Happy Hallmark Holiday

Woe is Me


Beef Soup with White Beans and Fire Roasted Tomatoes

I’d say that the general consensus that the Christmas holiday season is the toughest time for singles is not entirely accurate. I don’t feel any worse during Christmas because I live alone or have no family around or often do nothing different on December 25th then I do on December 26th. It’s not a holiday I celebrate, and while most of America does, there are large numbers that don’t, and contrary to popular belief, it’s just not a big deal to some of us.

On the other hand, when Valentine’s Day rolls around and once again I am destined to spend the day alone with no prospect of a romantic candlelit dinner or a card or sublime sentiment, I do feel like I’ve missed out on something. It’s much tougher to spend the night alone on February 14th than on December 24th or 25th. I am happy that this year I will have, no matter how virtual, a group of people to spend the evening with. The numbers fluctuate. Some nights there are few and others we see a bit more respectable numbers of viewers, but those that are there night after night help make the alone-ness in life on Valentine’s Day more bearable.

I go on about how I am happy to be single and I mean it. Really, I do. But today, for whatever reason I am not happy to be alone. It’s most likely the fact that I went to the movies to see Definitely, Maybe this afternoon. Not a great movie, definitely a chick flick, not maybe. No two ways about it. I knew what I was getting myself into, but I went anyway.

I made a DEElicious pot of beef-vegetable soup and when it came time to broadcast the show was a technical disaster. I am not sure if it was the changes made to JTV today or if it was my Mac, but it wasn’t much fun and the viewers had to endure the attack of the repeating episode during the broadcast. I think if they heard, “Ok, the Twitter has been sent” too many more times they were going to revolt.

But that’s how technology rolls sometimes. It’s not always perfect. It’s not always smooth. This is relatively new technology and Justopia.com usually rocks. Justin.tv has been quite stable in recent weeks as well, but tonight was a challenge. So we try again tomorrow and I am hoping for a good night. A night free of cupid and his or her arrows and free of technical glitches.


Valentine’s Day Dinner in Photos

Broadcasting a V-Day Dinner


It’s not easy to come up with a different menu to broadcast 6 – 7 nights a week. Sometimes I want to come home, prop my feet up and go into the kitchen for nothing more than a sandwich or a bowl of soup. But I persevere. The viewers and ChannelZ give me the spark needed each night to make it happen on Justopia.com.

On the show tonight, we cooked a DEElicious multi-course dinner that anyone can recreate for their own Valentine’s Day dinner. We started with simple, but much loved Deviled Eggs. Nothing more than perfectly hard boiled eggs with a yolk mixture of chopped onions, celery, flat leaf parsley, mayonnaise and dijon mustard piped into the cooked egg white and Voila! Deviled Eggs.


Using green wonton wrappers (green for spinach? wasabi? I’m not sure since the wrapper package was written in an Asian language) we created a filling of dried salami, sweet gorgonzola and mascarpone cheese. I fit the wonton wrappers into a muffin tin and brushed them with butter before putting in the oven. As soon as they came out of the oven they were filled with the cheese mixture so that the cheese would melt a bit.


We made a salad of thinly sliced Radishes, celery and cucumber and topped with avocado. The dressing was an olive oil and raspberry vinegar vinaigrette with salt and pepper.


The chicken was dipped in egg mixed with a tablespoon of soy sauce and bread crumbs before frying up in a pan with soy bean oil and olive oil. The key to the moist chicken was brining for two hours prior to frying which made it extremely moist!


Dessert was DEElightfully DEElicious! I dipped chocolate chip cookies I made on the weekend and hand crafted marshmallows (purchased at Williams-Sonoma) in bittersweet chocolate ganache. DEEcadent! The marshmallows were then dipped in either toasted desiccated coconut or toasted chopped pecans.



Who could NOT love these treats?!


I’m not sure what was going on with my fellow broadcasters on Justin.tv, but I can pretty much guarantee there wasn’t a meal like this being created on camera!