s world, but it seems to have been a very light beta test. How many people really tested it? Did anyone submit bug reports? If so, was the info detailed enough to dive in and see what needed to be corrected? I was going to beta this afternoon and evening, but was apparently too late. LOL


Justopia’s Wild Forest Mushroom and Pesto Pasta

I will credit Jacob for his manners however. He apologized for causing my hollandaise to break. This makes night #3 that I have tried to put on a good demonstration and have been plagued by JTV tech problems. I am going to keep it even more simple tomorrow night with a simple dessert made of ingredients I have in the house.

But now I am really torqued.  No ability to PM in IRC?!  Why not!?  Who does PM’ing hurt?  I would think it’s far better to enable people to chat “in whispers in the back of the room” than to say things they might want to blurt out in front of everyone.  It’s difficult to understand why the changes that were made were made this way?  Were these things intentional?  And if so, why?  Does information like this have to be so closely guarded?


A sad, broken, inedible hollandaise sauce 😦

In general, people were not happy tonight. I did find humor in this posting on the JTV blog while all of this was going on however:

Justin.tv Chat 2.0

So, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! We’ve just launched a brand new chat server, hopefully you didnt notice anything except for new moderation tools (channel owners can add and remove moderators from within the chat window), better performance and RAW JUSTIN.TV POWER… Here’s a section from the the FAQ for you crazy irc users:

I’m just hoping I can get IRC to work again. Not having the ability to private message SUCKS!


This is a conundrum. At 11:52pm EDT I was tucked into my couch surfing channels and contemplating the blog topics. I was not broadcasting. I noticed my icon appearing and disappearing repeatedly. I thought that perhaps when someone was in the room even if I was not broadcasting it would put the icon on the channel bar. My icon disappeared and I asked a friend to go in and voila … there was Justopia up in the #7 position. It kept rotating between #6 or #7 the rest of the night. I noticed people would go into my room, make a comment asking where I was, that they saw me on the channel bar and thought I was broadcasting.

Aside from IRC being a bear to get into, if you can get into it at all, now it looks like there is a problem with the icon bar. For those of us that do things other than sit around and chat with our viewers, these inconsistencies are not only confusing, but they are irritating, aggravating, and just plain annoying as hell for all involved.

I’m asking one thing and one thing only — Fix It Now! Please.

And now on to yesterday’s post.

Technology Woes

Tonight was challenging on Justopia_live. My stream was up about 85% of the time — well, maybe 70% of the time. I planned for this dinner of Rogan Josh (Lamb Curry) and Rice Pilau (Rice Pilaf) with Daal (Lentils) for a couple of days and spent a lot of time and money preparing to cook for the night’s broadcast. To have it crash on me all night long was disappointing, frustrating and upsetting. Viewer numbers the past 2 nights have been horrible for me — I’d imagine it’s because people check in and can’t find me, or they tune in and I crash a while later. Or it’s possible that because some lifecasters seem to have such mysteriously high viewer numbers it knocks some lifecasters off the channel bar and people don’t realize who is broadcasting. Nevertheless, what frustrated me most was that when the stream goes down and I need to refresh or relaunch or go into IRC to let people know I am working on getting things back up and running, it means I have to practically be a contortionist to reach over the sink and up to the shelf to reach the keyboard. It’s become exhausting and my short fuse doesn’t handle it well. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, always have, and it manifests itself in my body language. I just don’t want the viewers to be disappointed.


I was not upset with anyone other than the technology. Ok, so maybe each time I crashed I had a hairy fit and cursed out the frat boys up one side and down the other, but that was a temporary bout of rage. I hope that tomorrow night is a better night.


I fell into a conversation this afternoon in Linus’ room while I was cleaning the kitchen about the distinction between JTV broadcasters that cast their lives vs. Chatcasters showing themselves sitting on a couch chatting with viewers. I really have no issue with the distinction in terms. If a person is sitting on their couch chatting with viewers that is their life — at that moment. I am not sure what the controversy is about? If a viewer is not interested in watching someone sit and chat they can change the channel, but I will happily call someone a lifecaster even if they don’t move from their couch. Sometimes I just sit and chat — when the cooking is all over and done with and I need to chill, that is my life — at that moment.

Channel Hopping

I woke up at a decent hour today. I think my Circadian rhythm is all screwed up due to my strange sleeping habits since falling into the JTV abyss. After falling asleep at 3am, I was up feeling well rested and refreshed at 9am, but it gave me time to channel hop which I haven’t really done much of in the past few weeks. It is interesting to see how the channel lineup differs in the daylight from what we see in the late night/early morning hours. For the past couple of hours we have seen a channel in the #1 position that is a stream of a lifecaster sleeping, in the dark with a viewer count of 143 and some of the other usual suspects just behind — Melinus, Nekomimi_lisa, Ahhyeahforchrist, and the NakedCowboy. It’s quiet in most of the rooms.


We talked about snow and the acorn situation this year in the room tonight. I am hoping for a GREAT snow season!

I don’t tune into the Cowboy, but in the interest of looking for writing inspiration, I decided to click on his icon. He’s in the car eating what looks like a powerbar, stuck in traffic and drinking a coke. Nothing interesting there, but in chat, Bradman Live (mytwb) noted that he was tired of having 150 viewers watching him do nothing and although I can’t confirm, it looks as though maybe his viewers came in from some kind of media coverage. He made a comment about the “damn news stories.” In his own room he responded to a chatter asking why he has so many viewers to which he noted that they could be coming from the embedded stream on his website which is exactly what Michael told me makes up for the difference in Viewer count vs. numbers in site chat and IRC.

There have been questions about the legitimacy of the numbers around the network and now that I am a lifecaster with a horribly competitive streak, I watch channel placement very carefully, but this seems plausible to me. Hell, much more likely than Justopia scoring over 8000 votes in GGJeffy’s “Which Lifecaster would you most like to date” contest. Jeffy keeps telling me he has monitored the results and that they are legit, but come on — seriously?

Neat and Tidy


I dropped into the Officecam and was surprised how organized, how neat and clean the place looked. Ok, so someone tell me, did they hire a cleaning service? I’m still not fond of the decor, but the fact that we have come from a total disaster area at Crystal Towers to this is pretty impressive in my book and now I have the compulsion to go clean my own house!

Indian Fare

I decided to make something that many people are not familiar with, at least in terms of preparing and cooking and that is Indian food. It’s a shame you can’t run a restaurant out of your home so I would have something to do with all the leftover food other than putting it in the freezer or having it for lunch the next day.

Rogan Josh

Rice Pilau

Peekers — thanks for having your coworkers tune in or watch the archives of this Indian feast. I was heartened to know that they thought I did a good job of it, especially since they are from India and know the food.



I talked about doing a “Dorm Room Cooking” broadcast and tonight Jeffy suggested I do a “Cooking Basics” broadcast. I think that is a great idea! So I will be putting that together. I am thinking of doing a dessert tomorrow evening, but haven’t settled it in my mind yet. I am still up at an ungodly hour, so it will depend on how things go.

Doing this stream is not as easy as waking up, rolling out of bed and turning on the camera.

Just What Kind of a Blog Has This Become?

Food and Lifecasting and JTV Info


Today marks the 147th blog post since I began the JTV blog. It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this so long and the evolution JTV has gone through, as I mentioned last night. I’m pondering something … what do you think will become of the network in the future? When the beta period is over and the site is released to the masses and swarms of channels go live, what can we expect? What we’ve seen of many channels is sometimes high on drama, sometimes low on content, sometimes impressive in their ability to attract viewers when there is no live video and at other times purely chat, often engaging sometimes shocking, frequently controversial and never world-ending.

There always seems to be something to write about though. People have asked or suggested I write about the controversy between the East Las Vegas channel and Tiffani’s channel. I’d rather not give the issue the time of day. Often, people are looking to call attention to themselves and being controversial, is the fuel that lights their fire. I don’t control JTV and the Fratboys will have to make the determination about what they want to allow to continue on their network. I can opt to tune in or not and I choose the NOT option. The best way to get rid of unsavory streams is to not watch them.


Tonight we whipped up chicken parmesan, roasted garlic bread and a salad with a home made vinagrette. It was DElicious! We talked about balsamic vinegar, how it’s made, what constitutes a legitimate balsamic vinegar — you know, the expensive kind from Modena, Italy — and how I don’t have any of the Tradazionale left, so I am forced to use the US produced imitations. It looks and feels like the real thing, but it’s missing the depth of the real thing. It was fun.


Since leaving for my trip last week I haven’t spent much time watching other streams, but plan to spend time viewing tomorrow. I’d like to see what’s going on around the network — I feel like I’ve been missing a lot and you know how I feel about missing things! 🙂 My curious self is not used to missing anything that happens around JTV-land so I’ve got to get busy catching up. I have noticed that more and more regular viewers are popping up as lifecasters now and it will be interesting to see what they have to show us. Anything is better than a 20 year old chatting and hoping for donations. From what I see on the various donation widgets around here, no one is exactly raking in the dough. I can see a button if you have a worthwhile service or commodity on the block, but donations for financial help?

I just don’t see many being willing to help a digital friend, do you?

The Olden Days

Early JTV

After broadcasting a delicious dinner tonight of Chicken with Garlic and Lemons, Zucchini and Feta Fritters and Red Velvet Cake, we finished up the broadcast with a little chat. It was a quiet night on JTV and I called it an early night. Later I did a little channel wandering and in Jeffy’s room people were reminiscing about the “old days’ at JTV. We talked about how we miss the Crystal Towers apartment, the days of watching Justin and the boys in a restaurant and viewers showing up in person or calling, Jeffy showing up with soap for Justin, the “awesome date” with Christa, some of the long lost viewers and more. Today’s JTV is an evolution of the olden days and while some people seem to miss those days, I like change and I like progression, so moving on does not upset me, rather, it makes me excited for the future.

New Lifecasters and Drama


I little while ago I was watching the drama between Tiffani and East Coast Vegas and all I can say is, WOW. One going after the other, inappropriate content, nasty talk, and more. I don’t know what possesses people, but the world is made up of a whole lot of different types. I am just glad I don’t have to be friends with them all, nor do I have to watch their channels.

Speaking of channels … the fall television season began in earnest today and I watched absolutely nothing! Nada! Zip! Zilch! I hope that I revive my interest in TV to at least watch House and ER, but we’ll see. Either that or my DVR will be maxed out in no time.


I have to say, I am having a blast broadcasting. It takes a long time to prepare for and it affords me little time to hang out in the rooms with my 2D friends, so I need to put some time management into this whole thing so that I don’t lose touch with my friends. That has been the whole reason I have stuck around so long so I need to work on it. I was watching a highlight of tonight’s broadcast and while I think it was better than I thought in terms of what can be seen on cam, I don’t like watching myself! I am pleased that my voice does not bother me though. I never liked listening to myself … I think many people feel like that about their voices, but it’s not as horrible as I thought. I am still very surprised how well the laptop’s mic does though.

I have a busy day in the real world tomorrow, so I am going to have to cut this short. I was not going to cook tomorrow night, but if I get home from my day out and haven’t had dinner, I will likely make something. I was thinking of chicken or eggplant parmesan, but it will all depend on how the day goes.

Returning Home, Popularity Contests and Cool New Justopia Live Features on the Horizon

Home Again

Fideos is given it’s amber hue from both the saffron and the chorizo

I arrived back in DC right on time, got in the car, 20 minutes later was parked in the garage and schlepping my bags up to my home, sweet home. And it felt wonderful to be here! The house was clean, the requisite 64 degrees and felt just as it should … like home.

I took the stuff out of the suitcase, pulled the laptop out, plugged in and was online and seeing what JTV had on offer this afternoon. I had somewhat promised a Red Velvet Cake, so I had to make a list and get to to the grocery store and back in time to begin broadcasting and cooking. I decided to make Fideos as well for my dinner. I had never had either, but they both looked good, so I rushed off to the market, picked up what I needed and was online streaming live video by 5:03pm EDT.

I began broadcasting and my wonderful 2D friends began appearing in the room and it became the Justopia_live we have come to know. I was trying to hold out for a Spookygrl appearance since the Red Velvet Cake is her favorite (and we learned tonight that it’s a number of Justopia_live fan’s favorite cake or dessert as well. Right at the appointed time, the time I posted in the schedule on the channel our Spookygrl showed up eager to get the spooky cake started.

Zucchini Feta Fritters

We cooked, we chatted, we did dishes and cleaned up. It was another productive evening. At the very end of the broadcast, I did a Skype call in event. I wanted to see how it would work and it seemed to work well. I need to get some equipment in my endeavors to make this broadcast as smooth, clear and interactive as possible. That means a wireless headset, a better camera and some mobile equipment.

One step at a time.

What Makes a Channel Popular?

I was surprised to see that the Ashley Marie highlight about the GGJeffy poll had 582 hits. I am not a big highlights or archives watcher, and don’t pay much attention to the stats related to these things, but it has now sparked my curiosity. I am now even more interested in the phenomenon of the JTV viewer psyche, mine included of course, to say nothing of the lifecaster psyche.

With all the nubile young 20 year old college coeds running around the Directory, I’d like to see just one of them do a study on what makes up the JTV demographics, why do people decide to lifecast, what is a lifecaster looking to take away from his/her lifecasting experience and more. It seems to me this would make one hell of a Masters or better yet, a doctoral thesis. I bet there’d be plenty of us interested in reading the findings and I would be there’s a pretty interesting book in there somewhere.

I bet there is even a sitcom or a movie in there if it’s done well.


I know this is not FoodTV or Fine Living, but I’d like to make the stream as professional as possible, but with the same “homey” tenor. So, with the help of a really hard-working, dedicated to the cause friend, we are working on some major improvements to Justopia_live! I am not going to spill the beans just yet, but you can look forward to a more interactive, more technically sound broadcast in the near future.  In the meantime we march forward and I am looking for a good dinner tomorrow evening.

Chicken with Garlic and Lemons

Imagine how fun and interesting JTV could be if we could see more people doing things that interest people.  I was thinking about an endless list of possibilities — dog trainers and instruction in all kinds of sports … swimming and tennis and golf and the list goes on.   We met a great newcomer today — KittensandBunnies.  She is a wedding photographer and may already be addicted to JTV.  🙂  I would love to go on some of her jobs and to learn to take better photos.

I know many have commented on the state of affairs with JTV and the caliber of new lifecasters, but I have not taken much time in the past 2 weeks since launching my own channel and going out of town for a week to really dig in and see what’s going on.  I know that the Dealer channel is staying on top when he’s broadcasting, but I’ve only been in his room for a total of 15 minutes in the past couple of days, so I can’t determine what it is that’s drawing viewers.  People have told me he is very interactive with his viewers and does goofy things and others have mentioned that he interacts with the “Shoe on Head” eBaum viewers, but I will have to spend more time in there to form my own opinion.

 Final Note

Remember, if there is a dish or a type of food you’d like to see prepared on Justopia_live, please send mail to citizen.of.justopia@gmail.com and I will put it on the list/calendar.

Age, Quiet JTV Weekend, a Word from Dad and Justopia’s Imminent Return

NOTE: For those of you asking, I will be returning home tomorrow evening. I plan to be online live just as soon as I unpack, put some laundry in and power up the laptop! I am really very excited to get back to my “normal” JTV life! This walking on eggshells thing all week as been difficult, to say the least.

Do I Care?

To go with bagels, bialys, lox, cream cheese, kippured salmon, herring salad, and more

None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm. Henry David Thoreau

It looks like GGJeffy’s poll caused a little stir with fellow poll choices. Ashley and Amber were not thrilled with the results of the poll, or perhaps the poll in general and the banner pointed to a link in the archives to their response to the poll.

I poked my head into JTV for a few minutes this afternoon between breaking the fast and watching a movie — The Seventh Seal. Wow, what a tough movie to sit through — an Ingmar Bergman movie in Swedish with subtitles. I am still not sure I “get it.” Anyway, when I logged on, I first checked the blog and there were a couple of interesting things. I was on the front page of WordPress again, which makes me happy, although again, it did not bring in many more hits. And there was a comment about the Dealer channel being competition for Justopia_live. Between being called an “old lady” and having sudden competition, I was feeling a bit unsettled.

A Challenger?

I received mail and a comment on the blog about the Dealer Channel and my new “competition.” As my wingman always says — “I ain’t scared.”

Always Room for Dessert — (purchased)

I checked into the Dealer’s channel and he was in a nice kitchen on the phone and cooking what people in chat said was macaroni and cheese. I did not have sound, but he had over 80 viewers and some were going a bit nuts about his culinary skills. I tried to suggest he make a béchamel sauce, that this is the only way to keep the cheese from seizing up. But I don’t think I made any headway and I was busy so I left. I think I will make Mac n’ Cheese for the show one night this coming week. It seems to be a dish most people enjoy and rather than that horrid “orange powder” stuff, we will create something with some pop, a bit out of the ordinary, but starting with the basic recipe so people understand just how it’s put together and how easy it is.

I just checked into his channel again and he’s still got a lot of viewers and is chatting with them. He smiles, engages viewers and seems to have fun. But competition? Stick with me, and I promise you in the days to come you will see great things coming from my kitchen. 🙂

Parent’s Advice

My father once told me that the only way to make money in this country was to sell something. I thought he was correct then, and still think he’s correct, but although I have always been very good at selling, I have to really believe in a product to push it. Well, today he took me by surprise. We were sitting around the holiday table talking about a variety of things; The Daily Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The View, Ellen, and Oprah and he piped up and said, “You have to be on television to make any money now. People think any schmuck on TV is important and it works!” I was about to open my mouth and disclose to the 5 people at the table with me (all family) all the details of my JTV life, but I took a deep breath, put a little more kippered salmon on my plate and shut myself up with food.

Whew! Close call!