The Sun WILL Come Out Tomorrow

Bet Your Bottom Dollar

I’ve got nothing interesting to write about JTV today. I spent hours with my head buried in some video and chat archives and that’s it. Video archiving has been around since the beginning, but this chat archiving is new and it appears to date back to October. I think that’s when JTV moved from Beta to general release. I noticed today that each channel has a chat history that anyone can access and it They sure do have a ton of data and video archives now, don’t they?

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

Make Lemon Bars!

There’s just no way to feel like the world is coming down around you when there’s something fun to make in the kitchen and Lemon Bars is one of those fun treats to make. For me, the problem came into play when I realized I was 2/3 cup of sugar short!






If you’re ever in a pickle, I hope it’s this kind …

I decided to make these wholesome treats after seeing pickled carrots on the Smitten Kitchen blog. I just love that blog! She writes so well, shoots fabulous food photos and DEElicious goodies come out of her kitchen. I am often inspired by what I see in her blog and the pickles hit me when I saw them this morning. I just HAD to make them! I had cauliflower in the fridge that was crying out for attention and figured I would only use one of the pickling cucumbers I had purchased earlier in the week, so why not add one to the batch. They still need an overnight in the fridge, but were a great, light, crunchy addition to the meal.


We put a pot of French Onion Soup on the stove and kept the meal on the lighter side. Another day without exotic herbs and seasonings. The one thing I did not shoot was the broiled grapefruit. It was DEElicious and went really well with the light theme. The most calorie laden part of this meal was the 4 tablespoons of combined olive oil and butter and the 2 ounces of gruyere cheese that topped the crouton. All in all a tasty Sunday night dinner.





Tomorrow is going to be a GREAT lunch day — I am feeling a nice tuna sandwich on toasted olive bread with pickled vegetables. DEElicious!