Guest Who’s Came to Dinner! There Were Two of Them — Guests, that is, An Attempt at Vegan Chili, Crazy Drama on JTV, and … Tag! You’re it.


So, in the same vein as a number of my recent posts, I am going to tell the story of last night’s show in retrospect. In focusing on getting something posted before I head off to bed each night … err, morning, I head over to JTV to see what’s going on that may be of interest as I am uploading and resizing and then posting the links to my WordPress storage space. It’s become a kind of exercise in busy-work to help me find my words and to get something up there so that when the blog readers crawl, it at least feeds you something to look forward to. That is, if you subscribe.


Bunny, who is soooo not a pink person, at the ready, waiting to dig into our DEElicious meal!

Last night’s show was some production though and I needed a good night’s sleep before I came back and sat down to “pen” a recap of our India Night with a Guest. Now that I’ve had solid NINE hours of sleep, let’s talk about how things went last night in Justopia. It was a great, albeit a little hectic, night of fun, food and even family!

One of the people I work with was talking about a chicken dish her childhood friend’s mom, who is from India, used to make. She said she really liked it and would love to have it again. I told her I would be making Indian food again this week and we decided she should come over and help, that she should be the evening’s sous chef.

And so Bunny, as we called her last night, arrived at 7:30 and we got started right away, beginning with naan, an Indian flat bread. I was rather “directionally challenged” as my feisty helper pointed out, and she was not talking about knowing north from south, east or west. I could not follow the naan recipe to save my life and as a result, if Bunny had not been around, the naan would have been a horrible mess and we would have been without a starch to round out our DEElicious meal. It was Bunny to the rescue! I like putting Bunny in bold pink.


Daal, Tomato, Onions, Radishes and Harrisa Salad

More Courses

The dinner consisted of four courses and many ingredients and with two people in the kitchen it could have gotten unwieldy to prepare Buttered Chicken, Naan, Daal and a Tomato, Radish, Onion and Blood Orange Salad, but we managed to do it without stepping on each other’s toes, or getting burned or breaking anything — at all! Hell, I do that on an almost weekly basis without any help at all, so this was quite an accomplishment.

Be My Guest


My attempt at Vegan Chili

A while into the broadcast I heard Bunny say, “Hi mom?” With a real question mark in her voice. I was in the middle of slicing tomatoes or kneading dough or something and couldn’t look up to check out the chat room right away, but when I did I caught Syrrus making the comment and realized right away that it was #1 son. Before I disclosed this Justopian life to my boys, I had to come up with a way to refer to them on the broadcast and birth order is what hit me. Syrrus was born first and so #1 son just rolled off my lips when I started lifecasting, but now that I’ve got a username to identify him with, we can drop the #1 thing. 🙂

It was great having Syrrus with us and if we can get #2 son to join us, all will be right with the world. Well, until my sister or parents want to make a visit. Then I’ll have to decide if it’s time to come clean with the rest of the family or if I scramble to move the big lug of a computer and the monitor and camera and bare lamp all back to their rightful homes. Oh but that could be a little problem. See, the computer has no home other than the kitchen. Well, I am sure I can hide it in a closet.

I think the decision — whether to tell everyone about or not will come fairly quickly. I suspect my sister will be making a trip down here in the not too distant future. Stay tuned for more details.

All in all, the meal was a success — DEElicious, we had fun doing the show together and I think we’ll see Bunny back for more broadcasts sometime in the future.

Who’s on First?

I tuned into OmegaJ after the show tonight and although his broadcast quality was in the toilet, I could make out Laggie’s voice between the technical stuttering. She did not appear to be happy at all, and it was excruciating. He tried to revive the quality, but it just was not happening. I think he’s mentioned that he kind of borrows his neighbors broadband so I’d imagine that could be a problem when trying to lifecast. Some thought it was that he was running WebCamMax, but I did not care, as soon as Laggie put up her broadcast I ran for it. I wanted to hear what all the drama was about, but it was a bit hard to make out at first.

I guess the long and the short of it is that datguyscott was broadcasting and someone (not sure who exactly) did something to put his job in jeopardy. As you may or may not know, Scott is a sex phone operator and he broadcasts some of his calls on his JTV channel.


Now, whether it’s appropriate to broadcast on according to JTV’s Terms of Service is not my business. Justin and team can make the decision on that one and from what I now understand, they have and it’s cool. If Scott has permission from his callers or his employer (if he is not self-employed) is also not my business. I don’t control him. He owes me nothing. I had noticed that he has not been in for a little while and from what I heard on OmegaJ and Laggies’ channels tonight, there was a “to do” about Scott broadcasting and some are worried that it’s biting into his livelihood. Laggie said point blank that it’s not right and that she would advise him as such, but I’m not sure where any viewer has the responsibility to manage another channel owner’s content or the protection of the channel owner’s callers.

This odd sense of purpose is not unlike the perceived power some moderators have. This is and as EastCoastVegas so eloquently pointed out in Laggie’s channel this morning — it will likely all blow over, and JTV has all of about 1200 viewers, 300 of which are probably fake viewers, so not to worry, this to shall pass.

What is disturbing is how upset Laggie has become. She said that she was besieged by well over 100 pieces of hate mail after the Friday night ECV big announcement broadcast from her home when, by the way, she was as sick as a dog. She was pretty emotional most of the night, but by the end she seemed to perk up a little bit and was not talking about retiring her broadcast any longer.

You know how they say things are always more severe at night? Well, I suspect this will shake out in the next few days.

Interesting Concept


Mashed Avocado and Fried Corn Tortillas in a bowl of Chilli

A new Justopian Life reader, Lekhni, of The Imagined Universe, published a blog post today that I found interesting. Since you’re blog-readers, I thought I’d tag her back and send you over to her space. She writes well and has a fun post about making samosas which is very timely since we had another India night at last night. I have spoken on the show and in the blog in the past about my appreciation of Indian authors for their attention to detail and their ability to take me into another world and Lekhni seems to have that skill as well. I look forward to reading more of The Imagined Universe.