The Social Networking Debate and A Scheduling Note

No Cooking Tonight

We'll be making Matzoh Ball Soup for Rosh Hashanah next week!

I worked late tonight, came home, turned on the tube and headed right to the DVR to watch the Debate. I got it up and running and then launched Twitter. It was abuzz with debate chatter. I wish I were a sociologist or a political scholar or a statistician or a woman with ESP, because I’d like to analyze the Tweets. It seems to me that the overwhelming majority of tweets were in favor or Obama.

So, that begs a few questions:

  1. Are the people that Twitter Democrats?
  2. Are the people that Twittered in favor of Obama just more interested in the debate and the campaigns?
  3. Is the fact that there is an official Obama Twitter account that sends out many campaign tweets each day an impetus for people to have been tweet happy with the debate tonight sorry GOP twitter’ers, I’ve never seen a McCain Twitter account to link)
  4. Are Democrats just better typists?
  5. Are Dems just better at wrapping up their thoughts in 140 characters or less in a to the point, intelligent manner?
  6. Does sending Tweets about the campaign get anyone’s attention?
  7. Does sending Tweets about the campaign change anyone’s mind?

I sent a Tweet out a couple of months ago. Something fairly benign, but politically charged and received immediate responses telling me to stop, that it was very un-Justopia of me. That I should stick with my unbiased, politically neutral persona.

It pissed me off. It riled me that I was told that I could not express myself. And I saw it again this evening. I didn’t Tweet at all, but apparently there are Twitter’ers that are not happy with all the debate tweets that flew around tonight.

I think it’s cool. I think it’s exciting. How different this campaign is from 2004, right? How fun that we can all “discuss” this like adults in real time with people from across the planet? Who would have thought this would be possible in this way?

Why shut people down? Just as I’ve noted when people have complained about content on … change the channel. With Twitter it’s very easy to stop following someone if what they are talking about gets on your last nerve. I haven’t done that. I like seeing what people have to say no matter where they fall on the political spectrum.

Matzoh Ball Soup = Penicillin in a Pot. It's good for what ails ya!

In short … Twitter is a social networking site … aren’t debate tweets social? It’s like the Lifecaster vs. Chatcaster debate. You know the one — the one in which people (one or two people) were upset that broadcasters that sit and chat with viewers are not lifecasters and should not be called lifecasters. I never understood that complaint. First of all, who cares? And second, if I am sitting in front of my camera chatting that is what i am doing in the moment in my LIFE and then isn’t that LIFEcasting?

Matzoh Balls -- or as you may call them, Dumplings. But better!

Yep, it’s a trivial point to rant about, but it’s been going on for months and it came to mind again when I was reading Tweets from people that wanted the debate tweets to stop.

I guess I need to get back into the kitchen so that I can continue to remain politically neutral … the Switzerland of lifecasting.

Scheduling Info

I am working late once again tomorrow night and I may not be around Sunday. Monday and Tuesday I am working late again and Wednesday is a holiday and family is coming. So it looks bleak in terms of when I will be in the kitchen on camera again. I will let you know.


4 Responses

  1. Just like you Justopia I like the fact that things are so different in this campaign. With the internet and all the new ways to get the message out their I would like to know how itall falls in line number wise. I think its exciting ot hear other veiws and I am realy anxious to see how the whole race turns out.

  2. Yep, Dezining. It’s been a long long ride that’s almost over and it’s still a big, fat question mark! I’m on edge, but can only hope! 🙂

  3. Another question: Do republicans even know how to use a computer? (Bush says he doesn’t and so does McCain)

    Unfreeze Switzerland and let ‘er rip… speak your mind about the current day’s events and politics. You got to have some type of outlet or you will explode….lol

  4. Yep Peekers, I am ready to burst! 🙂

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