Retractions and Distractions and Contests


Swedish Meatballs, Egg Noodles and Tomato Salad

I said I’d published the last post about the trip to Vegas, but I’ve got something ├╝ber important to share with you! Check this out — The JTV Monkey went along on our trip! Krystyl put together a great post about our travels with the JTV Monkey. Does anyone remember what his name is?

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Yaaay! I’m a Winner!

Flip Video!

iJustine had a contest and I won! She put a graphic up on, her website and made entering very easy. You could either subscribe to her on YouTube or join her mailing list or both. I had already subscribed to her on YouTube so I subscribed to her mailing list. I was busy finishing up in the kitchen and by the time I came back to my computer and saw the email that I had won the contest she was getting ready to sign off BlogTV , where she was hosting her chatfest for the night.

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