Where Does the Time Go?


How often have you noted that time passes quickly, yet you look back on that period of time and it suddenly seems as though it’s been an eternity?

During tonight’s broadcast someone asked me if the year has gone quickly or if it feels like it’s been a year since I began the Justopia Cooks broadcast and as I took a moment to reflect I thought the answer was really both

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Twitter and the News and Tomorrow is an Auspicious Day!!

Current Events

MissouriMatt came through with help and taught me how to style the plate

As some of you have seen, CNN has become enamored with Twitter, the microblogging web app in which you post messages up to 140 characters long to a list of followers. I returned home after work, put my things down, washed up, sat down and turned on the TV to see what’s been going on in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

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KeyIngredient.com September Contest Recipe

Peach-Apple Chutney Surprise

A little more than a week ago after I submitted my entry for the Whole Foods Budget Recipe Challenge, I mentioned that I’d been invited to submit a recipe to KeyIngredient.com for the September Key Ingredient Cook’s Kitchen (KICK) contest.

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GREAT JTV Viewing this Afternoon with Jamie Oliver

Worthwhile Viewing

Chicken Parmesan and Orichetti with Pesto

It’s been many months since I’ve been excited about anything that’s been broadcast on Justin.tv. This afternoon there was a broadcast that was made just for me. I was at the movies this afternoon and when I got home and checked in on Twitter, I saw a message from twitter.com/Justintv noting a broadcast with Jamie Oliver at Justin.tv/ministryoffood. I immediately hit the link and the broadcast was long over, but the JTV archives were working just fine, so I sat back and watched.

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The Whole Foods Budget Recipe Challenge — $3.98!!

NOTE: This post is one of the last published on this blog.  I’ve since moved to a new home at Justopia.com.  Come see more up to date postings here.

It CAN Be Done!

(takes a moment to load)


This was a little too close for comfort, but the exciting news is that today is the day I am going to submit my entry for the Whole Foods Budget Recipe Challenge. I made the dishes last week and wanted to have another go at it so that I could get the correct measurements, good photos and prices nailed down before clicking the Send link.

The WholeFoods Budget Challenge Meal

The Whole Foods Budget Challenge Meal

So I woke up this morning, checked mail, watched CNN for a while to see the latest videos and info on Gustav and headed into the kitchen. My entry actually works quite well for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, so by the time I was done putting it together this morning, I sat down to a fabulous brunch which, for UNDER $4.00, included an entrée, a salad and dessert. Ok, so it was just $0.02 shy of $4.00, but I can still state that it was under. The challenge does not require that entrants submit a meal, just a dish, but I am never complacent, so I challenged myself to see if I could produce a wonderful meal for $4.00 or less and achieved that goal. So, no matter what happens with the challenge, I have come out a winner with a year ’round meal that I am sure to put together often and I have my mom to thank for the suggestions and guidance as we tossed around ideas in the past week.

Read on for details of the recipes with photos so that you too can make this DEElicious meal for yourselves, friends and family.


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JTV and Justopia Milestones with Pie Pictures


I am prompted to write about JTV and the announcement of all time high viewer counts — again. I worked late tonight, so there was no cooking and no food photos. Instead, let’s chat about the 101,000 simultaneous viewers on JTV. This is the blog post that communicated the milestone. What I found most interesting were some of the comments. There are complaints of a sluggish network and comments about how the removal of the Channel Bar is the sole reason for the spike in viewership.

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More Television and a Different Kind of Muse

What’s Next You Ask and Where’s the Food?!

Just when it seemed as though no spectacle could top the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, in less than 24 hours we have the Democratic Convention to draw our attention. No matter whom you favor for president, the conventions are likely to provide you with something riveting to watch each night. I don’t remember a convention being right smack on the heels of the Olympics in the past, but I’m happy the timing has turned out this way because I need something fun to watch in the wake of the Olympics.