A Change of Venue and Justin Followed Me to Seattle

Go West Not-So -Young Woman

Well, I made it. I arrived safely in Seattle this afternoon to a beautiful May afternoon. I took a familiar route, one that I took countless times when I was living in the Philippines. Part of me wished I was making the full trip, and part of me, the part that was my legs dangling down without a comfortable leg rest to prop them on was very happy the trip was a whole lot less than 8 hours to get to my destination.

But that’s all water under the bridge … for now, until I have to do it all over again to get home.

I shot a bunch of photos, nothing award worthy, but if the shots ever get loaded onto my hard drive I will upload them to WordPress and get them posted.

I’m looking forward to getting out and about tomorrow and am hoping for some great photo opportunities. I won’t be writing much until I return home, so photos will have to suffice.

I will tell you though that I picked up a copy of Laptop Magazine and there was a sidebar about Justin in a feature about lifecasting. I thought he did a good job with his responses. It was all about whether lifecasting had an impact on his sex life and the subject of the date with Jocelyn when the hatcam came off came up — of course. I wonder if anyone really cares anymore. It’s such old, worn out news.

The most interesting part of the piece was that lifecasting 24×7 didn’t impede on his ability to meet women, but that it wasn’t helpful in sustaining relationships. But he has a girlfriend now, or at least at the time of the interview.

So you see my 2D friends, real life does go on as I’m learning — slowly, but surely.

We went to the locks on Lake Washington before heading to dinner. We looked for salmon, but all we saw were some very very small babies. We were just a bit too early in the season to see anything of size, but we did see this beautiful sailboat making it’s way through the locks.


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