A Leap to Leopard That Didn’t Happen, and An Eye-Opener

Crazy Cats

I guess the pasta was hot enough — can you see the steam coming off of it to the left?

I was excited at the prospect of upgrading from Tiger to Leopard on my not-so-pretty-anymore MacBook. I headed for the Apple store ready to make the leap. I had considered giving up the Mac way of life and purchasing a Windows machine, but if I’ve learned one thing during the past year-plus hanging around JTV and meeting people that are far more experienced and knowledgeable about computers and purchasing them than I am, it’s not to make an impulse buy on something like a computer. I hope that I don’t just drop into a store and purchase a new machine on a whim again. I also know that I should not be making that kind of a purchase right now . It would be an emotional purchase and I’ve done enough of that over the past dozen or so years to know it was time to stop. Oh yeah, and circumstances have played a big role in stopping that behavior too. 😉

I had been hemming and hawing (I still have no idea what a hem and a haw is) over whether or not to upgrade the operating systems since Leopard came onto the market. I had heard horror stories, one of which came from iJustine‘s gruesome day with her Leopard install. I looked around at the Mac forums and saw other horror stories which has been enough to keep me away from making the transition. Part of what really kept me from diving in was the thought that it could render my laptop unusable and that I would not only not be able to get online, but I would not be able to broadcast while I was busy getting things sorted out.

So after I found out I was not working today I decided today was the day to take the cat by the horns and purchase and install Leopard. And I can tell you that I am so much more grown up now. Normally, I would have gotten right into the car after the purchase and headed home to get things started. But no, I decided to hang out in the mall for an extra couple of hours and go to a movie. When I finally did make it home and was near the end of the install, I got an ugly little rejector message telling me to “Remove the disc from the drive and to CAREFULLY clean it” before reinstalling and starting the install again. I figured the real message was, “Numnuts! You really and truly don’t have enough free space left so you better unload some of those 12,000 photos (1/3 of which are food photos for the blog) before you attempt this again.”

It took me some time to get the disc out of the machine and when I looked at it, I realized the little magical installer genie wasn’t kidding, but he was a wee bit incorrect. The disc wasn’t dirty, it was scratched! I was starting to get angry with Apple, but then I thought about this machine and how horribly I’ve treated it since launching Justopia.com and the food particles that inhabit the machine and how I could probably feed a small village with what resides beneath the keys and thought that there is a very good chance that a small spec of something was in the drive and scratched the disc on the way in. Oh, I don’t know. Is it animal, vegetable or mineral? It’s anybody’s guess.


After my purchase I went to the movies on a whim to see Made of Honor. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Sappy chick flick which you probably think I went to see for just one thing — Dr. McDreamy. You’d be wrong, although there was a reference to McDonald’s at one point. Yeah, I know that too — it wasn’t a Gray’s Anatomy thing, it was a Scottish name thing.

Anyway, I liked the movie. I smiled and laughed for 2 hours. I found one part a bit disturbing though. In that self-analysis kind of way. I won’t give any spoilers. Oh hell, how can you give away anything about a movie like this? It’s been done plenty of times and you know how it’s going to end without even going to the theater, but I don’t intend to ruin it for anyone that’s still planning to see the light-hearted romantic comedy.

So, back to the self-analysis thing. At one point there is a character that scared me. Totally, terribly, heart-wrenchingly scary, and here’s why … It’s a not so beautiful woman in a movie filled with beauty, dressed like a major frump with horn-rimmed glasses who is a major, obsessed, crazed blogger. I am not going to give you anymore detail than that, but I needed detail a little bit of background so that you understand why she scared me so. Apparently she has not only one blog that she spends her life obsessing over, but several. That’s beside the point.

I meant to put this in last night’s post, but it appears it didn’t make it.

This woman has dedicated her world to the blog(s) she writes and she is a mess. And in that mess I saw me. Not Justopia. I saw Fran/Frannie/Fern/Fergie/FergusonB … whatever name or nickname you have in the past or may wish to call me. Yep, me in all my real life glory. I saw the me that has spent countless hours, and yes, I can legitimately claim countless hours because this is blog post #334 in just 1 year and 5 days which is scary in and of itself. It’s simple math really, I’ve only taken 37 days off in the 370 days since I began writing this thing.

It’s funny, I don’t speak this much when I’m with people in real life. I am far too introspective to do a lot of yammering, but put a keyboard in front of me and I am like a renewable, sustainable force of (writing) nature. This little cameo by crazy blog woman left me with a lump in my throat. The good news is that I don’t consider myself as wacko as her. Ok, so she’s not real, but still, I could relate. The purpose of her blog is far different than the purpose of mine, but I am not so sure my purpose — rambling about JTV — is any less psycho now that I have left the movie theater and have had a little time to reflect.

How normal is it for a grown woman to have spent 333 days writing about a start up built by a few young guys trying to make their way in the Web2.0 world?

No! Don’t answer that!


2 Responses

  1. Here is a link to a site that I think gives the best explanation of what/where Hem and Haw means

  2. Thanks Peekers! It’s a great site and I love the Hem and Haw explanation!

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