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City of Light?

A Blogworld vendor asks the question for which I have no answer

I am going to finish my “discussion” of Vegas and Blog World tonight.  I ended up publishing last night and realizing I had forgotten a few photos which led to another post tonight.  I am done though.  I promise!  I’ll be back to catching up a bit with and cooking another great meal live!

Vegas is billed as The City of Light. Perhaps not so much in the daytime. I had been to Vegas two times in the past and had stayed in hotels on the strip both times. This time using points I stayed at the Westin Hotel which is just off the strip. Next to the exit is an empty lot. It looks like it’s been empty for a while.

It’s dusty, with a ground up gray concrete look and directly across the street is an old and worn out establishment that houses a bar and a Quick Mart type of retailer. On the other side of Flamingo Road is the back or side entrance of Bally’s where Krystyl and I walked to catch the monorail. I’d only taken the rail once before and it was just a one stop trip. The monorail is not a huge line, but with the distance between hotels in the sweltering Vegas heat, it’s a great way to get around. And what a boon for the hotels in which the stops are located. You have to walk through their casinos to get in or out of the monorail station. I had set aside $20 for my trip for a little slot machine play and I do mean little, because in about 8 minutes I was up and walking away with my hard earned $20 in the casino’s wallet.

In this case, nothing ventured, nothing gained did not apply. Had I not ventured, I’d still have my $20. But although I’d dreamed of a $4,547,865.00 win, as one of the Wheel of Fortune machines kept shouting at me in colorful, sparkly lights flashing on and off while I sat and had a coffee at Starbucks, I fully expected to walk away without my $20. It was no surprise.

What was a surprise was the desolate, unfinished, dreary look behind the scenes in Vegas. Sitting high above the street while on the monorail one gets a “back of the house” view with the shine off Vegas. Clearly, Vegas is meant to be seen in the dark. When the lights twinkle, the volcanoes erupt, pirates fight, the sidewalks are lined with hawkers pushing cards to be used as coupons for girlie shows (uhhh, what’s the actual term for this?) and the sound of slot machines rings while passing each casino’s open doors.

I think I like Disney more because they make great effort to keep visitors from seeing anything but the pristine, polished side of the parks. You don’t see trucks making their way to loading docks to deliver food. There is no sign of a construction crane or workers standing outside on a break having a cigarette or a smoke break. These things happen. It’s the real world, but I’d rather not see it in a composed setting. Just like I don’t want to see some Joe in his street clothes with his hat off or his jacket open and over his shoulder with a band tee shirt and flip flops if I’m in Williamsburg.

I look at these places as imaginary. Vacation towns to visit to get away from it all. There’s nothing that Vegas can do to sheild people from seeing it’s “9-5” side; this is just an observation. Next time I am going to make a point to stay on the strip again so that I can enjoy the energy and the flash of Vegas as it’s meant to be and to pretend that the real world does not exist — for just a little while.

A look at Vegas after dark.

So many of your favorites play the strip 🙂

I don’t have photos of Paris, so this is for yesterday’s Venetian post. This is Veince in the real world

Some of the SWAG I walked away from at Blogworld. DVD's, Paper, Magazines, Stickers, Badges, Pens ...

An unedited look at the goodies I received at Blog World


3 Responses

  1. Nice photos! Yeah, VEGAS is way over the top -and in light of what’s going on in America these days, welp it’s not so funny/cool anymore! (in my opinion)

  2. I guess people have had vacations planned for a while and it’s too late for some to cancel. I was happy to get away for a few days myself.

  3. The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

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