A Trip Down B2B Lane and iJustine Poses a Question


B2B is Bay to Breakers. A year ago we accompanied Justin to this event in San Francisco. It’s a race, although last year I could have sworn B2B stood for Beer to Beer. It seemed as though all along the path, there was beer to be had. I understand from some JTV folks taking part in this year’s event that drinking is discouraged this year. But, not to worry, Patrick of Lifedoc tells us he will be wheeling a little red wagon with beer on his way to the finish line.

Best WOman for the job?

Speaking of Patrick, do you remember in just a few weeks ago when we talked about the fact that Patrick was lobbying for the Community Manager position? At the time there was no title for the job, but Patrick was hoping to step into the position. He told us this evening that he is hoping to hear something during tomorrow’s event.

Interesting, participation in a drink-fest and learning if you landed the job all at once. Maybe that’s what I’ve been doing wrong all this time. I haven’t been applying for, or speaking with people about the right job. I haven’t been in the right environment.

Maybe what I should do is go hunker down in the local bar and sidle up to someone that looks like they are in an executive position at a company that is looking to hire. Maybe that’s how I will move into my next role, my next career. Nah, you’re right, that’s not going to work for me.

If you weren’t around the hallways of JTV last year, you can take a trip down the B2B memory lane right here where behind the link is the blog post I published, with screen caps, of the event.

Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

I have gotten into a routine of checking Justine’s website to see if there are any new videos or blog posts and today’s post caught my attention. She asks, Who’s a Bad Blogger? As you’ll see, she noted that she’s not been good about blogging and she wants to know if any of her readers have been bad blogging as well. Most of the replies were people commenting about why they have not been consistent in their blogging. To me, it’s something that’s become routine and of course, an obsession. 🙂


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