.TV Marketing Comes to Life on Justin.tv

The Experiment Worked


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Well, it worked on me, that’s for sure. I noticed The Human Lab Rat channel when it launched on JTV recently and saw a few people chatting about it in various rooms, but I get freaked out when it comes to seeing medical stuff and the thought of seeing a vine growing under a person’s skin well, that not only held no appeal, it held negative appeal.

Yes, I went into the room and I tried not to look at the photos in the banner, and thankfully they were kind of blurry, so I watched for about 15 more seconds and when he was at the point of showing the vine under his skin, I promptly walked out of the room and didn’t go back … until this morning.

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The Day After


Inside of Tulip

It’s exhausting trying to find something interesting to watch on the network these days. I stayed up all night watching the Roxie/Dealer debacle yesterday and have not figured out what drew me to the train wreck. It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t intelligent. It wasn’t informative. It wasn’t entertaining. It wasn’t anything. Nothing. It was a bunch of so-called adults acting like children, yet there I was with a glazed over look staring at my computer screen watching things unfold. Unfold? What was unfolding? Roxie was having a good time — whether it was promiscuous or not is not for me to say. I am not her judge, nor do I wish to be.

As for Dealer’s handling of the situation. Well, he appears to realize that he made a fool of himself and that the disparaging comments directed at Roxie were uncalled for and that they were delivered in a horrible environment — online for any viewer to see live or to pull up in the archives. Why Alan got so twisted about it all is up to speculation and tonight he’s attempting to distract viewers by making up stories about himself, but in reality, who cares? Roxie has herself and her own circle to answer to and whether Alan is included in the circle or not is not my concern.

I feel like I have been drawn into some strange high school play that an 11th grade class put together as a final school project and I’m waiting for the punch line all the while knowing that no matter, there would be no good end. I do believe it will all blow over by Monday, but in the meantime, it’s all the talk in a few rooms. So what? Move on.

A “Mad Men” Marathon and Recess is Over



Gotta love Nicole44. She made a sign last week which I posted, but it was pretty small so she recreated it in a larger size and I captured it this morning. She’s always so perky and happy. 🙂 Thanks Nicole44!

Was it a vacation or just a short-lived stint in rehab? I didn’t spend more than 20 minutes watching anything on JTV and spent ZERO minutes writing. I worked both days and while it’s good to be out of the house working with people again, it’s backbreaking work (at least at this point) and I have so much to learn so it’s a bit stressful. But it was good not to have to worry about spending time navigating the JTV waters to find interesting material to write about and to be able to get to bed before the sun comes up.

Mad Men

For a change, I did finally hunker down to watch some previously recorded Broadcast Television on my DVR this morning after my company departed and watched a couple of episodes of Mad Men which I have been recording, but have not taken the time to watch. I am happy that I have the season on the DVR because it sucked me in right from the beginning. If you haven’t heard about the show, I recommend you head out to the link behind the title above and do some reading. Seriously, this is a not to be missed series.

Still Cooking


The women in my family — my Mom, my Sister and I all have the culinary gene. My sister and mom are both wonderful in the kitchen and we love cooking together. My sister and niece came to visit for the weekend and since I was worn out from working Friday and Saturday, they went to the store and picked up food for dinner both days and we shared in the preparation. What put a real smile on my face was seeing my sis pull out her camera to start snapping dinner in progress. The two of us were snapping away. I put my shots into a slideshow which you can view by clicking on the image below:

The menu consisted of my sister’s own recipe for Browned Chicken which we served with egg noodles and steamed green beans. Then I whipped up a classic fall dish of Baked Apples. The recipe for the apples is below and I will get her recipe for the chicken and post as soon as I hear back from her. It’s all simple food, but DEElicious! I just might recreate this menu sometime this week.

Baked Apples


  • Tart Apple
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 tablespoon chopped pecans or walnuts (or both)
  • Apple cider or juice to pour over top and leave 1/2 inch in the pan
  • Dash of cinnamon or apple pie spice

Core the apple being sure not to poke a hole in the bottom so that the apple juices do not leak out. put most of the chopped nuts in hollowed out core then add the butter and top with the brown sugar. Sprinkles the cinnamon or apple pie spice on top and pour on the apple cider/juice.

Bake in a 350° oven for 1 hour or until the apple begins to lose it’s shape and the juice and sugar begins to caramelize on the bottom of the pan. For a real treat, serve with a splash of heavy cream on top.

Short and Sweet

Rather than rambling on about nothing, tonight’s post will be a short one, but I wanted to check in and let you know that I will be back to my normal, or perhaps it’s not so normal verbose blogging tomorrow. I did notice the few times I looked in on the network that the viewer count remains startlingly low and wonder if it were not for iJustine, if Justin and the guys would continue to pursue this venture. She is the big draw. Dealer was out on the water again today and I went along for the ride for just a short while before heading out to work, but it was nice to be “out on the open sea” with the sun shining down on a beautiful day in southern California.

ECV left a comment on FaceBook saying he will be back as scheduled on November 1st and I think many are anxiously awaiting his return. I know I am.

JTV Viewer Halloween Parties


I did not get to poke my head in and check out any of the Halloween parties that were seen on JTV last night, but did manage to sneak away to check in on the one Spookygrl hosted out at Stickam. Spooks and Dizil were dressed up for the ocassion and looked Maaahvelous!  There was some Goth trivia going on, some Halloween-ish jokes and Spookygrl shared some bloodballs and other Halloween-inspired candy or drinks with us. I was not able to stay for long, but it looked like the few people that made it to the soiree were having fun.

If a Tree Falls in the Woods … and a Full Disclosure

Early Morning


The incomparable Chef Fausto teaching us the secret of perfect foccacia in his restaurant kitchen in Rapallo

I was up early this morning and found nothing really active happening on the network with the exception of Nekomimi_lisa’s channel. When I counted, of the 15 channels displayed on the bar, there were lifecasters awake and either going about their day or interactive on only two of them. ECV and Dealer dominated the top spots on the bar with very respectable viewer counts — 188 vs. 90 respectively, and a few morning chatters, but nothing live was going on. Aside from Lisa, with 46 viewers, who showered, got dressed and I am assuming headed off for work, the other channel numbers decreased to 22, 14, … down the line to the far right, almost off my small 13.5 inch screen to 5 Live viewers.

The question remains. What is this medium all about? What provokes a person to want to lifecast? What keeps a person lifecasting? We have seen many come and go since Justin and his band of brothers opened the network in a beta release to those that they asked or suggested broadcasting their lives and eventually to those that “applied” to receive a beta code to what is now an open network. It’s a come one, come all world at JTV as of this week, yet we continue to see mostly familiar lifecaster icons adorning the bar at the top of the JTV site.

Absent Broadcasts


Chef Fausto taking us to the Mercado in Rapallo prior to class

One ponders the question … how do some broadcasters keep dozens, scores, hundreds and more live viewers tuned in while they are either running a slideshow or tucked away in bed snoring or are off somewhere, nowhere to be found while their cam is pointed at a window or desk or some other inanimate object for hours? And what is the purpose? People can enter a channel’s chat room at any time and engage in scintillating conversation without a broadcast running in the box beside it, so I can only think of one reason for a lifecaster to keep their video running … they have a need to be “connected” in some way. Even if they are nowhere to be found.


A sublime seafood restaurant in a town on the Cinque Terre, Italy

I’m wondering what goes on in the mind of lifecasters that once found themselves on the far left of the bar on a consistent basis and now struggle to get into the top five? Having been broadcasting for a few weeks and peaking out only about 75 live viewers and being an incredibly competitive sort, I understand the “need” to see that icon at the very least, up on the board while I am streaming. I have put up a slideshow twice, but at some point while tucked safely in my bed, the broadcast had been disconnected. I have no idea if there were even any viewers although from what I was able to see in the chat history it looks like a few came in, chatted for a little while and moved on.

What did I get from running video while I was getting rejuvenated? What did JTV get? What did the viewers that may have come in, looked around and backed out get? I think perhaps only JTV stands to reap whatever “rewards” there may be from an absent broadcast?


Parmesano Reggiano for the Pesto we Were Making for the Restaurant

The old question remains undetermined, but perhaps with this new medium we will soon have an answer??? If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

And Now For Something Completely Different

(It’s a YouTube link –youtube.com/watch?v=u0WOIwlXE9g)


Our Teacher/Chef — in a small Tuscan kitchen at Villa Rosa in the Chianti Region

I have struggled for a few days with some information that is important to me, possibly of some interest to those that watch, read or just “know” me and of most importance to my family. I say I’ve struggled because I have had to think about how I will handle the broadcast for the next 5 days. My ability to run around the kitchen and cook will be somewhat limited for the next five days. In a little while a nurse will be knocking on my door. She has been sent here by my neurologist to set me up with an intravenous infusion of some mega steroids to help turn this relapse, episode, attack, exacerbation … whatever descriptive word you choose to use for this medical response to symptoms of MS. I would imagine there are a number of you out there with friends or family members that live with this in their lives and know that it’s not always that bad — like with me. I look at it this way … there are far worse things in life. I have a pretty damn good life and this is just one of those hurdles. It’s my thing and I just deal. 🙂

A New Kind of JTV Lifecast


Making cheese in Spezia

I thought, what a great thing I could do for people by broadcasting the treatment, but I’m not so sure I’m quite that brave to show you something that seems to be pretty personal, although on Gray’s Anatomy and ER tonight we will see far worse! LOL There are a lot of people out there in the world that experience this kind of thing and know how routine it comes to be, to say nothing of how I want people to know that I am fine. That this is just part of how things are with this sometimes frustrating, sometimes exhausting, almost always invisible chronic disease that lurks. If I didn’t tell anyone it existed within me, people would be none the wiser, except on weeks such as this when I need to be hooked up to a 1gram daily cocktail of cortico-steroids. No, it doesn’t bulk me up like an athlete. No, it has never made me violent or given me raging cravings of hunger. It has not made me an emotional mess and thankfully no dreaded moon face.”

It quite simply, does it’s job and puts me back on track, back to Justopia. While this drug is probably ravaging other organs in my body, the brain, where things are on the fritz is being well cared for.

And throughout all of this, I could put up a donate button and lead people to the National MS Society, but I contribute to the foundation’s fundraising efforts in other ways and don’t feel JTV — my broadcast here — is the place to do it. In fact, if were to do such a thing, it would feel somehow wrong. I don’t want sympathy. I don’t need anyone to dote on me. I have kept my family at bay for this round of treatment and some real life friends will be coming by to check on my beginning this afternoon “just to make sure” I am ok. It’s probably no surprise — I relish my independence and the feeling of accomplishment when I can handle stuff on my own.


Fresh pressed oil curing

You know what the first thing each of them asked me about was? Do I need any food? Oh brother — do I ever NOT need food! I am going to be eating out of the freezer all week with all the great dishes we’ve made together the past few weeks. I went to the store yesterday to pick up some fresh produce and a few other things, but no … food is NOT something I will be needing.

Now, the reason I decided to come clean is because I will be online, but won’t be in my kitchen much while broadcasting. The key is to not need the nurse to come back and set up a new line and the only way to help ensure that is to baby the arm with the catheter in it. If it slips they have to come back out and I try to avoid that like a madwoman. Depending on where she sets the line, typing should not be an issue, but let’s see how things go when she gets here. Not all nurses are made the same, but each time I have had the good fortune to get someone caring and usually competent.

Also, I am not likely to have the energy to stay up all hours of the day and night, so I am expecting to do some major channel surfing for good blogging material, to get some reading done — I have not picked up the books I was reading before I began my own lifecast, and to watch all the shows I have waiting for me on the DVR as well as the NetFlix selection I’ve had sitting here in front of me on the coffee table for close to 2 months now. What a waste of money!!


Parmesano Reggiano Stored on a Farm in Modena, Italy

I will be here though. I will be connected to JTV, AOL and Skype as always and will welcome the interaction. The JTV network and lifecasting will be my escape from reality and something I will probably treasure more than during a “normal” week. I have no plans to dwell on this. You can ask questions, but better yet is a trip to this site for answers if you have any Healthtalk is one of the sites I am registered with. I do not listen to or participate in frequently, but when I do it’s good info. I look and I try to not to dive in too deep. I might be one of those that likes to live in a bit of denial. 😉

So, to wrap it up … I’m sorry I won’t be cooking for you for the next 7 days, but we can talk about food. Throw around recipe ideas. I can answer questions. We can talk about so many other things than food. This is my life at the moment so hell, if young women can cast their lives, doing nothing on their couches, why can’t I?