Finding My Bearings on the New WordPress and a Saturday Night Post

Kyle TV

I was wrapping up the blog post when I received a JTV invite from Kyle of JTV. Kyle is a JTV founder that we’ve seen around the apartment and the office for a year, but who never really caused a stir, so he didn’t make it to the blog other than a mention a few times, and always noted in a positive light.

So tonight when I received the invite, I immediately clicked on the link and went to his channel. I had been in ECV’s room but this invite was more appealing. Unfortunately the broadcast was horribly choppy, but after a little while Kyle changed his video settings and things were running smoothly.

I guess I should have tried the same tonight when I was broadcasting.

Anway, when I got there, Phil and Justin were with him. It was a laid back broadcast with a chat room filled with mostly tenured viewers for quite a while. There was nothing remarkable happening, but it was nice to just “hang out” and chat with the three of them.

A while later a few friends dropped by and after a bit of chit chat, they were off to The Mission for a Saturday night of fun in San Francisco.


I was in the middle of a long post yesterday. A heartfelt bit that in retrospect, I am very happy I did not get to publish. It was a little too much soul bearing and would most likely have worried some of the regular viewers of without reason.

But on to WordPress. While I was in the midst of pouring my worry and angst onto the keyboard yesterday, a major GUI change was underway at WordPress. At one point I saved my work to head out and do some research and when I returned a couple of hours later, not only was I unfamiliar with the site navigation, but I could not find the two or three saved posts I had put on the back burner, including the one I had spent hours laboring over. Writing, reading, editing, reading, editing, editing some more … well, if you write, you know what I’m talking about. I was panic stricken. I know things change, especially when it comes to technology, but this was a change I wasn’t expecting.

Dezinging4U and SweetPee asked for Greek food this week and their wish was my command. Thank you to TJay for the chicken recipe.

Sure, I had seen mention of it in the forums or announcements a few weeks ago, but I didn’t file it away in the, “be sure to remember things may be changing” compartment of my brain and certainly did not note a date or near date that the change may be coming, so it was a bit of a surprise, a shock, really. I did some looking around and clicking and digging to see what I could learn about the new interface and it was at about that time that I also realized I needed to get to bed at a “normal” hour because I had to get to work by 9am, so I decided not to come up with a new topic to write about and headed for bed, figuring I would find some time to look around the site and become more familiar with things in the morning.

Lost and Found

And much to my surprise, there was the post I’d languished over as well as two more I had yet to publish. They were all waiting for me. I think I can now go back and retrieve them easily, but today is a new day, so there’s no need to publish old news.

Trouble in River City

Tonight was not a good night on JTV. The technology was failing and if you weren’t broadcasting before it crashed there was no getting on. Logging into JTV was not happening and if JTV isn’t working, then isn’t working so I decided to hang out in and just chat with whatever viewers were around. We had a nice, relaxing time. Frankly, I was just not worked up about it. Eventually JTV got it’s problems kind of worked out, but it was a choppy mess. I have to hand it to the viewers that did hang in. Not many people were in the room. It was tough to get viewers with no exposure on the Channel Bar and I’ve been unable to get my schedule posted on the JTV main page, so it was left to people just stopping by because they follow me on Twitter or they just thought they’d give it a try.

All in all it was just a laid back Saturday night all around, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


2 Responses

  1. Looks delicious!

    I didn’t come back because my brother came home and wanted to watch tv together.

    So, the feed never came on?

  2. Hi Kirsten,

    The feed was on, but it was terribly choppy. Not a good experience. 😦

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