What a Story and a Justopia.com Scheduling Note


I was tooling around looking for something interesting to read and realized it was Friday morning so there would possibly be a new post to the JTV blog. I didn’t see anything about new features, but the post Tia made about the home robbery of a JTV viewer/broadcaster being caught on his channel while he was out of the house caught my attention.

I am not familiar with Chowda, but I have a feeling this incident will be making it’s way to the local and national news media outlets in the next day or so. While the channel bars are littered with a lack of live broadcasts outside of Movies, Soccer and Television show rebroadcasts, there are a few, and I do mean a few people streaming live video, one of which is Chowda633.

I watched the highlight in which his apartment was being robbed and then watched the follow up highlight in which he recounted the event. It made for great entertainment, although I feel horrible saying that. Here is a link to the channel highlight that captured the robbery in action. It was another JTV-er that happened to see it and sent a message to Chowda to ask if he had a family member in his apartment packing stuff up into plastic garbage bags.

He was talking a mile a minute when describing the situation and seemed pretty pumped and thankful to the viewers that alerted him to the video capture. It’s a pretty incredible story that someone managed to be tuned in when this was going down so that Chowda had the proof needed to take action on it. We’ve seen those news reports of baby sitters being caught in action on web cam or video cam footage that parents have set up while they are out of the house with their children being cared for by others, but this is the first in home robbery I’ve heard about that was captured on JTV.

I am sure it’s not the first time a person has caught a robbery on camera, but it’s quite possible that if the W00T viewer had not happened by Chowda’s channel at just that moment, that Chowda would never have gotten to the bottom of the robbery.

While people are watching Big Brother Live or an old Indiana Jones movie or pro sports on other channels, on the Chowda channel, real reality TV unfolded before our eyes.

You can hear all the details on the follow up highlight Chowda made to accompany the event. Gotta love his Rhode Island accent. 🙂 It gives full meaning to the channel name, Chowda.

In the highlight he was responding to comments made in his chat room about the incident. It appeared that chatters were talking about getting the story on the news and someone must have mentioned CNN to which he responded that he has already been on CNN. When I found my way to his videos on YouTube I found this video clip which details his heroics in Iraq.

Later in the day the JTV crew Twittered the event. Interesting times on Justin.tv

Broadcast Schedule

I didn’t pay attention to my work schedule for the week and after I shut down the broadcast last night I realized that I am closing on both Monday and Tuesday, as a result, that would mean I would be absent from broadcasting for 5 nights. Rather than do that, I am going to TRY to broadcast on Sunday. I may not be home, but if I am, I will send out a Twitter and let people that follow me know that I am broadcasting.

Sorry for the short notice. This inconsistent schedule is either going to be the death of me or put me in the insane asylum for sure!


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