How Birthdays Are Celebrated in Justopia

You’ve Got to Have Friends — whether 2d or 3d

I received a hand crafted butter board and knife from JulieJulieJulie!

I received a call from a friend that I haven’t seen in a year … well, maybe over a year. She was calling to invite me to dinner for my birthday with another friend of ours. I was so nice to hear from her and I was looking forward to the opportunity to catch up with them.

While I was waiting to go out, I was busy. Ok, who am I kidding? I went out this afternoon to pick up something from the store, stopped into the Verizon store to find out when my 2 years are up and returned home and plunked myself down in front of the laptop where I spent time on Twhirl, trying to figure out how to politely say thank you to all the people sending birthday greetings without making it a boring, generic mass Thank You! I never did figure that out, so I thought I’d say thank you to everyone that sent a Birthday Tweet right here. There were too many to put capture them in one shot, so I split them up.

So, to Dara and Twitter and Anthony and Cohawk and Funtime7777 and William Delaney and Turd Ferguson and Moto62 and Ralphthenacho and oilman and MatthewSievert and Chinny and Norah and Dbomb and LLKirstieBean and Roxxymetal and Texgal — Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Gee, that was just like the way Romper Room always ended!  🙂

You know what’s really special about this gift? It’s food-related! How cool is that?

Those of you that sent greetings by mail or ecards or in comments in the blog, I have hopefully thanked each of you individually there and not left anyone out.

A Quintano Cake

When I saw Anthony’s Tweets about baking me a birthday cake I had to tune in. It ended up being a good thing that I tuned in. Anthony was in the middle of baking a triple layer chocolate cake which was something he’s never done before. He called for reinforcements and a friend came to his rescue and I called in via Skype. I think he ended up with a kind of brownie cake, but from what I could see, although it may not have been the most beautiful cake ever made, I think it was probably very tasty!

You can watch the details here

I’m not sure if the link to the video is going to show up. If it doesn’t, you can find it at Anthony’s JTV channel. And you should be able to see the highlight under this link. The full cake making archive from start to finish, begins at approximately 4:07pm and you can see the cake frosting, candle lighting and singing at about 6:01pm. Happy hunting!

It begins much before this, so for the full experience just backspace to about 4:07pm and you’ll see the making of a Justopian birthday cake.

It may not have been the prettiest pig in the pen, but it was a wonderful gesture and a great effort by Anthony and his gal pal, Lauren. I think her name was Lauren?

Now, I don’t want to single anyone out, but I kind of melted when I saw this Tweet

So, with the cake done it was time to go out. I headed to Macaroni Grill and settled in for some Italian food and gossip. It was a nice time. One of my friends has known about JTV since I began my journey, well before I began broadcasting and my other friend was in the dark. We filled her in and I handed each one of the cards I had made with the logo that Krystyl made for me. She seemed genuinely interested.

And she was! When I got home I launched the broadcast for just a little while. I wan’t in the mood to sit down with WordPress and click out a blog post yet, so I had a quiet conversation with some Justopian regulars and all of the sudden the user name JulieJulieJulie appeared! Yep, it was Julie from dinner! I wasn’t cooking anything and when she logged in I was just sitting at the table chatting, but it was nice to “see” a familiar face. I had just opened the gift she gave me so the timing was perfect!

Little by little more of my in real life friends are finding out about this secret life I’ve had for the past 16 months.

All in all it was a great day! And thanks again to everyone for making it that way.

I’ll “See you in the kitchen” tomorrow night!


2 Responses

  1. hey Justy;
    “surly you jest”

    I have a poster of a lotus blossom …into infinity, an old native meditation thing, but as i gaze into it,and the sky and universe within, I never thought of the roots under it.
    You have a way of triggering insights, new and old. Thank you; i guess, ha.
    now i have to go back, and reread Joseph Campbell, about Vishnu, and the Indra, circles of life etc…

    Where should we send you the addresses


  2. Hi BB,

    Thank for the comment. Please send your address to


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