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After reading the justintvgossip blog I took another trip to to see what was going on and to see if I could find Bradman since yourstruly was unable to. As I mentioned in a recent post, I set up a channel there myself a few days ago. It was easy to set up and to broadcast, but after about 30 seconds of trying it out I was done. I like to see and try everything new, but it held no real attraction for me. I’ve got and I’m very happy there, thank you very much.

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Something Different. More of the Same with a Different Twist

Ron Paul from a Different Viewpoint


I logged into WordPress this morning and was met with this Hawt Post under the title above. While most JTV viewers might gloss over the post, pushing it aside for yet another “political rambling,” I found it was a perfect set up for the post I have been mulling over writing today.

First of all, when Ron Paul (or his handlers) decide to use JTV to stream an event we see large (for the network) viewer numbers. It’s been this way since he began his JTV broadcasts. It reminds me of the Howard Dean days — grass roots efforts for a little known candidate with eager, enthusiastic supporters at his side or in the mix.

That’s the way things should be, right?

I have a different take on it. It seems to directly correlate with some of what we see on the usual JTV channels. Who are all the “Live Viewers,” what goes into the “Total Viewers” tally and perhaps more importantly, who looks at this information more — JTV staff, Viewers or Lifecasters? What Allen Wastler, Managing Editor at CNBC seems to be so frustrated about with the CNBC Ron Paul poll is similar to what’s been getting my goat. While so very unimportant, so inconsequential, so trivial; the viewer count and viewer polls and the kind of weekend high school football pep rally atmosphere are part and parcel of JTV now and much as Wastler laments, if non-traditional poll results are so easily manipulated, what is the purpose?


Ecuadoran Potato Cakes, Grilled Chicken Tortilla Salad

Polls are now as much a part of the JTV channel landscape as Donate or Chip-in buttons. It seems that in most cases, none of it means very much. They look good on the pages, but other than a couple of channels that received money you can put in the bank, has any of it meant much of anything?



Grilled chicken for salad

I tuned into ECV after “closing the kitchen” for the night as usual and it was a different show. I am going to term it a telethon. ECV has been talking about and featuring photos of a woman called “MotherOfThree” for a while now. He has taken an interest in her financial difficulties and thought he could help out by having her do some kind of fashion show for donations. She was a model prior to having three children and he worked out a plan to have her come to his place to model some apparel. The show got a very rocky start and the room was full of angry testosterone and estrogen. MO3, or Melissa as she revealed tonight is very shy and she was quiet on cam, but ECV and numerous viewers worked hard to make her feel more comfortable. She modeled 3 outfits and spent a lot of time reading chat, taking Skype calls and answering questions, albeit a bit timidly.


This had to be tough for her. An audience of many haters to begin with, some of whom came back and apologized for their “outbursts,” in a room with ECV and his lurking brother (yes, that was kinda creepy) can not be easy.

I took shots at Erin for doing something similar on her channel a couple of weeks ago, but that started out a bit differently with a pledge to do more than model bikini’s for money. With each passing week on JTV things evolve in light-year terms. What was once not even a thought — girls lying in bed asking for donations, people dancing with dogs on their heads, guys sitting in bathtubs for ratings, lifecasters going after each other in verbal sparring matches and more. I am beginning to feel the ability to form a clear though about how I feel about things is slipping through my fingers.


Frying corn tortillas for salad crunch

What do I say? This young woman needs cash to create a better life for her children. Erin needed cash to have a friend come visit. Who’s to say one is more important than the other? Maybe having a friend come visit is key to her emotional health? As this thing evolves, I have a feeling the things that happen here will continue to surprise me, but perhaps not shock me. I’m in it for the long-haul and ready for any eventuality as I continue to blog and to cook with viewers on line each night.

Ecuadoran Potato Cakes

We made these together for the first time. It was an interesting mix of flavors and I tweaked the recipe a bit, but the basic is noted in the food blog — Cheftopia which can be found here or under the link in the blogroll on the right-hand side of this post.