Broken Theme

I popped into WordPress after work to look around and see what was going on and noticed that my blog appears to be broken. I am not sure if it’s the theme or some other reason, but I did not plan to publish anything tonight. I thought I’d try a short blurb to see if that may help to fix what is broken. If not, I am going to need to find a WordPress theme I like as much as the current one and hope that a change fixes things.

No photos, no words, a day off in the life of a Justopian.


4 Responses

  1. You won’t believe it but I just saw Alton Brown last night make Philly Cheese Steaks. You use the scraps from 1 of those giant filet mignons you can buy in CostCo. I’ll be tuning in Friday night to see what you cook up.

  2. I see your banner at the top justy and the middle is white but like the sides are grey just a dark grey color. Oh noes what has happened!!!

    ~ Christopher ~

    Oh and btw….I added you to my blog roll :PPPPP

    and just to let you know I talked to the guy that I was asking about you know. when you got on to me he TOTALLY understood what I ment and was asking and didnt take offence so I went and fixed everything so its all good like gravy now 🙂

  3. Christopher, you totally lost me. What guy and what was I talking about? 🙂

  4. Oh Justy the one that came in and was talking about being deaf and remember I asked him if he had an hearing aid?

    and you got on to me?

    Well I pmed him and he totally understood what I was talking about and didnt take offence just wanted to let you know that there was no hard feelings at all.

    just thought that I would let you know

    — Christopher

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