September Contest Recipe

Peach-Apple Chutney Surprise

A little more than a week ago after I submitted my entry for the Whole Foods Budget Recipe Challenge, I mentioned that I’d been invited to submit a recipe to for the September Key Ingredient Cook’s Kitchen (KICK) contest.

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The Whole Foods Budget Recipe Challenge — $3.98!!

NOTE: This post is one of the last published on this blog.  I’ve since moved to a new home at  Come see more up to date postings here.

It CAN Be Done!

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This was a little too close for comfort, but the exciting news is that today is the day I am going to submit my entry for the Whole Foods Budget Recipe Challenge. I made the dishes last week and wanted to have another go at it so that I could get the correct measurements, good photos and prices nailed down before clicking the Send link.

The WholeFoods Budget Challenge Meal

The Whole Foods Budget Challenge Meal

So I woke up this morning, checked mail, watched CNN for a while to see the latest videos and info on Gustav and headed into the kitchen. My entry actually works quite well for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, so by the time I was done putting it together this morning, I sat down to a fabulous brunch which, for UNDER $4.00, included an entrée, a salad and dessert. Ok, so it was just $0.02 shy of $4.00, but I can still state that it was under. The challenge does not require that entrants submit a meal, just a dish, but I am never complacent, so I challenged myself to see if I could produce a wonderful meal for $4.00 or less and achieved that goal. So, no matter what happens with the challenge, I have come out a winner with a year ’round meal that I am sure to put together often and I have my mom to thank for the suggestions and guidance as we tossed around ideas in the past week.

Read on for details of the recipes with photos so that you too can make this DEElicious meal for yourselves, friends and family.


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Breakfast With Justopia

Matzoh Brei

I woke up hungry this morning. Not a usual occurrence. I think it’s probably because I went to bed thinking about making matzoh brei. I have had a box in the pantry since Passover and thought that if I didn’t use it, it would need to go in the garbage soon.

Mayonnaise SUCCESS and a JTV Visitor and the Outting of Justopia!


You see, I just couldn’t put it to rest. By now you know my compulsive side, right? Yep, I see you all nodding and rolling your eyes. Well, if you tuned into Justopia Cooks last night for the Mediterranean feast you had the unique privilege of watching me melt down as I tried in vain to whip up — literally — a batch of Garlic Aioli for Papas Bravas.

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A Saturday Snack

Auntie Frannie’s Pretzels?

Home Made Pretzels

There’s nothing like a hot pretzel, is there? Tonight is not a broadcast night, no or for me, but I couldn’t resist shooting a few shots of these DEElicious pretzels I made for a snack when I got home from work this afternoon. It’s a yeast dough that you do have to let rise for an hour, but mixing it up and kneading it is not difficult if you use the dough hook of your stand mixer.

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Out of Sorts


Knitted, sewn together and felted (washed in hot water to shrink) and trimmed — the purse and change purse are done!

For some, a drink, a cigarette, a good session with an axe and a bunch of logs is a cathartic experience, one that helps to release emotional tension and that restores and refreshes the spirit. For some it’s the act of eating food or going for a long walk. The task is as individual as the person. For me, knitting, needlepointing, creating with my hands — cooking and eminently, writing all help me to clear my head. They help me to work through what is gnawing at me, causing me to dream less than pleasant dreams, to grit and grind my teeth at night and to get worked into a dither.

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Happy New Year!



I’m not going to be able to stay up to write the post I was planning, but I did want to post shots of tonight’s Year of the Rat New Year’s celebration.

Wishing you all much health, happiness and prosperity in the coming year. I just realized that I observed THREE New Year’s celebrations in the past 5 months. You’d think with all that turning over a new leaf and stuff that something great will happen this year. Right?! You know, like a job! 🙂


Red Pork, Fried Rice and Baby Bok Choy with Snow Peas and Mushrooms





I’ll be back tomorrow!