I Flipped and Went to Tokyo

The Postman Commeth

Yaay for the Flip! Thank you iJustine!!

No, pceasy and ECV had nothing to do with the arrival of my shiny new FlipVideo. While I know they’d like to take credit for getting iJustine to get to the post office to get the camera in the mail, the truth is that it was put in the mail a day before they posted their schtick on Utterz. Justine sent me a message just a little while ago telling me she was in the post office for an hour mailing out treats to people.

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A DEElightful Summer Desert and A Prize Plea!

Ginger and Peach Cream Shortcakes

I could not resist. I had two ripe peaches and two ripe nectarines on the counter and thought I’d better use them before they went beyond ripe, which happens so often. I’d leafed through a Bon Apetit magazine and found this recipe and it was perfect for the fruit I had. I did not have the ginger ale it called for, but I did have some sparkling apple cider and made a quick substitution.

Wow! Was it a great summer treat! The shortcake, or biscuit, was filled with little bits and pieces of crystalized ginger and it was a bit crunchy on the outside, while moist and a bit warm on the inside. It was easy. There was no rolling involved, no fancy pastry work whatsoever. Just some mixing and whipping and voila! Ginger Peach Cream Shortcake!

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