Retractions and Distractions and Contests


Swedish Meatballs, Egg Noodles and Tomato Salad

I said I’d published the last post about the trip to Vegas, but I’ve got something über important to share with you! Check this out — The JTV Monkey went along on our trip! Krystyl put together a great post about our travels with the JTV Monkey. Does anyone remember what his name is?

I had so much fun walking my feet off in Vegas with the Monkey. He was a real pal and I hope that Krystyl and I were good travel companions for him.

Ok, that’s my Blog World mention for the night. On to the culinary part of the evening, but first …


I’ve been distracted by what’s going on in the country lately. I mean come on, who hasn’t? I am tired of feeling down and out. It’s been just shy of 2 years for me and I want to have a reason to hear the “Happy Days Are Here Again” song! Enough. Enough I say! Anyway, it’s got me glued to the TV when I’m not at work and lately — since the conventions really, I’ve found it difficult to tear myself from the news, whether it’s blogs, or online newspapers, cable news or broadcast news, email and Twitter to get into the kitchen, or hell, to get to the supermarket, for that matter.

Meatballs Close Up

Like tonight. I had just a few things in the kitchen to pull together a meal with. But it ended up DEElicious. It was quick to put together and will make for a wonderful lunch at work tomorrow. Much better than Panera and Cosi!


As I mentioned the other day, I did not make it to the finals of the Whole Foods Budget Recipe Challenge, but I was a Runner Up and got a featured spot on their website. That was great for a fiest time contest entry if you ask me. I was anxiously awaiting news of who the finalists are though.

I figured Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen, Modern Asian was a finalist when she made a trip to my blog after searching on the Whole Foods contest just a day or two before the Runner’s Up were announced. 😉 I’m nothing if not observant. It was a big clue, but I had no idea who the other Finalists might be. I took a trip to the WholeFoods blog after work tonight and saw that the Finalists had been announced! There are 6 finalists and my vote is for Jaden. You know I love wonton soup. You know I like making Asian food and that I’ve made Wonton Soup a few times on the show and Jaden entered with a Wonton Soup recipe. Her photos are beautiful and the recipe is a great one. I am kind of wishing I was not making pumpkin soup tonight, because after looking at her wonton soup again I am now craving it!! 🙂

Tomatoes, Red Peppers, Lemon, Balsamico, EVOO, Fresh Basil

Tomatoes, Red Peppers, Lemon, Balsamico, EVOO, Fresh Basil

Anyway, head on over to the WholeFoodsMarket website and take a look around at the finalist’s recipes and place your vote. You will be entered in a drawing for a rather large gift certificate and it looks like Jaden is having a drawing to disburse some of the gift certs she wins IF she is a winner. Go Jaden!

Besides that, Jaden has a beautiful website and for those of you that come around here for the food will love her site — I’m sure of it.

Ok, now back to the news. I’ll be expecting some humorous comments to cheer me up! 🙂


4 Responses

  1. I’ve never seen someone put Swedish meatballs with tomato salad, but, hey, it looks good!

  2. The salad was great with the meatballs. It helped to lighten up a heavy meal.

  3. Wow
    It looks so delicious
    Thank for sharing

  4. Hey, nice tomato pics!!! Great blog!

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