Shrimp Franpi? More Phelps Phrenzy, A Stronger Anthem and the Name that Exotic Food Contest Week 5


Shrimp Scampi, Grilled Eggplant and Perciatelli with Parmesan

Shrimp Scampi, Grilled Eggplant and Perciatelli with Parmesan

How many of these names can I come up with? Shrimp Franpi is not as good as Frandarin or Franchurian Duck, but it works, kinda. Dinner was DEElicious though. It was simple on a day that I didn’t have time to prepare for tonight’s meal and Scampi with Grilled Eggplant and Pasta was the optimal choice. The most time consuming part of the meal was the peeling and deveining of the shrimp.

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Anniversary is Coming Up and a Frozen Pizza! For Real



With just 10 days before the one year anniversary of the JTV launch, I thought it was time to do a bit of looking back. Some of us have seen the evolution of a start up from afar from the very beginning, while others are new to Many, so new, that they don’t even know who Justin Kan is, or iJustine for that matter. To those of us who have made JTV a part of our daily lives it’s almost incomprehensible that people would not know these names, would not understand the fun, frustration, laughs, and challenges with early day sputtering broadcasts we all witnessed as the founding four (a more appropriate and evolved term for fratboys) — Justin, Michael, Emmett, and Kyle, don’t you think?) focused on the technology to bring a seamless network of lifecasting to the world.

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Best Day on JTV Ever


alexa2.jpg Traffic Report

I hadn’t planned on writing anything tonight, but as I was preparing to shut down the computer as the Academy Awards show was wrapping up when I spotted a familiar icon in the #1 place on the channel bar. It was Justin’s channel. I dropped in and there he was with about 160 viewers chatting away. I hung around for about an hour as he talked with viewers and Michael chatted from another machine. The room was moving fast and Justin seemed rater animated and Michael seemed to be in positive spirits from a computer off camera.

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Maybe it Needed the Exclamation Point?!.com

After reading the justintvgossip blog I took another trip to to see what was going on and to see if I could find Bradman since yourstruly was unable to. As I mentioned in a recent post, I set up a channel there myself a few days ago. It was easy to set up and to broadcast, but after about 30 seconds of trying it out I was done. I like to see and try everything new, but it held no real attraction for me. I’ve got and I’m very happy there, thank you very much.

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Is the Grass Greener?

JTV Broadcasters on the Move


Chicken and Dumplings with Better than Steamed Broccoli

It looks like JTV broadcasters are making a run for the border one after the other. I have not quite figured out exactly what the beef is with Justin and the guys, but what I keep hearing is that “JTV doesn’t give any support to it’s broadcasters.” I am at a loss to understand what support people feel is due to them? It seems that some of the people that are leaving are unhappy about what they feel is a disparity in offers of lifecasting equpiment. I don’t know the details so I won’t comment, but I do recall EastCoastVegas telling us that he was expecting delivery on a lifecaster set-up from the JTV crew weeks ago and it seems that it did not happen and this may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. JTV is a free service. We can use their resources without charge and without limitations. Yes, there are technical challenges. Yes, the site is rampant with people you wouldn’t bring home to mom and yes kids seem to rule the roost when school is out, but I am not sure yet what will be so different for those JTV broadcasters that are taking the leap?


ECV drew a very large crowd tonight. At one point he was up to about 500 viewers. I wasn’t sure he was going to be able to move his fans from JTV to USTREAM so easily, but it looks like he made the transition without missing a beat and picked up a lot of USTREAM viewers as well. Some seemed to be like fish out of water, not clear what was going on and why ECV was making fun of people, but no one seemed to be enraged enough to yell and scream and if they didn’t just pick up and leave, I’d venture a guess that they will be back for more tomorrow.


The Roxie called in and when questioned about the rumored move to USTREAM she confirmed that she is hoping to be streaming there by the end of the week, but neither Roxie or ECV were big on communicating details of their reasons for leaving JTV. From the looks of the banner placement ECV had on USTREAM tonight, he is getting some kind of support from the team there. I am going to have to take the time to check out other broadcasts to get a better feel for how things go on USTREAM. I have a channel there which we use as back up for those nights when JTV is not working, but we’ve only had to launch the channel 2 times that I can recall in the past month or so and it worked quite well.


I lost ECV’s feed at a critical point tonight. EastCoast was saying that he received email from Justin and … and that’s where the broadcast died. I am soooo curious to know what Justin had to say to ECV.

I guess I’ll never know.

Lifecasting Asylum — is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side?

NOTE: Remember, there are often links embedded within the blog. If you run your cursor over a word with a link, it will pop up in a snapshot and you can click on the word or the snap for a larger view. I do this often with recipes I find online or other links that you may find of interest. People have asked for the recipes for last night’s Halloween Treats, and you can find them under the links in the paragraph from last night’s blog which I have posted below:

We cooked up some Halloween treats — Sweet and Spicy Pepitas Popcorn Balls and Pecan-Caramel Spiders. I had a lot of caramel left over after making the spiders, so I went to the fridge, pulled out a Granny Smith apple and proceeded to make a giant caramel-chocolate apple with nuts. I wrapped up the popcorn balls for the ladies that work at the front desk tomorrow and will trim the spiders and wrap them up as well and give them to a friend for his birthday.



The world’s largest caramel, chocolate apple coated in crushed pecans

I’ve often wondered how it feels to be in such despair about the conditions you experience living in your country of origin that you need to leave for good and that you need to do it so quickly and possibly under the cover of darkness or in secret or without communicating to most people you know. And once you arrive at your intended destination, what would it feel like? Would you feel immediately welcome? Would the officer or figure of authority waiting to receive you care that you endured such pain, emotional or physical? Would he or she have empathy and help you every step of the way in your quest to make a better life outside of your former home? To this author, it seems adventurous, dangerous, exciting, frightening, threatening and purposeful, but it’s something I only imagine. Reality is probably something far different.


It’s with this thought of escaping oppression that I turn to the defections from JTV. I was brought up to never be a quitter. Following this axiom has done me well over the years, while at times causing me great conflict. I have stayed in jobs that made me miserable, that were in no way the right fit. I have made pacts with myself such as with this blog … to post something every night, and something more than a brief paragraph summarizing the day’s events on JTV and have sacrificed sleep and more, but once I commit to something, I am hard pressed to find a good enough excuse to wrangle my way out of what I consider an obligation.

Louisiana Jambalaya with Andouille Sausage, Chicken and Shrimp

And this brings us to the recent instances of JTV broadcasters that have decided to explore other live streaming video sites available on the internet. I have written about Stickam in the past. I have touched on Ustream in a very limited way, noting my frustrations with chat, but have not gone into detail because I have not spent any measurable time in Ustream, mostly because it just did not grab my attention. Again, the differentiator for JTV is Community. It was instant community and although the players have changed over time, the idea of being able to come in, pull up a channel and chat with old and new friends does seem to be the draw.img_4290.jpg

Salad with Fresh French Dressing

ECV Tries Life Outside of JTV
ECV came back to JTV tonight with a new site —, but also to Mogulus. He tells us he is not defecting, that he will keep the channel running out on JTV, but sent people out to Mogulus either through the embedded stream on his channel or by informing people during his broadcast. Some were excited about the new application, but unfortunately, it seemed if you ran a poll, most people would respond with less than flattering reports of the program. From my view, the chat app that was added on was a real dog. Typing was so slow, small and difficult to follow. The live video stream did not appear to be an improvement. As a matter of fact, it seemed to be more choppy than on JTV, but what was outstanding was imported video. Also, it was interesting to watch as ECV put Jon Valenti on the show.

I noticed much frustration in the room and ECV had some technical difficulties with his stream both in JTV and in Mogulus, but it appeared that for a while there was a problem with JTV overall tonight. On a side note, I’d like to say that Justin did pop into my room to let us know that they were going to reboot the service tonight. It was just as I was getting ready to begin cooking, so I really appreciated the heads’ up. It helped me plan for he disruption just a bit which made it very helpful to know prior to the event. The experience last night was so frustrating that I was not looking forward to the prospect of much of the same tonight, but it ended up being a very smooth broadcast in technial terms.

Stay the Course


Because I stick to the personal goal of not quitting until I’ve given something new a good try, I am not ready to just up and leae JTV. I feel almost as though I have invested too much of myself in terms of energy and emotional commitment to leave at this point. From what I see in my limited research, the community that has created itself on JTV does not exist on the other sites and community is not necessarily something you can build a process for, or can mandate or dictate. Online community is made up of like-minded individuals, or groups with similar interests finding themselves in the same social situation on the internet and building relationships from behind their monitors and keyboards.

While Justin and team did not set out to create this community, it evolved on it’s own and is the glue that seems to keep the site going. I am not quitting — not today. I will stomp my feet, will throw up my arms and grit my teeth, or verbalize my extreme frustration when I am in the throes of cooking something that requires my undivided attention, but for now, I am still loyal to JTV.

It is a shame to see so many walking away, but there is no holding people back as long as Justin and team do not do anything proactive to keep people from walking out the door. I’d rather not be sandwiched between scantily clad, or barely clad women or men on the channel bar, but for now, I will just keep my head down and launch my broadcast and hope that the people that have found our evenings cooking and chatting will continue to find it fun, interesting and worthwhile enough to put up with some of the technical challenges.