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City of Light?

A Blogworld vendor asks the question for which I have no answer

I am going to finish my “discussion” of Vegas and Blog World tonight.  I ended up publishing last night and realizing I had forgotten a few photos which led to another post tonight.  I am done though.  I promise!  I’ll be back to catching up a bit with and cooking another great meal live!

Vegas is billed as The City of Light. Perhaps not so much in the daytime. I had been to Vegas two times in the past and had stayed in hotels on the strip both times. This time using points I stayed at the Westin Hotel which is just off the strip. Next to the exit is an empty lot. It looks like it’s been empty for a while.

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Another Photo Post

Heaven on a Plate

I’m beginning to think this might be a good title for a bakery company or a restaurant. And really, I’m not exaggerating, this dinner and the chocolate cheesecake were heavenly! It was another quiet night on and, but we had a great dinner anyway.

Mediterranean Potato, Tomato and Egg Salad

I first had this salad when I lived in the Philippines. We found an Italian restaurant the while scary to sit in with cockroaches roaming the food and tables, was acceptable for lunch. I always ordered the meatball sub and this salad. It was a great combo and I learned to either swat the roaches away or to ignore them, because in a tropical climate in the developing world, they are just part of the scenery.

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Living the Justopian Life


Broken Theme

I popped into WordPress after work to look around and see what was going on and noticed that my blog appears to be broken. I am not sure if it’s the theme or some other reason, but I did not plan to publish anything tonight. I thought I’d try a short blurb to see if that may help to fix what is broken. If not, I am going to need to find a WordPress theme I like as much as the current one and hope that a change fixes things.

No photos, no words, a day off in the life of a Justopian.

How Birthdays Are Celebrated in Justopia

You’ve Got to Have Friends — whether 2d or 3d

I received a hand crafted butter board and knife from JulieJulieJulie!

I received a call from a friend that I haven’t seen in a year … well, maybe over a year. She was calling to invite me to dinner for my birthday with another friend of ours. I was so nice to hear from her and I was looking forward to the opportunity to catch up with them.

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What a Story and a Scheduling Note


I was tooling around looking for something interesting to read and realized it was Friday morning so there would possibly be a new post to the JTV blog. I didn’t see anything about new features, but the post Tia made about the home robbery of a JTV viewer/broadcaster being caught on his channel while he was out of the house caught my attention.

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More of the Same


I don’t know about you, but I am just a wee bit over the tech troubles at JTV. When I attempted to get in today I was met with these types of error messages. At other times, when I was successful at getting in, it was only after an excruciatingly long time to get in.

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