Nothing on JTV Worth Watching … or Writing About

Content is Lacking

A year ago I was in the Philippines looking at a job prospect, so I thought I’d bring up some of my Philippine photos for today’s post

A friend, someone I know, an acquaintance, a buddy, a pal, a fellow JTV viewer, someone I met on JTV … OMG! This is so hard, I’m going back to — a friend I met on JTV — and I were chatting the other night and he asked me what there is to watch aside from “TV” (network television shows, mostly sports, or movies) on JTV these days since I am still a JTV watcher.

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Maybe it Needed the Exclamation Point?!.com

After reading the justintvgossip blog I took another trip to to see what was going on and to see if I could find Bradman since yourstruly was unable to. As I mentioned in a recent post, I set up a channel there myself a few days ago. It was easy to set up and to broadcast, but after about 30 seconds of trying it out I was done. I like to see and try everything new, but it held no real attraction for me. I’ve got and I’m very happy there, thank you very much.

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