Who Let the Curls Out?!

Who is That Woman?
Just a brief upload for my justopia.com fans! 🙂


We were talking about my scheduled “Day of Beauty” at the hair salon tomorrow and a new regular to Justopia.com, NewYorkState asked if I would mind some hair tips from a professional in the biz. I of course responded that I would love suggestions and said that I have über curly hair and that I only let it out once since I’ve been broadcasting because the consensus was that it was not so attractive, but that I have an old shot of me with curly hair on the hard drive and that I’d post it here for the room to look at.


With a nod to outgoing Fidel Castro and a look to a brighter future I put together a Cuban dinner — of sorts

So, you have it in front of you — Justopia’s real hair. Now this shot is about 8 years old, so I look a lot younger, but the hair is still my hair. I know I’m very critical of myself, but I used to really like this photo, but I am wondering why my left eye looks like it’s a little lazy? Strange. And the freckles! Oh my! I was living in the Philippines and although I was landlocked I must have been exposed to a lot more sun than I thought while living there.


Pork roasted in orange juice with garlic, oregano and soy sauce

Laggie Sparks a New Justopian Idea. Thank you Laggie!

So, I had an epiphany tonight! We were talking about fresh raspberries and strawberries and I mentioned how I used to pick berries and can jam. And that I also used to can marinara sauce and I am thinking of canning pickled vegetables a great item to ship! I am ready to ship the chocolate cake now, although the shipping costs more than the cake, but shipping a jar of jam or marinara sauce or pickles would be much more reasonable. I am very excited! I’ve got a name all ready to go and just need a logo design that’s fun and inviting and I will be ready as soon as the fruit and vegetable season is here. So get in line for your very own jar of Jusotpian DEEliciousness this spring and summer!

How fun!


Sweet baby bell peppers and onions with Mojo Sauce


2 Responses

  1. Curly hair looks great and it’s yours – looks good either way justopia

  2. Thanks Admin!

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