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Heaven on a Plate

I’m beginning to think this might be a good title for a bakery company or a restaurant. And really, I’m not exaggerating, this dinner and the chocolate cheesecake were heavenly! It was another quiet night on and, but we had a great dinner anyway.

Mediterranean Potato, Tomato and Egg Salad

I first had this salad when I lived in the Philippines. We found an Italian restaurant the while scary to sit in with cockroaches roaming the food and tables, was acceptable for lunch. I always ordered the meatball sub and this salad. It was a great combo and I learned to either swat the roaches away or to ignore them, because in a tropical climate in the developing world, they are just part of the scenery.

Broiled Fig with Guisti Dense Balsamico and Parmesan Cheese

I first had figs prepared this just outside of Bangalore, India. We found an incredible place that was a women’s apparel studio with a few tables for food for a kind of personalizned shop and dine experience. The clothing was a kind of casual haute couture. While it was meant for tall, thin women, I walked away with a few pieces the couple of times we went out there. But I digress … they served a fig broiled with parmesan just like you see here. I thought the combo of sweet, crunchy fruit with thick, sweet/tart balsamic vinegar and the saltiness of a small cube of parmesan cheese was a great layered taste experience. It’s easy! Make an X on top of the fig. Drizzle a little good quality balsamic vingar on top and slip a piece of parmesan into the opening before sliding it under the broiler to cook until it begins to caramelize and melt the cheese.

The salad is easy as well. Boil a potato — I used a red potato and cut it in cubes prior to boiling it. Drain in cold water and combine with wedges of hard boiled eggs and sliced onions. If I’d had fresh basil I would have added it. I added chopped bacon to the salad. I made a vinaigrette with 1/2 of a fresh squeezed lemon and olive oil with fresh cracked pepper and salt.

Chicken Provence

The chicken was also simple. I “sweated” onions in olive oil and butter. Added minced garlic and a chicken leg and thigh which I cooked until golden brown and added a splash of wine to delaze the pan. I then covered the pan and cooked until “falling-off-the-bone” tender.

This is the cheesecake we made during the broadcast last night. There’s just NO WAY to say no to a piece of this treat!

WOW! It turned out great. Possibly the best one I’ve made yet. They were made in not quite individually sized mini springform pans.

I needed to show you another extreme close up — just to torment you. πŸ™‚

Don’t you want as bite?!


6 Responses

  1. No one could appreciate that cheesecake as much as I would. I just LOVE cheesecake. Looks like I have to go try something else now. πŸ™‚ But I am well on my way for my November deadline of cooking one Deelicous meal thanks you and all you r help in the kitchen, Your the best Justy!!!!

  2. Yes I want a bite! I really really do! That piece looks like only 1/4 of the cheesecake! Are you going to serve the other cakes you baked at the WS party tomorrow? Otherwise you’ll have to freeze them for another day. YUM πŸ™‚

  3. I’m just sorry you could not dive into it. It was GRRREAT! πŸ™‚

  4. Jane,

    I have 6 more of those cakes … I made 7. So there’s plenty for the party. I am making the stilton cheese crust from the latest W-S catalog, but I don’t know what I will put in it. I am thinking I just might cut them into squares — maybe. I am either going to make mini crab cakes or zucchini feta fritters! DEElicious! Everyone cooks really well, so we will have other great food to since people are bringing appetizers too.

  5. Dez … what are you cooking up in November? Is it a Thanksgiving feast? Lots of good helper foods at Williams-Sonoma for you to try and they are all just coming into the stores now!

  6. I am hoping to create a meal that has taken 9 long years to arrive for sweetpee. I just want to show him how apprecative I am to for all things he does for em on a daily basis in those past years. Any suggestions on what I could make that would blow his socks off would be greatly appreceaited.

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